Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I've been bad!

I have neglected my camera which in turn, I have neglected my blog.

You see, what is the point in posting a post without pictures? Most people seem to respond better to the post that have pictures, right?! So since I really haven't been in the "picture taking mood" these days, I haven't blogged. That darn chain of effect, huh?!

I did take my camera on a recent outing, just over a week ago. However, because of the neglect, I forgot to charge my battery on my camera so I didn't get to take as many photos I had hoped for. Nope!

Ya see, we went to Yosemite. Such a beautiful place! We went with a friend and her two daughters. There was snow too (I prefer it in the Spring time though, not so cold). The girls had so much fun playing in it.

Besides that.....so much has been going on.

Let's first start off with......I'm gonna be an Aunt!!!! I can't wait!! Okay, maybe I was already an Aunt on my husband's side of the family but it's not the same when it's my own brother having a baby!! My brother and his wife have been trying for 8 yrs and finally they are prego! My brother is gonna be 40 this yrs so he's pretty happy that it finally happened! Woo Hoo!

Then, we have decided to re-do our master bathroom (again). The first time we redid it, it was right after we bought the house. There was wallpaper (bleck), a big mirror and that old '80's brown wood looking vanity. So we got rid of the wallpaper, painted the walls (Pink. Don't laugh....I had a vision....lol!) and painted the vanity white.

We've already primed and got the new color on. New baseboards, light fixture, shower curtains and rod but we just need to go get the new vanity and mirror. We had already purchased a vanity over the weekend, got it home and put it in the bathroom but because our bathroom isn't big (at all!) and where the light fixture is, we were only able to scoot the vanity over so far because it had drawers and with the plumbing, it only allowed it over so far that where it finally sat, it didn't line up with the light fixture. It was all off so we took it back. We found a new one and now it's just getting it home. Not an easy task since we don't own a truck and we've been borrowing from my brother.

So, here are the before pics.
{Excuse the mess. Too much crap!}

Oh, and as you can see....we have a brown rug and brown toilet seat cover. We recently bought those cause the others needed to be tossed and since we knew what color we were switching to, we got those.

I will share the after pics once it's completed.


Since Christmas, we keep creating new projects which has lead to the neglect of yet ANOTHER thing here in my little abode. Our Christmas decorations are STILL up. Yes, you heard me right. You see, my husband and I got new bedroom furniture for ourselves right before Christmas. It was our Christmas gift for each. So with that, we had to take stuff out of our room to make room for the new. Things from the room got sprawled out into our computer room. Then, my daughter got a new doll house from Santa and so we had to make room in her room for it which lead to taking things out of her room, like her dresser which was a long one and we brought in her old one that is a tall one. Then we had to go through and purge things she doesn't play with. All that lead to stuff in the hall and in the computer room again.

With all this going on and all the stuff all over, I didn't want to try and do the Christmas stuff too. It would have just been One. Big. MESS! It already is but it would have been worse. Can't have that. So.....I've held off on putting away the decorations. Until today that is. Yes, that is my chore for today. Joyous me. I can't wait to get order back into my house again! Perhaps then I can focus on not neglecting my camera which will mean not neglecting all of you!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Six Word Saturday!

It's Secret Sister Revealing Time Today!

At my church, we started the Secret Sister event back in September and today it's time to reveal ourselves. For those of you that don't know what it is, it's basically like a Secret Pal. Since it's at curch and among the women, it's called Secret Sister. I've had fun too! Can't wait to see who MY Secret Sister is.


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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Six Word Saturday!

Tax Season Has Arrived.....Working More.

{A little tax humor for ya. Actually it's not funny cause it's true.....rawr!}Taxes Pictures, Images and Photos

I work at a CPA firm so naturally, this time of year is busy for me. There are other months that are busy too for fiscal year clients, but this time is for the bulk of our clients. With my normal 3 day work schedule, it will soon become 4 days and when April comes, it will be a full 5 day work week. Honestly though, since I've been working part time for the past 8 years (since my daughter was born), I have really gotten spoiled with this part time stuff. I really loathe working extra days. But then again, I try and look at it in a positive way.....I have a job!!! Oh yeah, and my paycheck is MUCH bigger!! No arguments there.


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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Checking in the New Year...

Can I just say, that was a much needed break. Seriously! What was it....something like 2 1/2 weeks?!. Honestly though, I didn't have the need, desire or anything to want to do with my blog. I haven't even read but a few blogs this whole time. Heck, I haven't even spent much time here in our computer room, which is out of the norm. I've been mostly playing around on the netbook.

One reason for my absence though has been the fact that I spent 6 days out of 9 dealing with a migraine. I even went to the doctors to get meds. Although THAT was a bust....

Check this out....I took my prescription to the pharmacy and they tell me it's gonna cost me $217.90 for 9 pills......9 PILLS!!!!! WHAT?! I. think. NOT!

So I go home, call the doctor to see if they could prescribe me something cheaper and what happens? The friggen doctor never calls it in!! Okay, sure...maybe I could have called to remind them (although I shouldn't have to) but mind you, this doctor had been my husband's family doctor for years and then one day, the rest of my husband's family (excluding us) decided to part ways, for whatever reason. However, we continued to go and ever since, the doctor seems to be bitter and has treated us differently. Well, I will be parting ways after this.

Anyways.....so last week on Tues. I was watching Dr. Oz and what do I see? I find he is covering rebound migraines. The 3 things to look for in a rebound migraine, I have/do all three (1. Wake up with them; 2. meds don't work like it used to; 3. take it more than 15 days a month). So there you go! So, what I have been doing now for the last 9 days, cut the Excedrin. I normally would take up to 8 Excedrin's a day, everyday. After watching Dr. Oz, I have only taken it one day out of the past 9 days! WOO HOO! I have struggled but I am on the road to feeling better!

The other reasons I've been MIA is, well....the holidays, spending time with my family, I've gone to my daughter's Christmas school performance, church performance, dinner with my parents, gone to see 3 movies (Tangled, Gulliver's Travels, & Little Fockers), dinner at my grandpa's for the holidays, went out to lunch with my lovies, been making dinner more, shopping for Christmas, going out to breakfast on Christmas, visiting with the in-laws, Bible study, working (which with tax season, I'll be working more), relaxing, stayed overnight in Old Sacramento for New Years.....and I've enjoyed every minute of it too!!

Oh yes....and my latest obsession??

Yeah....never gets old!! :D

Okay, so anyways....here are some pics from my time away.

Never a dull moment!

It's good to be back! Until next time....