Monday, September 20, 2010


Busted Pictures, Images and Photos

On Friday while at work, my boss shared with me that he had received a traffic ticket in the mail from one of those cameras. It was for not making a complete stop at a red light before making a right hand turn. He showed me the pictures. Clearly, you can not tell if he stopped or not from pictures.

What I DID notice was he was on the phone. I laugh at him about that.

Police Giving Ticket Pictures, Images and Photos

Anyways, the police department offers a video so that you can check to see if there was a mistake. Well, I pulled the video up and yes, he clearly went through the red light. So he says "Yeah, there's no way I can dispute that."


traffic control school Pictures, Images and Photos

So he goes on to have me check about traffic school and if he can do it online. What all his options are. So I checked all his options and I went over them with him. I told him about the online course and how long it is and the cost is so much cheaper than going to a live course. He just has to read a bunch of stuff and then do a exam at the end. I also told him that he can log in and out as many times as he wants. That's when we had this conversation....

Boss: Yeah, you know what I'm thinking, right?

Me:, what are you thinking?

Boss: Come on, what am I thinking??!!

I pause for a moment....

Me: OH HELL NO!!!!

That's boss has decided that I will be the one to do the online traffic school for his ticket.

I went home that night and told my husband and his response was...after he laughed..."That's really funny!!"

HA HA HA! I'm really laughing here. :/

Ah least I'm getting paid, right?!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What's New...

These last few weeks have been really busy. There have been so many things we've had to work on, things we started but then haven't finished and things that are coming up.

For instance, we started working on the garage about a month ago and needless to's not done. We got at least one car in the garage. Just the majority of the stuff is to be Goodwilled or we'll have a garage sale for. Not sure yet.

Then we bought a new desk and that room is still a little out of order since the desk we did have was bigger which means more "stuff" so now we have to find a place for all that "stuff".

Then we've had some personal things that have been going on and tasks that have needed to be completely but we just kept putting it off until this past weekend. Finally, done! Such a weight was lifted. We still have another week or two until things will be officially done though. Can't wait.

Then this weekend I finally got a new cell phone. We use those "pay as you go" phones, to save money. The phone I had before was nothing special. It had a camera but I hated the texting. It frustrated me to no end. I would type and it would put different letters so I would complain to my husband. need to complain anymore....

And it's still a "pay as you go"! $25 a month, no contract! SCORE!

So of course my kiddo had to get "up close and personal" with the camera" to test it out.

Because honestly, is there really any other good reason but to make fish lips?

But then again, I'm sure she didn't really think I would post these on her.....or did she?!

So, in an attempt to learn how to load some pics to Facebook, I thought I better take a picture of my hubby and I to practice with.

17 pic loads later.....of the same few pictures....I think I've got it down. Finally!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Six Word Saturday!

17 Years Ago......It All Began!

With This Day, There Are Three!


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Thursday, September 9, 2010

One Thing.....

Yesterday I went to Bible study. I go every Wednesday. I'm really enjoying it too.

What else I'm really enjoying is being able to talk with the people in my group, which includes my brother. The teacher for our group is our Pastor. He's really a great person, very genuine, trust worthy and I feel he's a great teacher. Of course though, he's the Pastor!

Anyways, while we were talking though, our Pastor shared something about himself that I was completely blown away by. That's when I said "Wouldn't it be cool is we all shared one thing about ourselves that no one knows?" Well, at least not at the church. That got my Pastor thinking, "What a great idea!"

So, around Christmas time, we may have a Bible study Christmas party and we all add a little something about ourselves on a piece of paper and put it in a bowl and then everyone guesses.

In thinking about this, it got me thinking about who I am. I've never been one to analyze myself but this made me think about who I was and who I've become. Especially since I've been going to church. There has definitely been growth and things that I once would do, have done and I won't do now.

However, in thinking about this, I wondered what I would write? What would be interesting enough yet, respectable for church? Nothing over the top.

Then again, I'm not a wild child so....

I never did drugs, nor have I ever gotten arrested.

However (This is where the scandal starts...j/k), I have started semi-fights in several bars. I've had road rage (when I was in my early 20's) so I've actually thrown things (such as Lipton Tea bottles) out my window at another car. When I was 15, I called 911 on some teenage boys that mooned me and a friend of mine and I've been pulled over and literally had 5 cop cars pull over for my traffic stop (it was minor, just over exaggerated). I am afraid of heights but love rollercoasters.

Do these thing define me even though they are the past? Perhaps at the time they did. I'm not proud of the things I've done but I'm not that same person today though.

To share one thing about me though. Do I use present or past? Does it matter.

So, what should I write? What would you write?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I Now Envision...

This is what I once envisioned.

But now....

I am a mom and a wife who takes on those duties that most wives do. We run errands, take the kid(s) to school, goes to work, volunteers in school, cleans the house, goes to church and bible study and the list could seriously go on and on.

My desires now revolve around these sorts of things. These things to make it easier but also enjoyable. I love my life. We are a very active family. We enjoy camping, hiking, dining, exploring, going to the movies, riding our bikes, walking, listening to music, taking drives, traveling, making memories.

So when I think of where I want to live, these things come to mind. I desire to find a place to live that can allow us to do these things. Where we live now is fine for now. It won't be where we will live forever though.

I desire to have a brand new house, or close to it. I envision having a nice, peaceful neighborhood where the community gets involved to have neighborhood events. I envision a house where we have a dock out in the back to take some canoes out. I envision a neighborhood with lots of parks and trails to walk.

We have found this place too! It's in the same town we live in, just a 15 minute drive away. It's out in the boonies too.....and I like it! Now, we will just continue to save our money for the next few years so that we can buy one of these lovely pearls!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Stuck in a predicament...

Anytime I hear about a story involving animals, I always get nervous about the outcome.

I'm an animal lover so when I see those commericals about animals not being treated right, I have to turn the channel, otherwise it will put me in a funk the rest of the day. It just breaks my heart to see poor, innocent animals being treated so terribly. In fact, I don't even allow my daughter to play those games called Deer Hunter, at the local pizza parlor. In fact, I've got an idea for a hunting game, but we won't go there. Poor animals! "I got your back, guys!!"

Anyways, so yesterday I saw this story on the internet. When I saw these two cute little goats standing in what looks to be a very bad place, I had to read the story. I had a feeling it ended good, that's why I clicked. Plus, I wanted to see what they were standing on. I mean, it looked like it was the lip of an overpass or something so I was curious as to how they got there.

And when I saw this picture, it confirmed how high they were but I wasn't expecting....


OMG! Poor little goats! Fortunately {I love a happy ending}, they were rescued by a cherry picker unharmed, just hungry. Thank the good Lord!!!

Six Word Saturday!

Three Weeks Today Until Disney World!


I feel like such a little kid too! We just got our vacation itinerary in the mail today also. I was excited! Since my husband and I have never been there, it will make it even more exciting for us as a family to experience this together.

Let the countdown begin....


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Friday, September 3, 2010

This Fall's Must-Have's...

Now that Summer is soon coming to an end, honestly though, it really never felt like Summer completely here in California. This has been the coldest Summer that I could ever remember, but anyways. With Fall and Winter just around the corner, I wanted to share my "must-have's" for the upcoming season.

With the cold season soon approaching us, I tend to love watching movies all the time, more than usual. So what better way then to head indoors to the theater.

My newest music love, Chris August and his song Starry Night. Love!
Jennifer Aniston's perfume. With it being described as citrus grove accord, rose water, night blooming jasmine, wild violets, Amazon lily, musk, amber and sandalwood, how could I not want my very own bottle.

This lovely cardigan from American Eagle. Perfect for those chilly days.

This super cute top from Abercrombie & Fitch.

I Once Envisioned....

We went to the city over the weekend. We don't usually make it out that way too often because we're always so busy. We had to take my in-laws to the airport so since we were already out there, might as well take the advantage to stay out there. So we went to the Exploritorium but first, we made our way to Lumbard Street.

I totally felt like a tourist in my own area.

I got pictures and I'll share in a later post.

My daughter has never been to the Exploritorium before and she simply loved it! So many hands on things to explore. Very educational also. We had fun! I was really hoping to get some awesome photos of The Palace of Fine Arts but it's under construction so I didn't get to. Perhaps the next trip out there.

My husband and I have been there before but never took our daughter until now and I'm glad we did. She's already for the next trip there.

As we were driving home though, driving through the big, tall buildings, it made me think and remember something. As a young girl, I had always envisioned myself living in a big studio apartment. You know the ones that were completely open with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the cityscape.

SF Skyline Pictures, Images and Photos

The kind that had hardwood floors throughout, modern kitchen and a simple couch backed up to the windows with the long drapes. I always envisioned this apartment at night. Giving it that sophisticated evening ambiance.

CA living area Pictures, Images and Photos

As I grew up, things have changed and so has my ideas and desires. I'm no longer that little girl that envisions myself in a city studio apartment. No. I'm a different person. I'm that mom that now envisions being in a traditional single family home in the suburbs who has other ideas and desires. I'm a woman who now envisions one day......

{To be continued...}

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dear Ann Landers....

I know you're no longer with us to give your solicited advise that some of us so desired when the situation arose, and I know that your daughter is now giving that witty advise instead. However, if you were still here, this is the letter I would write to you...

Dear Ann Landers,

I am a mom and a wife. I work and when I come home, I just want to relax, make decisions for dinner and/or not have any constant interruptions.

My daughter has recently befriended a little girl in the neighborhood. We'll call her "E". "E" is a year older than my daughter. Her parents apparently have split and the mom lives in the next town over whereas her dad lives in our neighborhood.

The first time my child played with "E", she tried getting my daughter to cross the street. My daughter said "no because my mom doesn't want me to cross the street" and "E's"replies back with "Chicken!! Your chicken! Bawlk, bawlk, bawlk" Now, I know kids will be kids and this is what they do but with this being the first interaction with my child, I'm not happy and a but annoyed.

Fast forward a few months and "E" has become a frequent visitor now. She seems to be playing nicer and I'm happy....but very observant and I tend to watch the interaction to make sure there is fair playing and no red flags.

I've met her dad, not formally but there's just something about him I'm not sure about. Neither is my husband but we have come to the quick conclusion that our daughter will never be going over to their house. He just gives off a red flag.

Now, about a week ago, "E" came over to play and the girls were playing in the backyard. My daughter had to use the restroom and "E" continued to play in the back waiting for my daughter. Then the doorbell rang. I went to answer it and it was "E's" dad. I called for "E". Leaving the front door open but not inviting her dad in, I walked to the back door to get "E" and she says "What does he want?" as she lolly gags to the door. I reply "He wants you, so hurry up." During this time, my husband over hears my daughter come out of the restroom and hears the dad say to my daughter "Why are you down there?" and my daughter replies "I had to use the bathroom" with a sound in her voice of "why do I have to explain that to you".

I was a bit annoyed by that but also tried to rationalize with "Maybe he was concerned about his own daughter being left alone with us." Still annoyed and red flags up and trying to make excuses as to why my daughter should play with "E". However, my daughter loves playing with "E" and this is the only girl in the neighborhood she gets to play we allow it. Again, at OUR HOUSE ONLY!

Now, mind you, everyday "E" is at her dad's house, she comes by our house everyday, few times while we are home. It's as if she stakes our house out and waits to see when our cars are in the driveway. On multiple occasions, as soon as we get home from work, the door starts knocking. It's really annoying. My daughter will tell her she has to do her homework or we are getting ready to eat or leave to run errands. Not more than 15 - 30 will go by before she comes back over to see if my daughter can play. This will go on a few times in one hour. She'll even ask me why we are leaving. I don't have to explain this to a 9 yr old.

So yesterday, I get home from work and the door knocks. It's "E". What a surprise! My daughter stands at the door for about 10 minutes talking with "E" and asks what were having for dinner. "We don't know. Maybe pizza." We tell her we're gonna eat there but "E" says, "They deliver, you know?!" No kidding!!! Then we tell our daughter to say goodbye that we're gonna be leaving. As we are looking for coupons, 5-10 minutes goes by and we're still home. So guess what happens? KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! My daughter answers the door and it's "E" and "E" says "Well, what are you doing?" WHAT??? Are you kidding me? Serious??

I just don't know what to do. This child just seems to be lacking in the manners department. Honestly, I don't ever remember being THIS annoying as a child. Is this the new behavior of kids today? Is this something I need to get used to? I. DON'T. THINK. SO! Call me "old school" and I will not allow my child to behaved in this manner. Just disrespectful and annoying.

What do I do?

An annoyed mom in California