Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ahh, The Sound of Music

Do you ever pay attention to commercials? I do sometimes. Some can be funny while others are just down right annoying.

Then you get the ones with the songs in them. The ones that catch your ear.

Yeah, Target and Lincoln are guilty of that. I don't know what it is about those two but they really touch a cord with the music they choose......and I love it!!!

I looked up the original song by The Church, which so happens to be an 80's song. No surprise there on why I like the song so much. However, I found that I actually like the commercial's version more. Only wish I could get the whole version and not just some 30 second blip of it.

Then you have Target. They have had several commercials with great music. They know how to keep us coming back. Just give us the music! No really, I love Target, music or no music.

Plus, it's better than their competitors slogan...."Save Money, Live Better, Walmart".

So, again.....

Do you pay attention to commercials? If so, which ones do you like and why?

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Six Word Saturday!

Sun This Weekend? Grab The Camera!

I have seriously had enough of the rain. I need some beautiful sunshine! I need the rays to saturate my soul right now. I need to feel the warm breeze flowing through my hair and the warmth of the sun hitting my face. A good dose of sunshine is what the doctor has ordered and I'm ready for it!

That's right! The weather man has predicted it to be "Nice" this weekend. Nice,I tell you! Can you believe it? So I am planning on grabbing my camera and getting some sunshine.
I'm sure going to enjoy it while it last cause it's supposed to rain all week.

How about you? How's your weather and what plans do you have for the weekend?


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Friday, January 29, 2010


Have you ever heard a song that you thought could have been written just for you? So much that it even brings tears to your eyes.


Me too.

If you can't see the video, you can see it here.

Fabulous Foto Friday!

Happy Friday Everyone!

You know what that means.....

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It has been a very long, rainy week. With that said, I really didn't get to go out and take pictures. So instead, I've decided to bust open the archives. Pick a few of my favorite photos that I've taken in the past......and hopefully I haven't already shared before.

Hope you enjoy them!

Have a FABulous weekend!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Needing some relief

Yeah, so this funk I've been in, the issues and problems I've been dealing with have only gotten worse. It will be two weeks this Friday.

I try to deal with it and just live my life but it's hard.

The words and feelings that get tossed around are becoming unbearable now.

I'm waving the white flag.

I give up!

I want out!

But how?

It's just not me that suffers.

I'm tired. Emotionally drained.

My stomach is all in knots and I just don't want to do anything.

This rain isn't helping any either. It goes with the territory.

Gloomy. Just depressing.

I need some relief.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Ratatoullie Wave Pictures, Images and Photos

I guess I can bring my car back in now.

This morning after taking my daughter to school, taking a shower and getting dressed, I decided to go out to the garage and deal with some laundry. While chatting on the phone with my friend, I noticed my dog sniffing at something on the garage floor.

"Ozzy, come on boy."

And then I saw it!

"Ewwwwww" I kept saying to my friend on the phone.

"Ewwwww, it's the rat. Ewwwww. It's insides are hanging out. Ewwwww."

Meanwhile my friend is laughing at me.

I just couldn't understand why the rat was where it was when the trap was a good 20ft away. Then again, he was right where my husband's car was too. Maybe the rat was in his car when he started it this morning. So I text him.

While still on the phone with my friend, my husband calls in so I answered it.

I told him where the rat was and my husband said "Oh yeah, well, when I started my car, it made a weird noise too".

"Well, that was the rat. Hopefully he was the only one and there aren't more of them."

I would share a photo but that's just sad......and gross!! Ewwwwww!! Poor little guy :O( I still feel bad for him. I hope he didn't suffer.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Time to find a new home, Buddy!

No, I'm not referring to my husband although sometimes I'm sure I feel that way when he makes me mad.

Anyways, it's been a few weeks now since I've driven my car. I've been driving our new car and my husband has been driving his. We have three car, husband's car and then the new car.

My car has been sitting in the garage because every morning when I would start it, it would start rough and loud. Idling really high. As I would let it warm up, it would get to it's normal idling state however, it still sounded a little harsh, as if a belt needed to be replaced. So, we decided to let it sit for now and I would drive the new car.

Fast forward a couple weeks. I decide one morning I'm gonna drive my car cause I just miss it. So, I take my daughter to school, go home and grab my camera and go out to take some pictures. As I arrive at my location, I notice a slight burning smell. I call my husband and he tells me to take it home and to not drive it. Back to driving the new car again. Grrrr!!!

Fast forward to a few days ago. My husband tells me he wanted to take a look at what was cause the noisy sound in the mornings and also check the smell out from a week before. He wanted to do this before actually taking it into the mechanics.

I pop the hood, my husband gets the light ready and I start the car. What do you sounds fine! WHAT??? Why do these things do this? It had been making this noise every morning. We let it sit and it's fine all of a sudden? Whatever.

My husband takes a look under the hood, don't smell anything and then he asked how much gas I had. "I'm on E." He replied "Let's go get some gas then." Just then as I'm getting out, I smelled it. That smell. I turn the engine off. Then we start sniffing around under the hood. Nothing. Then I walk around to the passenger side and found it. "It's here." I tell my husband. He smells and said "It kind of smells like burning pee". I stop and gasp.

A few minutes before all this, I had noticed on the rim of under the hood some little wood shavings. Kind of like saw dust. It stuck me and made me wonder why that would be under my hood but quickly tossed the thought aside.....until my husband said "It kind of smells like burning pee".

"A RAT!!" I said. My husband grabbed the light again and shined it under the hood again and sure enough, rat crap on my engine and fresh piddle also. Ewwwwwwww!!!! Can I just tell you how violated I feel to have a RAT in my car. Under my hood. Making itself all nice and cozy IN MY CAR!!! UGH!!

We then backed the car out onto the driveway where it's nice and cold. If he hadn't already left for the time being, I'm sure he won't think it's a warm and cozy place now!

The next day my husband called the mechanics to find out how to clean it off safely. He cleaned it off and said he smelled a different burning smell. We took it for a drive and he said it smelled like transmission fluid, or something like that. Great! Hopefully this furry bugger didn't damage anything too expensive. We'll soon find out once we get my car down to the mechanics.

Moral of this story......BEWARE: Rats like cars for homes. GROSS!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A California Saying...

We have a saying here in California if the weather happens to become weird.....

"Maybe this is earthquake weather?!"

When the weather becomes muggy or humid or doesn't fit the season, we always turn to the thought of an earthquake.

Well, we've been having rain for the last 6 straight days but all in all, it's been a pretty wet season this year. Which is a good thing as we have been dealing with a drought for the last several years. So the more rain, the better. Personally, I can do without the rain cause I love the sun. However, having the rain right now isn't what's weird.

Yesterday while we were in San Jose for the Sharks game, I got a call from my BFF asking if we were home and wanted to know if we were okay cause she had heard that a tornado had touch downed in our town. I was shocked cause we don't have tornado's. Maybe on a rare occasion. Like maybe every 10 yrs or whatever. I've never seen one though.

Well, turns out it never did touch down but was simply a funnel cloud. Pretty excited all the same though, I guess. I personally would never want to be caught in the middle of a tornado. I prefer my earthquakes.

This is an actually funnel cloud from a neighboring town in our area. I didn't take this picture though.

{Photo courtesy of}

So with that said, with this weird weather that we are having and are clearly not used to, brings me to this saying in California......

"Maybe this is earthquake weather?!"

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Six Word Saturday!

You Wanted To See More, Right?

You know, just in case you wanted to see more photos from our trip to Monterey and Carmel.

If you missed yesterday's from my Fabulous Foto Friday post, you can see them here.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Fabulous Foto Friday!

It's Friday again and you know what that means.

It's time for my weekly post....
”ourlifesjourney”Hosted by

If you would like to join in with me and post your favorite pics from the week, please let me know and I will bring this back with a Mr. Linky so that you can log in for others to see what you have posted.


This past weekend we went to Monterey and Carmel and although it was a rainy weekend, I think I managed to get some good photos.

Hope you enjoy them!

{Beach in Carmel at the end of Ocean Blvd}

{Monterey Bay Aquarium}

{Monterey Bay Aquarium}

{Mission Ranch ~ Owned by Clint Eastwood}

{Mission Ranch ~ Owned by Clint Eastwood}

{The Lone Cypress ~ 17-Mile Drive}

Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you back for next weeks.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What the heck is that?

Dreams. They're really weird sometimes. Aren't they?!

Do you ever wonder why sometimes when you dream about someone, it sometimes shows a different person's face or better yet, no face at all. Just. Weird. I tell ya!

I've never been one to dream about flying either. Nope. Nor have I dreamt about falling.

I have had my fair share of happy dreams, sad dreams and even scary dreams. The worst dreams are the ones that stick with me all day. The ones that bother me and make me kind of melancholy.

Well, this story is about a dream I had a few times as a young child. It was both weird and scary to me as a child. Yes, and I had it more than once also.

It took place in my childhood home. Only thing is, it didn't look like my home. It had a basement. A key indicator that it wasn't my home. We live in California and yeah, we don't usually have basements in houses out here.

This particular day I decided to go into the basement and look at our fish tank. This was no ordinary fish tank either. This thing was huge. Huge as in, about the size of a Suburban.

I remember walking slowly around the tank and looking at this very big, weird fish. Like I had never seen it before. It was swimming around but I was only able to see the front of it at the time. Strange thing is, it's face looked like E.T. (probably had this dream after I saw E.T. for the first time).

ET Pictures, Images and Photos

As I was staring at the fish, it was swimming and started to turn so that the side became visible to me. That's when I saw it. It looked like a shark had attacked it. The whole back end of the fish was missing with all it's insides flowing out of it. It just kept swimming though, as if all was normal.

Then one day, years later (not a dream but real life) I had gone to an aquarium and saw the Sunfish and that's when I thought how uncanny it resembled the fish in my dream, years ago as a child.

Sunfish Pictures, Images and Photos

Okay, so maybe it doesn't look exactly like E.T. and it doesn't have it's insides flowing out but it does have a funky face with a body that looks like something knawed on the backend of it.

I don't have that dream anymore. Thank goodness. However, I remember it so well, it doesn't matter. It'll be one of those dreams I'll remember for the rest of my life.

I have a few of those. Do you?


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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Isn't it amazing how words can either make you or break you?

Or in a sentence, it can be a really good comment from someone but as soon as you add a negative word to it, it becomes sour, rude or just plain mean.

Words are powerful.

They can bring joy, laughter, sorrow, or even anger to a person's life.

A simple word.

When you put a combination of these positive AND negative words together, it is bound to break someones heart.


I don't like being a Negative Nelly here on my blog but as I've said before, this is my outlet and for those times that I don't have anyone to talk to and am feeling so alone, I need to write out my feelings here, to someone, anyone who knows what I'm going through, or maybe no one at all. That's okay. At least I got it out and feel some relief, a weight lifted off of me, per se.

Right now I'm going through a difficult time. I have God with me though who is going to get me through this....cause he always does. When life throws me a curve ball, I've gotta catch it and run with it. That's where my blog comes into play.

My blog helps me cope. Helps me get things off my chest and not feel judged. It makes me feel and see the light when I do get some words of encouragement.
So for today, forgive me for the Negative Nelly post. For tomorrow may bring a brighter day.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Six Word Saturday!

Having Fun In Monterey And Carmel!


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Friday, January 15, 2010

Fabulous Foto Friday is back!

That's right my dear bloggy friends,

I have finally decided to bring back my...

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I have truly missed doing my weekly picture posts and with a new year and new goals, what better time to start fresh and get this going again! I'm excited too!

This week I'm sharing pictures from a couple weeks ago when we went up to Calaveras and Bear Valley. There was so much snow on the ground, it was simply beautiful. Too cold though for my liking but I still had an absolute blast (considering the migraine I had at the time).

Yes, I would have to say this is just about the biggest snowball I've ever had thrown at me before.

This weekend we'll be heading to Monterey! Let me just say...I am so excited too!! It's been awhile since we've been to the ocean. We'll be taking the 17-mile drive so I can get lots of pics too. I love Monterey and Carmel! One day, if I win the lottery, that's where I'll be moving.


Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Don't forget to keep your camera handy.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

We're Moving Up!

We had been contemplating purchasing a laptop for some time now. Making excuses as to why it would be of benefit to us but in the end, money was always a factor. We figured it wasn't worth spending the $300 plus dollars just for a luxury.

Well, this evening we decided to scrounge up all our gift cards, took back a prepaid phone that I got for Christmas that wasn't going to work for us and then made our way to Best Buy.

We're home now, as proud new Netbook owners too! The best part didn't even cost that much after all the gift cards.

Asus Eee PC T91 Pictures, Images and Photos
Now, I get to spend more time with my husband while he watches his Sharks game. He's happy, I'm happy. This house shall be a calmer, happier place now! All because of a little Netbook.
Now I can be cool like everyone else and hang out at the local Starbucks drinking my chai. Okay, I wouldn't go that far :o)