Monday, January 25, 2010

Time to find a new home, Buddy!

No, I'm not referring to my husband although sometimes I'm sure I feel that way when he makes me mad.

Anyways, it's been a few weeks now since I've driven my car. I've been driving our new car and my husband has been driving his. We have three car, husband's car and then the new car.

My car has been sitting in the garage because every morning when I would start it, it would start rough and loud. Idling really high. As I would let it warm up, it would get to it's normal idling state however, it still sounded a little harsh, as if a belt needed to be replaced. So, we decided to let it sit for now and I would drive the new car.

Fast forward a couple weeks. I decide one morning I'm gonna drive my car cause I just miss it. So, I take my daughter to school, go home and grab my camera and go out to take some pictures. As I arrive at my location, I notice a slight burning smell. I call my husband and he tells me to take it home and to not drive it. Back to driving the new car again. Grrrr!!!

Fast forward to a few days ago. My husband tells me he wanted to take a look at what was cause the noisy sound in the mornings and also check the smell out from a week before. He wanted to do this before actually taking it into the mechanics.

I pop the hood, my husband gets the light ready and I start the car. What do you sounds fine! WHAT??? Why do these things do this? It had been making this noise every morning. We let it sit and it's fine all of a sudden? Whatever.

My husband takes a look under the hood, don't smell anything and then he asked how much gas I had. "I'm on E." He replied "Let's go get some gas then." Just then as I'm getting out, I smelled it. That smell. I turn the engine off. Then we start sniffing around under the hood. Nothing. Then I walk around to the passenger side and found it. "It's here." I tell my husband. He smells and said "It kind of smells like burning pee". I stop and gasp.

A few minutes before all this, I had noticed on the rim of under the hood some little wood shavings. Kind of like saw dust. It stuck me and made me wonder why that would be under my hood but quickly tossed the thought aside.....until my husband said "It kind of smells like burning pee".

"A RAT!!" I said. My husband grabbed the light again and shined it under the hood again and sure enough, rat crap on my engine and fresh piddle also. Ewwwwwwww!!!! Can I just tell you how violated I feel to have a RAT in my car. Under my hood. Making itself all nice and cozy IN MY CAR!!! UGH!!

We then backed the car out onto the driveway where it's nice and cold. If he hadn't already left for the time being, I'm sure he won't think it's a warm and cozy place now!

The next day my husband called the mechanics to find out how to clean it off safely. He cleaned it off and said he smelled a different burning smell. We took it for a drive and he said it smelled like transmission fluid, or something like that. Great! Hopefully this furry bugger didn't damage anything too expensive. We'll soon find out once we get my car down to the mechanics.

Moral of this story......BEWARE: Rats like cars for homes. GROSS!


lagirl/Sweet Tea said...

We once had a cat get under the hood of the car, but that's a whole other story. Enjoy your NEW car and "move on". Love that pun?!!

InspiredDreamer said...

What I want to know is how your husband knows what burning pee smells like?????? :)

Have an Extraordinary Day!

Anonymous said...

Our Lifes Journey. I like the blog, but where is the apostrophe? Shouldn't it be "Our Life's Journey" Just curious.

Erin McGrath

Anonymous said...

I like the blog, but what's up with the titling font? Why no apostrophe? Shouldn't it be "Our Lifes Journey"? Just curious.

~~Erin McGrath~~

Amarie said...

Seriously, who even cares about the apostrophe?? We know what you mean! lol And that's just gross! Ewww! LOL