Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What's in a (Nick)name?!


What's in a nickname? We all have them, right?

Some of us have nicknames because of the way we look, like Shorty or maybe something we've done, like driving fast so we get called Indy 500.

Growing up I had all sorts of nicknames. One I will refrain from sharing but it involves falling off my brother's bike and hurting my special area.

Then in junior high I got called "Dill pickle" because my last name started out with "Dill". Then it moved up to "Pickle Krueger" because not only did my last name start with "Dill" but there was a time that I grabbed a boy's shirt and accidentally ripped it (cause he made me mad by saying something not nice about my mom). There's another one that starts with "Dill" but we're not gonna go there. Just not appropriate, if you get my drift. LOL

Now I get called nicer names such as Babe, Hun or Sweetheart. I can live with those. Those make me happy!

Then there's my brother. Now he's got some nicknames! From me!

Boob is my favorite. Don't ask me how or why I came up with this one, but I did. In fact, it's grown on him so much so that when I go into his job (he's a checker at a grocery store), I'll be all "What's up Boob!" Funny thing is, it doesn't faze him. He'll respond back normally. That's until one of his co-workers respond and say "Booooooob???"

He's also a monkey. That's right. When we're watching National Geographic and a monkey comes on, my daughter will say "Hey, it's Uncle Bobby!" with tons of laughing to follow. From both of us! Funny thing about this one is, my mom calls him monkey also! He just responds with "Very funny!" and laughs too.

He doesn't care though. Really! We're not being mean. I think it's just part of his persona, really. I think he would actually miss it if we didn't call him these little nicknames.

We have a good time together. I love my brother!

So here I share with you one of our many silly moments together. Siblings. Brother & Sister.

And every time I see this picture, I literally die laughing!!!

Yes my friends! That is me.
Speaking of nicknames, I bet you didn't know I was such a "Dork", huh?!

This is in part of this week's Mama Kat's weekly assignment, prompt #3. I just added a little spin to it.


Elizabeth a.k.a. Type A Mommy said...

Wow, Pickle Krueger? That's creative, I've definitely never heard a nickname quite like that!

Stopping by from Mama Kat's Writers Workshop!

JadeLD said...

Nicknames can be funny, but I've got some painful memories from nicknames too! Some wonderfully creative person managed to realise that Jade ryhmes with spade at school - how original!

Jenny said...

Funny post, I had many lovely nicknames when I was younger. My last name was Pugh and my BFF used to call me stinky...wonderful friend huh ;)

Holly said...

Pickle Krueger is hilarious. Andn then there is "boob"....I guess when it is someone we love and we know it is in good fun it is all OK.

Stopping over from Mama Kat's

Holly @ 504 Main

Kekibird said...

LOVE that picture. So funny! And yeah, I gave my sister the nickname "Jennifer Poopy Pants" when I was young. It stuck for a bit and not so much these days. But every once in a while I'll bust that out and we all die laughing.

Los said...

My favorite nickname for me is "Los." I got it in high school. Most of my high school friends still call me Los ... but none of my other friends do.

Matty said...

Funny you should talk about nicknames. Growing up, family called me "squeaky" that my grandfather started because instead of crying they said I squealed like a mouse. I had forgotten my nickname from Jr/Sr high school..."taters". A neighbor of mine a year older gave me the name because my favorite food was mashed potatoes and gravy. It lasted a few years and then died out. Now people at work call me "Matty".