Thursday, April 30, 2009

Can it get any worse?

Remember I told you guys here how tired and drained I've been feeling? Well, it has officially gotten worse. Here's why....

First of all, I am typing like crap right now and it's just making it that much more annoying for me to be sitting here typing this post. Sorry but I love you all and I feel I owe it to you to blog today cause I feel like the crickets are coming out around here.

Okay so really, here's why. I love my dog, Ozzy. He provides great entertainment for my family. However, last night he was way hyper and wanting to play so we told him to go get a toy, so he does. My husband grabs it while Ozzy tugs on it. Then my husband throws it so Ozzy goes after it and runs off to my daughters room with it. Next thing I know, my dog is hacking up a lung or something. His toy is one that has the stuffing in it. Well, he chewed it so much apparently he ate some of the stuffing. I threw the thing away. No more toys with stuffing!

So, this was all happening around 10:30pm last night. My dog kept hacking trying to get whatever the heck was in his throat out. This went on aaaaaaaaalll night long. Yes, I kept having to get up with him. He would whine to go outside to chew on grass or weeds or whatever so he can try and throw it up. So I had to turn the alarm off several times through out the night to let him out while I stood at the door half awake, getting pissed off in the process cause I had to be up first thing in the morning cause I was volunteering at my daughters school. Something I knew I had to deal with lots and lots of kids with decorating their cookies.

So, I woke up 9 minutes later than I wanted but I got to her school on time. I was all ready to go and I survived the morning with all the kids. I was hoping that when I got home, 12 hours after the whole hacking of the lung incident began, that my dog would be fine and would have gotten that thing out but unfortunately, he was still coughing when I got home. I just hope I won't have to take him to the vet now. One less bill we need right now.

I'm still exhausted though. So much so, you know that heavy feeling in your chest you get when you're so tired? That's how tired I am. Needless to say.......

I want a nap!!!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Getting You Up To Speed

Are you kidding me? Has it really been 5 days since my last post? Geez! I haven't really had time to post anything. I've been so busy trying to catch up on my every day chores and weekly calls to my friend and then just being plain tired.

I don't know what it is lately but I have been so exhausted that it feels like I'm drained. Yesterday my husband and I actually got to sleep in until 9:25am. Something that is completely unheard of for the both of us together. Usually I'm up by 7:45am getting ready for church while he just lays in bed watching TV until my daughter and I leave. Not yesterday. We were snoozing......and it was nice!! Only drawback.....I woke up with a headache. Fortunately it was one that I was able to get rid of. Thank goodness!!

So what the heck has been going on around my little abode since the last time I blogged, you ask? Well, let's see....
  • I went to work on Friday. Now that tax season is over, I feel like my days at work go by so fast. So fast that I don't have time to finish everything. I just feel like my boss keeps giving me so much stuff that I'm feeling overloaded. He even said I can work next Tuesday if need be.
  • Then Saturday we went to the San Jose Sharks game. Wow, what a game it was too! I normally don't get all "who rah" over the games but the last period was so intense, I couldn't help it. In fact, the other team they were playing (Anaheim Ducks), we had some of their fans there and one guy was really pissing me off that I let him know it too!
  • Sunday, besides the fact that we slept in, we basically just relaxed most of the day. I was hoping to go to Old Sacramento but we decided not to cause my husband wasn't feeling up to par. I wanted to go to Joe's Crab Shack cause seafood was sounding very de-lish at the time so instead we went to Red Lobster for lunch. Then we went driving around and took some pictures and then headed home. We didn't eat dinner cause lunch was more like a "Linner", if that makes!
  • Now here we are, Monday. And let me tell you, it started out like your typical Monday. I'm just glad to be home now. Relaxing. Blogging. With my family!

So, onto other things that are on my mind.

We have a dog. I think you know that. He barks at everything. Kids walking across the street. A dove that has made it's nest in our hanging plant by our front door, you name it, he barks. Well, yesterday while we were home he started barking so my husband opened the door and what does he find? He finds some snotty-nosed brat trying to steal our solar lights from our yard. How old do you ask, was this this kid? 8? 10? 12? NO! Try more like 4 or 5! That's right! I tell you, these kids sure are starting this crap early these day. The problem? The friggen parents! I am so fed up with the parents these day letting their kids run amuck! I am not that old...AT ALL. Okay, I'm not afraid to say it....I'm 34 and I'm so old school. If my child EVER thought about pulling a stunt like this, she would get a woop'in! That's right! I spank and I'm not afraid to say it. I know the line of what is spanking and what is abuse. And guess what? My child is turning out right too! She is well behaved, has manners and doesn't even think of doing something like that. I am completely appalled by this! Trust me though, I don't hesitate when my dog barks now. I have my camera ready so I can get that kid in the act!

Now, another thing that has got me bothered is all the shootings going on. My SIL just called a few minuted ago and told my husband that the town she lives in (right next door to where we live. It's the town I basically grew up in.), there was just another shooting. Apparently some guy was driving his motorcycle down one of the busy streets that takes you into some neighborhoods and he was shot by some random people with a shotgun. WTF?! People from the bad areas about 40 miles away have moved out to this part of the area. They have ruined that town. It used to be such a nice, boring town. Now, there's always something going on. It seems to be on the news more now cause someone got shot or there was a murder. It's nothing like it was 15 + years ago. I used to walk down the street to work. I wouldn't even think about doing that now. I would be scared too. Now, they are starting to move farther out to my area and I just want to get out. I don't want my child to be subjected to this. It really scares me. Hopefully we'll be able to get out before it gets too bad.

Okay, I think I got you all up to speed now. I'll be back with Mama Kat's weekly assignment. Unless something else comes up! Oh, forgive me if I have any mispelled words or sentences don't sound right, I just don't feel like proofing it right now. ;O)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Never Mess With a Firecracker!

It's that time again over at Mama Kat's. Head on over to participate.

This week I decided to go with #4's prompt.....

4.) Write about an interaction you had with a salesman.

Oh how I'll never forget this. It was me, my husband (fiance at the time) and his sister. It was somewhere around 1998. We thought we would take a drive out to some dealerships since my husband was interested in looking to buy a Dodge Stealth or the Mitsubishi 3000GT. They both look very similar.

We made our way to a dealership in Roseville, CA near Sacramento. It was probably around 7pm that night. We were looking around and a salesman came up to help us. We told him what we were looking for and the guy said he had a used Mitsubishi 3000GT. It was red and my hubby wanted to take it for a test drive. The car is really only a 2 seater and I wanted to go for the test drive too. The sales guy said he needed some sort of collateral to let my husband drive it without the sales guy with him so my husband gave him the keys to his truck. We took it for a spin and yep, my man wanted the car.

When we returned we went into one of the offices to sit down and hash out some numbers. The guy showed us a deal and it went back and forth but we really felt like he was trying to rip us off. We were young and he probably saw gullibility. My husband asked me to call my dad to get his opinion on the offer. My dad said he would walk out that it was too much money. I get off the phone and I said my dad didn't think it was a good deal. The sales guy has the nerve to tell ME my dad doesn't know what he's talking about. The tension in the room I must say thickened. You could cut it with a knife.

We told the guy he was trying to rip us off and that we just wanted the keys back to our car and we'll just leave. He tried to explain to us that it was a great deal and telling us of the performance of the car (who gives a shit! The car is USED!) and why the price was what it was. We told him it was too much for it being a used car. He said he would be right back, see if he could come up with another deal. We watched him out there talking with the guys making the offers. Meanwhile, we see him come back, without our car keys. This guy doesn't get it does he?

He offers us the new deal and we're getting pissed at this point. We tell him we just want our keys. He wouldn't give them to us so what happens next? Does my man who is 6'5", 250 lbs (at the time. He's bigger now.) get up in this guys face? No.....I DO!! (I told you I was a firecracker, right?) Little 'ol me who is all of 5'3", 135 lbs gets into this guys face. I couldn't help myself. This guy was pissing me off and I had had enough of his crap. I was telling to go "F" himself and to give us our "F'n" keys. Their was yelling and cussing. Honestly, the whole situation was surreal. My husband had gotten up at this point and got into the guys face where at that point the guy went to go get the car keys.

I just have to say, we haven't been back to that dealership. We've told our friends and anyone else about this story hopefully to deter them from ever going through what we went through. I just can't believe the audacity of that guy to tell me my dad doesn't know what he's talking about and to keep my husband's car keys from him. Did he REALLY think he was gonna sell a car like that??? Just another arragant salesman!!!

The 8 List: I've Been Tagged

Diamond tagged me in her list to play along, so here we go!

Here's the rules--mention the person that tagged you. Complete the lists of 8's. Tag 8 of your wonderful blogger friends. Go tell them you tagged them!

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To:
1. Going to Disneyland in May
2. Going to Vegas in June
3. My birthday in July
4. Celebrating my baby's birthday
5. Taking pictures this summer.
6. Buying my first bathing suit since losing the weight
7. Camping
8. Summer

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
1. Took my daughter to school
2. Blogged
3. Chatted with a friend I hadn't talked to in several years.
4. Laundry
5. Visited my grandma in the hospital with my mom.
6. Played on Facebook
7. Picked my daughter up from school and then visited my husband at work.
8. Tucked my baby into bed

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:
1. Be a full-time stay at home mommy
2. Go back to Key West (in due time)
3. Go to Disney World (in due time)
4. Move to Carmel
5. Get rid of my migraines and never have them again.
6. Knew how to swim
7. Keep my family with me always.
8. Pay my house off now.

8 Shows I Watch:
1. Ghost Whisperer
2. Desperate Housewives
3. TMZ
4. House Hunters (HGTV)
5. Diners, Drive-in's & Dives (Food Network)
6. Ace of Cakes (Food Network)
7. I Survived. (A&E)
8. The Soup (E!)

8 People I'm Tagging:
1. Stesha
2. Francesca
3. Young Momma
4. Nikki
5. The Acting Mom
6. The Wife O'Riley
7. Matt
8. YaYa

Monday, April 20, 2009

Cats & Dogs

My hubby, daughter and I went out to dinner with my in-laws this past Friday. It was a nice get together. We went to this place by a boat launching out a little ways from where we live. It was a lovely evening too. The company was nice and I had my camera too :o) I know, I know....I was a flaker with posting Friday pics. Apparently everyone else was too :oP

After dinner, we went to our cars and stayed there chatting with my in-laws for the next hour and a half. We talked about a bunch of different things and then one subject and women. I have officially come to the conclusion that most men are like cats and most women are like dogs. Let me explain myself before you get your chonies all up in a bunch. You'll then see that I'm right....

Cats are independent. They don't like to be bothered. They have the whole "leave me alone" syndrome. They like to go out and are gone for long periods of time while mama cat is left at home with the kittens. Sometimes they will call for some affection when it's most convenient for them. They even seem to be annoyed by dogs. Just think of! Scared if you piss the dog off or cross their path. (Remember, I said most, not all). See the similarities between men and cats?!

Dogs on the other hand are excited and happy when their loved one gets home. All lovey dovey. Likes to sit by your side. Loyal and if you get mad at them, their always willing to forgive. (Remember, I said most, not all). See the similarities between women and dogs?!

When my in-laws, my husband and I were talking, I joked and said "Yeah, guys are just p*****" (rhymes with tushies) and my husband laughed and said "yeah, well women are just bitches!" LMAO!! I walked right into that one. I knew he was gonna say that too. :D Hey, we have to deal with them, otherwise we wouldn't be, right?! Yeah, thought so!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Fabulous Foto Friday!

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Welcome everyone!! It's that time again for Fabulous Foto Friday! If you weren't here last week, that's alright! My philosophy is "the more the merrier"!! So, I would love for you to join in :o)

So, here are the rules:

1. Post a special picture that you took during the week. If you have more than one that you want to post, that would be great also. It can be any kind of picture (i.e. funny, silly, weird, artsy, fun, whatever).

2. Write about what the picture is about and what it means to you.

3. Come back later today and sign your name on Mr. Linky to share, so we all can make our way to your blog and see your wonderful picture(s).

4. Be sure to comment on the person above you. If you want to comment on more than one person, I'd love that and I'm sure they would too! The more comments, the better :o)

I look forward to seeing what everyone has come up with to share!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Writing Assignment

I've missed the last few weeks of Mama Kat's weekly assignments but this week I thought I would participate.

Here are the prompts this week:

1.) If I sent you four hundred dollars today what is ONE thing you would spend it on and why. ps I want my change.

2.) What are your kids talking about?

3.) Tell us about a local news story that's all the buzz right now in your neck of the woods.

4.) Share some blogging advice.

5.) Tell us about that time at the playground when that thing happened.(thanks to Heather at Chasing Butterfly's who unknowingly inspired this last prompt)

I decided to go with.....#3.

The Murder of Sandra Cantu

I'm sure everyone has heard about this. Yes, this is happening near me and being a parent of a daughter, it broke my heart to see the flyer's of this little girl and to see this on the news on a daily basis. I was praying this little girl would be brought home safely to her family and unfortunately, it didn't happen that way. I honestly can't imagine what her parent's are going through and hope to never have to.

Then the fact that this woman, Melissa Huckaby who is a mother, who's daughter played with Sandra and was also a Sunday school teacher would do something so horrible to a child. What kind of person would do something like this? The fact that she is a mother herself, just doesn't make sense to me.

My husband and I have talked about this and what may or could have happened. We have thought that since Sandra and Melissa's daughter played together all the time, perhaps the two girls had gotten into a recent "tiff" (since the daughter wasn't there the day of the murder) and we all know how some of us mom's (including me) get protective of their kids. However, most of us mom's would NEVER do something like this. This is just horrible and mind boggling. To think Sandra's parents probably trusted this woman, knowing the two girls played all the time at each others house.

This is just another reason why I will not let my child play out in the front without my presence. Why I have a hard time trusting other people with my child and why I do not plan on allowing my child to stay the night at one of her friend's house that I am not friend's with the parent. This is a proven fact that the people you may think you know, you just may not.

Monday, April 13, 2009

My New Makeover!!

Well, what do you all think? Do you love it? I sure do!! And can you believe that I won this?! That's right. I had gone over to SITS (click here to see my name in lights! Okay, so maybe not that grand but grand enough, I must say!!!!!) over a week ago and thought I would enter their fabulous giveaway for a lovely blog design by Shabby Creations. Once entered, I completely forgot about it as I get carried away in every day life until some lovely bloggers stopped by to congratulate me. Can you just say, I was completely surprised and delighted too!!

I went to all the trouble of having me, my hubby & daughter get our picture taken over my parent's house because again, their backyard is a gardeners dream and I figured I could get a fantastic picture there just for my new, shiny and sparkly new layout! I even got a new signature. How great is that?!

Thanks SITS and Shabby Creations for hosting and giving away such a fabulous giveaway......and picking ME!! ;0)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Memories: Diane - Part 3

If you missed Part 1, it's here.

If you missed Part 2, it's here.

***Warning: Minor graphic detail towards end of story.***

Now that Diane had moved into her own apartment, she was acting like a single girl. She was only separated from her husband but she continued to see Jim. She even allowed her step-daughter, Wendy to move in with her. Why Wendy's dad allowed that is beyond me.

Diane and Jim were a new couple now. My mom started to see less of her. She still came around the house, just not as often. In fact, the apartment she moved into was in the same neighborhood as our house. Wendy and I would even walk home together after school. Later on, Diane allowed Wendy's boyfriend to move in with them. Wendy was only 16 yrs old. That lead to her dropping out of school, mid 11th grade (my 12th grade). Highly unacceptable in my book, even back then.

They stayed in that apartment for a few years and then Wendy ended up moving in with her boyfriend while Diane moved into another apartment in town, less than a mile away. Once I turned 20, I ended up moving in the same apartment complex with my boyfriend (husband now). I would go over Diane's house to visit too. Her and I would watch movies or just sit around and chat. She was even there when me and my man would get into an argument. I remember him and I got into it around Christmas time and he knocked over the Christmas tree and I called Diane all upset so she came over and helped me grab some things and I went back with her to her place.

I'm not sure how much time went by but she ended up moving in with Jim out in Fremont. They got a place together too once she got money from her parent's will. Once she moved out there, we rarely saw her. My mom and I would always talk cause Diane would call my mom and discuss the fights her and Jim would get into. They were always physical. I also remember one time I was over Wendy's place visiting and she told me how Diane and Jim get into one of their fights and that she had a black eye. Diane even told Wendy that "he will be the death of me". We tried to talk to her and help and reason with her. She "loved" him. She wouldn't leave.

I remember the day vividly. It was late afternoon. February 10, 1998. My mom called me and first thing she said or actually asked, through tears, was "guess who died?" I don't know why I knew instantly. I don't know how I knew. I just don't know but instantly I began to cry and said "Diane" and my mom replied "yes". I broke down. She couldn't be gone. She was too young. She just celebrated her 40th birthday a month earlier. WHY???? I had so many questions. How? When? What happened???? My mom explained that her and Jim had gone to a local bowling alley in Fremont with some friends. They were all high too. Something about one of Diane's friend's rings that Diane wanted to wear. Jim got mad. They left arguing. Diane's friend tried to get her to stay with them but she wouldn't stay. They continued their argument while they drove home. The story has always been completely unclear but what I've been told was, Jim pushed Diane out of the van, the big old school kind. When she got pushed out, she fell. He backed up and ran her over. Drove forward and then went back over her again. Getting her chest and head. Cops came and he went to jail briefly but then was released based on that it was an accident?? Horse****! THAT doesn't sound like an accident to me.

When the funeral came, Valentine's Day, it was a very emotional day, as expected. They had a room where we were able to view Diane but because everyone knows how I am about death, they advised me not to go. That I wouldn't be able to handle it. To remember her the way I last saw her, so I didn't go in. My mom, my brother, Wendy went in. They said it didn't even look like her.

I think about Diane all the time. I dream about her all the time. That she is alive, with us. It's been 11 years and I still have a hard time with it. I wanted her to meet my daughter. Of all the deaths I've experienced, this has proven to be the hardest. I miss her!! I love her!! I hope she has gone to heaven so that I can see her again one day. One thing that I think of is, she always valued my opinion. She would always ask other people, "What does Kimmy think?" That holds a special place in my heart. She holds a special place in my heart.

Every time I listen to Sade's "Maureen", I think of Diane because Diane liked Sade. I dedicate this song to Diane.

RIP Diane
Jan. 1958 - Feb. 1998

My FFF: Friday Flashback!

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It's that time again for Fabulous Foto Friday! I hope you all will join in. If you like taking pictures, then this is just the thing for you. Check here for the rules.

This week, since I didn't have a chance to go out and take pictures, I thought I would go back in time a bit. Break out the albums and take a walk down memory lane. So what I'm about to share with you are pictures of my cutie pie when she was much younger but still just as cute as ever :o)

Goofy & Noodle at Disneyland 2005

Disneyland 2005

LOL!! Too funny! Just being silly, as usual!

Snoozing! Aww....and she still looks like that when she sleep. So sweet!

My cutie pie's 3rd birthday!

My cutie pie on Halloween 2003 or 2004? Can't remember.

Okay, now it's your turn!
If you already did yours, enter your name below in Mr. Linky so everyone can stop by and see what you have to share. Thanks for joining!!!!

Fabulous Foto Friday!

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Welcome everyone!! It's that time again for Fabulous Foto Friday! If you weren't here last week, that's alright! My philosophy is "the more the merrier"!! So, I would love for you to join in :o)

So, here are the rules:

1. Post a special picture that you took during the week. If you have more than one that you want to post, that would be great also. It can be any kind of picture (i.e. funny, silly, weird, artsy, fun, whatever).

2. Write about what the picture is about and what it means to you.

3. Come back in a few hours and sign your name on Mr. Linky to share, so we all can make our way to your blog and see your wonderful picture(s).

4. Be sure to comment on the person above you. If you want to comment on more than one person, I'd love that and I'm sure they would too! The more comments, the better :o)
I look forward to seeing what everyone has come up with to share!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Memories: Diane - Part 2

If you missed Part 1, it's here.

Growing up at home, Diane was always coming over our house to visit. She was a regular part of our life. I mean, I considered Diane to be like a second mom to me. She was even there when my parent's would always get into their arguments which would lead us to go over to her house. And since I was best friend's with Wendy, I would stay the night over there all the time.

Every Sunday, my mom, Diane, Wendy and I would go to church. My parent's owned a Jeep Cherokee, you know, the ones that were 4 doors. They still make them, just newer version. It was 4-wheel drive. The four of us, after church and in our Sunday's best, would go to this one spot in our town and go 4-wheeling. It was truly a BLAST!! I can't imagine what people thought when they saw us cause the spot we would go was literally right off of a regular street. It wasn't like we would go to a normal 4-wheeling spot. This was just a man-made spot off the street. lol

Then one time the four of us went to see Back to the Future at the theatres. That same week, my mom and Diane went to see it an additional 5 more times after work.

Oh, Christmas, Diane was over and my mom, me and Diane were in the living room while my dad was watching TV in the family room. We were being loud and my dad yelled at us. We couldn't stop laughing. He even got mad cause we were laughing about it. We felt like a bunch of little kids. I was. Well, not real little. I was a teenager at that time.

When I was 16 yrs old and learning how to drive, Diane took me out in her Jeep. The regular kind with 2 doors. It was a stick shift. I had never tried driving one of those and it showed. I just couldn't get the hang of it. Diane was so cool about it. Laid back and didn't make me feel stupid either. (Note: We own a Mustang which is a stick shift, so I now know how to drive one. In fact, this was the car I learned in! lol)

As time went on, Diane and my mom continued working together. They started their own business, "Quality Plus Us". They worked on construction sites for brand new homes and would clean out the homes and clean all the windows. Make them ready for sale for when people came to look at the model homes. When they were working at one site, Diane met this guy, Jim. My mom didn't like him from the get go. He was arrogant and did drugs. Diane found him rough and charming. Mind you, she was married too. After time with hanging out with Jim, She started doing the things Jim did. It changed her. It changed her so much that she left her husband for this guy and then asked my mom if she would give up her portion of the work so she can have the work cause she was now living on her own in an apartment. This is when everything changed.

To be continued....

Part 3 to come.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Memories: Diane - Part 1

I have a story to tell. In fact, it's one of my profound memories growing up. This will actually be a story in parts.

Now, the reason I wanted to write and share this is because this morning driving to work I was listening to my Smooth Jazz channel. I really love Smooth Jazz! I listen to all sorts of music to heavy metal, rock, pop, Enigma & Enya (what category do they fall under?) but NOT, and I mean a capital NOT, Rap! Now, I have found that some of my favorite artist have jumped on board with this whole "featuring" so-n-so, such as Kanye West and 'lil Wayne. Eck! You'll never find me purchasing their music. Can you really call that music? In my opinion, NO! But that's my opinion and I'm entitled to it, so there.


So, I was listening to my Smooth Jazz and this music always takes me back to my childhood and makes me think of all the memories of growing up and certain occasions. Well, the song I was listening to reminded me of my mom's best friend back in the day. In fact, I choked up and nearly started to cry. Her name was Diane. This is where my story begins.

My mom had recently moved back and my parent's remarried. Then, when my mom was looking for work since she quit her other job when she came back. I think this was around 1982. She was told of a lady named Diane who was in construction and that my mom went to meet her about working together. Diane lived in the same town as us and had 1 step-daughter, Wendy (who I became best friend's with), a son and then was also pregnant with her soon-to-be 2nd son.

I can't remember how everything played out since I was only 8 yrs old at the time. All I know is my mom and Diane started working together. They would clean the model homes for a builder in one of the expensive areas and also started working for the N. California home builder, Seeno. Well, because they did their job so well, the owner of the builder in the expensive area asked if they would clean their vacation home in Clear Lake, CA. They could stay there and enjoy the amenities of the vacation home for the weekend while they cleaned. They were on board! So was I and Diane's step-daughter, Wendy since we were old enough at the time to help clean.

We would spend a weekend each summer somewhere around 1985-1989 going to Clear Lake to clean this vacation home. It sat right on the lake too. Also on the property grounds was a guest house which was a 2-bdrm, 1 bath plus a loft. This would be mine and Wendy's to clean while our mom's cleaned the main house.

Wendy and I would stay up til all hours of the night snooping around in this guest house. One of the things I thought was interesting was, the owners were rich people yet they shopped at Kmart. I thought that was kind of funny at the time. Now that I am older, perhaps that's one of the reasons why they were so rich. They didn't need the biggest and best of things.

During one of our many late nights, I let Wendy put Sun-In in my hair. I don't even think they make that stuff anymore. I just remember going out on the lake the next day spending all my time in the sun that the stuff really lightened my hair. I thought it was cool too!! LOL

One time when we were driving to the Clear Lake for our weekend, I remember we stopped at an A&W in Calistoga. We were getting something to eat or drink. Don't remember. We had some tortilla chips and the jalapeno cheese dip. Yum! Diane would seriously take a huge dip into that dip and I was like "Come on, you're gonna eat it all" and she said she would just buy more. Well, a couple weeks ago my husband was eating some tortilla chips and the jalapeno cheese dip and thought of that incident cause I had previously told him about it.

During these days in Clear Lake, my mom, Diane, Wendy and I would have a blast! We would go to this one particular pizza place every time. It was so good! We even saw the movie Cobra with Sylvester Stallon there at one of the little theatres in town. Good times!

So many memories that I think of all the time, wishing there were some way I could recreate them, but I can't. The thought of that puts a lump in my throat and I just want to cry sometimes.

To be continued.....

Part 2 to come.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Idiot On Wheels!

I would really like to know what goes on in a guy's head to make him think that spinning his tires with smoke billowing for a good minute at 11pm at night, is so darn friggen cool. I mean really! These are things that I think they may be thinking at such times:

1. They think that girls think that it's a turn on.
Answer: Wrong. We think you're an idiot to do that!

2. They think that it makes them and their vehicle look like way cool.
Answer: Wrong. We think you're an idiot and it would be funny if you wrecked your car too!

3. They think the skid marks it makes in the street are cool cause they left their "mark".
Answer: Wrong again. All it's does is piss off the neighbors.

4. They think the sound and smoke they make is cool and funny.
Answer: Again, Wrong! All it does is piss us off cause if my child wakes up and loses sleep with having to go to school the next morning because you guys are so stupid and think you're so cool to be so obnoxious by doing that in your vehicle, it would only serve you right to wreck your truck driving it like that.

Yes, we had some lame-o guy in our neighborhood last night acting like this. Meanwhile, he had all the neighbors out to see what idiot was doing this. My husband told me to grab my camera in case he wrecked. By the time I got out there with the camera, the guy was gone.

I guess I should look at it in a positive way....

1. After 5 yrs of living here, we finally met one of our neighbors we've never met before.

2. There is one neighbor that sits in his car in his driveway every morning and always waves to us. Well, for the past month or so we haven't seen him. In fact, his car isn't even backed in the way he usually has it. Then I saw his wife doing the yard work which is something he does. I started to get worried so I checked the obituaries. I know, morbid but I didn't want to pry. Just figure it out on my own. Well, fortunately nothing turned up. Then last night when we finally met our one neighbor (who lives across the street from the one we got concerned about), we asked him what happened. He's okay, just in rehab. I'm just glad he's okay!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Beginners Luck!

5 CARD STUD Pictures, Images and Photos

This weekend we went over to our friend's house for dinner and to play poker. As long as we have been friends, I believe this was the first time we actually went out to dinner with them. We really had a nice time. They have two boys and then my daughter. They are like bff's too.

So, as the evening went on, we got a game of poker started. Of course, my friend's oldest and my daughter wanted to play along with us adults. My friend's son has played before with my friend's but my daughter hasn't. She's actually likes to play blackjack. I know, you're all probably thinking "What the heck are they teaching poker and blackjack to their 6 yr old kids?" I don't know what my friend's excuse is but with us, remember, we love Vegas! I personally think it's funny watching my child trying to do the whole "poker face" type of look but at the same time, is this really appropriate?! I guess there are worse things.

Anyway, we figured my husband can help our daughter along until she kind of gets the hang of the game. We first start off with a few hands of Texas Hold'em and then we move onto 5 Card Stud, Deuces Wild. After a good several hands with my husband helping her out, she felt she was ready to play on her own. This is how the next hand played out....

My friend (the husband) deals the hand. There are six of us playing. We all look at our hands and decide which to discard for new cards. My daughter may like to play the whole "poker face" but she is not so good with her reactions. Once she got her replacement cards, she was all like "Oh yeah!".

Meanwhile, I get my replacement cards and I am really please with my hand. 4 of a kind. My daughter was being all cocky saying "Oh yeah, I have a good hand". I kept saying "It better be real good cause I don't think you're winning this one sweety." With a slight guilt feeling cause I don't want to hurt her feelings if she loses.

Everyone placed their bet or folded. We asked our daughter, "Are you betting?" She says yes, and I said "Are you sure cause I don't think you'll win this." She was absolutely sure! There was no changing her mind. She was confident. I matched her bet and raised her. She matched my raise. It was time to show our cards.....

WHAT??!!! My child had four 7's and a deuce to make the fifth 7. My child had 5 of a kind????!!!

Remember, this was her very FIRST hand on her own!! LOL! My child kicked my rear! Talk about beginners luck!

Friday, April 3, 2009

This was a first....

BugSplat Pictures, Images and Photos

A funny story I just have to share with you all.

So, on Wednesday I picked my noodle up from my husband's job and head home. We were driving on the freeway and I had the window down. I don't have a convertible either. Regular window rolled down. When it's nice outside, I like to drive with it down. Even if it's hot, window must be down with a slight hint of A/C. Just a slight hint cause it give me a headache with the window up and the A/C hitting me.

So anyways, as I'm on the freeway I come to a split going from one freeway to another, I all of a sudden feel a SPLAT on my face, left temple area. I yell out "AHH!" and then feel my face with my hand. It was slightly wet. I had a feeling it was a bug but couldn't find any evidence of it. I look at my hand and it just look like water. I then start to look around in my hair, clothes and then my rear view mirror to see if I see anything. NOTHING!

I get home and go straight to the bathroom and look and search for a possible bug. I don't see anything until........."Ewwww, it's in my hair. Look baby, it's butt exploded. Oh gross, it exploded on my face. Disgusting!!! hahahaha."

I've been hit by little pebbles before while driving but this is a first for a bug....Gross!


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It's that time again for Fabulous Foto Friday! I hope you all will join in. If you like taking pictures, then this is just the thing for you. Check here for the rules.

This week I honestly thought that I was going to have to open the vault to produce some pictures for this weeks Fabulous Foto Friday. To my surprise, I thought I would just take a quick look at my camera to see if I had anything worthy and was delighted that "Why, yes I do!!"

This past weekend I had gone over to my parent's house to visit as my aunt from Hawaii and my grandpa from Sonoma was out who I don't get to see very often at all. So we had gone to dinner and we all enjoyed the company. It was a lovely time!
(This picture is of my aunt, my cutie, my mom and my grandpa.)
While over my parent's house, I went in their backyard (It's a gardener's dream. It's absolutely gorgeous out there!) cause all the flowers were in bloom. I had to take advantage and get a few shots. I have more but I don't want to overwhelm you with flowers. That can end up being too boring at times. :o)

While my cutie pie was on spring break, I met up with one of my BFF's and got the kids together to play. We decided to go to the city park. Here are a few shots from that day.

Okay, now it's your turn!
If you already did yours, enter your name below in Mr. Linky so everyone can stop by and see what you have to share. Thanks for joining!!!!

Fabulous Foto Friday!

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Welcome everyone!! It's that time again for Fabulous Foto Friday! If you weren't here last week, that's alright! My philosophy is "the more the merrier"!! So, I would love for you to join in :o)

So, here are the rules:

1. Post a special picture that you took during the week. If you have more than one that you want to post, that would be great also. It can be any kind of picture (i.e. funny, silly, weird, artsy, fun, whatever).

2. Write about what the picture is about and what it means to you.

3. Come back later and sign your name on Mr. Linky to share so we all can make our way to your blog and see your wonderful picture(s).

4. Be sure to comment on the person above you. If you want to comment on more than one person, I'd love that and I'm sure they would too! The more comments, the better :o)

I look forward to seeing what everyone has come up with to share!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The inevitable end...

That's what my husband and I are feeling about his job right now. We need prayers. If you are the praying type, we would so greatly appreciate it if you can keep us in your prayers. I have faith and have been praying and hope that something positive will soon come of this.

My husband didn't sleep good last night. He works in a mall. In that mall were four major store anchors; Macy's, Sears, Mervyns and Gottschalks. We've already lost Mervyns. Yesterday we just got word that as of July 15th, we will be losing Gottschalks. This is why....they're going out of business. Anyone that knows this mall knows that it's already pathetic and slow. This hit will only make it worse.

Not only that, and to keep from saying too much cause my husband doesn't like his business all over the internet, there is a lot of inside issues (i.e. backstabbing) going on in the job that is proving who is friend and who is foe. My husband has continually looked for a job to get him out of the situation he is in and that has proved to be quite the challenge since no one is hiring due to the economy.

I have faith that God will direct us in the right direction. Whatever that may be. I am praying we can get by until things improve in this country. I just can't help but to stress a little. I still am not stressing that much at this point. Again, we have until July 15th until Gottschalks closes. Hopefully the economy will pick up by then and hopefully get another retailer to occupy either Mervyns space or Gottschalks space. Highly doubtful but I'll remain optimistic or just have pure faith in God that we can survive this.