Thursday, April 9, 2009

Memories: Diane - Part 2

If you missed Part 1, it's here.

Growing up at home, Diane was always coming over our house to visit. She was a regular part of our life. I mean, I considered Diane to be like a second mom to me. She was even there when my parent's would always get into their arguments which would lead us to go over to her house. And since I was best friend's with Wendy, I would stay the night over there all the time.

Every Sunday, my mom, Diane, Wendy and I would go to church. My parent's owned a Jeep Cherokee, you know, the ones that were 4 doors. They still make them, just newer version. It was 4-wheel drive. The four of us, after church and in our Sunday's best, would go to this one spot in our town and go 4-wheeling. It was truly a BLAST!! I can't imagine what people thought when they saw us cause the spot we would go was literally right off of a regular street. It wasn't like we would go to a normal 4-wheeling spot. This was just a man-made spot off the street. lol

Then one time the four of us went to see Back to the Future at the theatres. That same week, my mom and Diane went to see it an additional 5 more times after work.

Oh, Christmas, Diane was over and my mom, me and Diane were in the living room while my dad was watching TV in the family room. We were being loud and my dad yelled at us. We couldn't stop laughing. He even got mad cause we were laughing about it. We felt like a bunch of little kids. I was. Well, not real little. I was a teenager at that time.

When I was 16 yrs old and learning how to drive, Diane took me out in her Jeep. The regular kind with 2 doors. It was a stick shift. I had never tried driving one of those and it showed. I just couldn't get the hang of it. Diane was so cool about it. Laid back and didn't make me feel stupid either. (Note: We own a Mustang which is a stick shift, so I now know how to drive one. In fact, this was the car I learned in! lol)

As time went on, Diane and my mom continued working together. They started their own business, "Quality Plus Us". They worked on construction sites for brand new homes and would clean out the homes and clean all the windows. Make them ready for sale for when people came to look at the model homes. When they were working at one site, Diane met this guy, Jim. My mom didn't like him from the get go. He was arrogant and did drugs. Diane found him rough and charming. Mind you, she was married too. After time with hanging out with Jim, She started doing the things Jim did. It changed her. It changed her so much that she left her husband for this guy and then asked my mom if she would give up her portion of the work so she can have the work cause she was now living on her own in an apartment. This is when everything changed.

To be continued....

Part 3 to come.

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{Diamond} said...

Wow...this must have been the mid-eighties. So many good people went down that same road. When things like that happen, it changes things forever...I'll be back for part three!

And BIG THANKS for the giveaway shoutout! :-D