Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year * 2014!!

Here we's officially 2014! It's a new beginning to a new year and I'm excited!

I'm not just excited because it's a new, definitely not excited for the simple fact that I will officially be another year older, something I'll get into in a moment. I'm excited because this is my first post since Nov. 2012. I know, right?! It's been over a year?

To be perfectly honest, I really haven't had much to say. Life has been crazy busy...period! Not that I haven't thought about writing, I have...I just never could think of anything to write about.

Here's a quick timeline just to quickly catch you up...

  • Celebrated 20 yrs together with my husband (12 yrs married)!
  • Celebrated my last year in my 30's. Yes, I will officially be 40 this year. :/
  • Celebrated 1 year for our restaurants being open!
  • We vacationed, as usual. This year we went to Clearwater, Fl to see Winter, the dolphin from the movie Dolphin Tale. Then we went to Universal Studios Orlando, Downtown Disney and then the last part of our vacation was spent in Key West. We had the best time! This year is possibly Hawaii!
  • Since we have Disneyland annual passes and we had only gone there once by Sept, we basically had to catch up and had a Disneyland marathon from mid-Sept to the 1st week in Dec., which meant we went to Disneyland every other weekend. The 6 hr drive each way was tough but we had to get our monies worth. The last trip was enjoyed by having my parents come with us. My dad's first trip back in 30 yrs!
  • My husband got his first tattoo in memory of his mom who passed away in Sept. 2012.
  • My daughter and I got to meet Disney's Shake It Up star, Zendaya.
  • Went on the TMZ tour in Hollywood. 
  • We went to Vegas a couple times and Reno once.
  • I donated blood for the first time. 
  • My daughter started middle school this year. I feel old now.
  • Got my first iPhone.
  • I lost my grandpa last month. He was 92. :(
It's been a year full of ups and downs, exciting adventures and many memories made. We look forward to hopefully another year with new adventures....and more blog posts! I thank you to those that have stuck around!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Writer's Workshop: Holiday Crafts & What I Wore!

Mama’s Losin’ It
Wow....I can't honestly say I remember the last time I participated in Mama Kat's Writing Assignments. Heck, I haven't been on here very often the past several months, when would I have time to do one of these, right?! Honestly, I'm still wondering if you guys, my readers, are even still reading my blog. If you are, I thank you so much for sticking around! I appreciate it.

This week I wanted to do one though. Especially with the holidays coming. There seems to be a little more to "yap" about...I guess?!

I've chosen to do two prompts this week. The first one is this:

2.) Holiday craft time! Share one you want to complete, have completed, or are in the process of completing!

I love doing crafts! In fact, holiday ones are my absolute favorite! Having a daughter makes it even more fun cause you can do them together!

Over the past 12 years, I've made a couple holiday wreaths for the house. One in particular is my favorite.

This one graces my front door each year.
This one, on the other hand, is hung up in the house in our family room
This year I was actually telling my husband I wanted to make another one but this one, I wanted my daughter to add a little of her own touch to it. Perhaps I see a Michael's trip coming here soon?!
Now, the second prompt is:
4.) Something you once wore.
Since we're talking holiday's. I thought I would share with you what I wore for Halloween this year.
I usually don't dress up for Halloween, except if we are putting on a Haunted House but we haven't done that in a couple years. However, my brother and his wife were having a Halloween party with friends this year and I thought we would dress up for it.
So we all did....
Hubby and I were Sandy Clause and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas and my baby girl was dressed up like the 80's (she actually had a wig that looked like Pat Benatar). we go (minus the flip flops...haha!).
This is when she just got the outfit so she tried it on for my mom and dad.

Now head on over to Mama Kat's to see what others are sayin'!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Holiday "To Do" List!

Every year I plan a bunch of things to do as a family during the holidays.
Every year that list never gets completed.
It's not that I don't put lots and lots of effort into completing it. It's just that, there isn't enough time in the two months we have during the holidays to complete it.
Here's my dilemma....
My husband and I own a restaurant. Okay, sure, we haven't owned it that long (since July) but my husband works just as many hours now (if not more) than he did before the restaurant closed and we bought it. He works 7 days a week. If he gets a day off, it's Sunday. So, working these fun and exciting events just so happen need to work around his schedule.
He will sometimes work until noon, which allows extra time in a day than a normal work day, but certain things on the list require an early morning start.
So....the list remains unfinished.
This year I have so many fun things planned, yet I continue to struggle with the notorious question, as every year...How will we get to fit all this in??
The Plan:
1. The Charles Schultz Museum

A couple years ago I took my daughter to the Charles Schultz Museum while my husband was in Michigan. I've been really wanting to take him also. What better time than during the holidays!
2. San Francisco's The Nutcracker
Last year I took my daughter to a local presentation of the Nutcracker, and while it was really good and fun, I want to take her to the one in San Francisco for the experience of dressing up and maybe going to dinner in the city, as well.
3. Apple Hill


Up in Placerville, there is this lovely country area with several different farms with many different fruits and Christmas trees for sale. They have specialty stores and shops to buy the local delights. It's been a good few years since we've been but this year I vow to go! This one is on the TOP of my list. Plus, we did kind of promise to take our daughter and her friend this year....and I don't like breaking promises ;o)
4. Ice Skating


Yeah....we've been really bad about this one. We have a really nice outdoor mall and every Thanksgiving/Christmas season, they set up the ice skating tent and each year my daughter begs us to go. Every year we tell her "Not today. Maybe later." I don't want to do that to her this year. She won't be a little kid forever and I want her to have and savor these memories!
5. Disneyland knew this one was coming, right?!
Our season passes actually expired back in May, I think. However, Costco has 4 day park hopper passes for sale with a $50 Costco gift card included. So...we bought them with the intent to upgrade to the season passes again! Half the price is already paid for...woo hoo!
Only thing....we will have to wait until after the first of the year to go. That's okay cause we will still be there when the decorations are still up!
6. The Great Dickens Christmas Fair
We've been to this a couple times. It's so much fun! It's like stepping into another era....the era during Charles Dickens. I guess you can say it's like the Renaissance Fair, just during a different time. The food, the costumes, crafts, music and shops is much fun!
Now that you know my you have a Holiday "To Do" list??

Thursday, October 18, 2012


One would say change is good. In some cases, that's true. In my case, not so.
I know it's been just over two months from my last post. The first month was just being pure busy and lose of bloggy mojo. I think the lose of bloggy mojo has actually taken a life of it's own this year, to be perfectly honest. However, because of the events from the second month, this past month, to be accurate, I vow to be more present in my blog.....and this is why....
You might want to grab your coffee and a chair. I'll try not to make this too long but I have been gone over two months so you know there has to be an explanation.
Let me start from the beginning....
Last year we had planned our annual vacation. We were excited and anticipating the arrival. We had planned on Disney World (the three of us had already been in 2010). In the early months leading up, my in-laws (MIL, FIL and SIL) all planned to join because my FIL really wanted to spend this special time with his grand-daughter. He's worried he won't be around long (he's 65 yrs) because of genetics so, that was fine and understandable to us. My MIL on the other hand, was really worried about the humidity. We have "hot" here in California but it's a dry heat. Something we can handle a lot easier cause well, we're accustomed to it.
So, anyways.....last month, Sept. 12th, my MIL says to my FIL, while they were alone at home, "Ya know, I'm really looking forward to this Disney World trip". I'm sure my FIL had a bit of a relief to know she just may enjoy herself.
The next morning, a regular morning, my husband gets ready for work, my daughter gets ready for school and I, would have usually just thrown clothes on cause I had a morning walk to do, decided to also take a shower and get ready. A little odd for my Thurs. morning routine. After I had gotten out of the shower and got dressed, the phone rang. It was 7:40am. I pick it up to see who it was. I noticed it was my MIL name so I said to my daughter "here, it's grandma". My daughter answers and she sounds a bit frantic and says "Mommy, here!!" I answer and it's my SIL. She is crying uncontrollably. She's telling me something and I'm trying to make sense of it. When I finally could understand, this is what I heard, repeatedly..."MY MOM. SHE PASSED AWAY!!!" My initial reactions were a combination of "This isn't making sense. It couldn't be. Is this a joke?? Maybe she is just over-reacting". What I was hearing all happened in just a matter of seconds. I immediately got my husband and gave him the phone, to where he then had to hear and make sense of what I just learned. He kept frantically asking "Are you sure???" and "What happened???" and then "We'll be there in a few minutes!!!" Meanwhile in the middle of this, my daughter started screaming/crying and fell to the ground, as I tried to console her as I cried but the scene was so much more chaotic than I can even put into text. My husband was yelling at us to be quiet so he could hear through my SIL's cries.
My hair was still wrapped in my towel on my head and I didn't have any shoes on. I pulled the towel off and grabbed my flip flops and we were out the door. That drive had to of been the longest drive ever to my in-law's house that I have ever taken. Not only was I hitting the morning commute traffic, but I managed to hit practically every light manageable. Not even that, the three of us (yes, my daughter didn't make it to school that day. There was no way she could have concentrated at school.) were crying, trying to make sense of the news we just received. We tried to reason and think, "Maybe "SIL" was just over-reacting! Yeah, maybe she's just so upset that she's worried that "MIL" won't be okay". These conversations continued through the drive there. Once we arrived though, my husband knew as soon as he saw the three cop cars and one ambulance. "She's gone!! The cops wouldn't be here if she was still alive!!"
The next 11 hours consisted of making sense of what happened, consoling each other and making funeral arrangements. My FIL always thought he would go first. So much so that he even had all his funeral arrangements taken care of and paid for. This was so completely unexpected! We had a vacation to still go to two weeks later. Without her now? How is this even going to possibly work? How are we going to manage to even enjoy ourselves knowing she was supposed to be with us? My FIL still wanted to go though. Maybe he thought this would help him? Maybe he needed this break away? I don't know.
We went and needless to was so very difficult. It wasn't the Happiest Place on Earth for us. While everyone was enjoying themselves, we were just trying to cope and handle our feelings. Some times feeling guilty if we even started to have fun.
My MIL had diabetes. She didn't have it under control. She was also hypoglycemic and had sleep apnea. Ultimately, it was her diabetes. She was only 62 yrs old. So, please....if you have diabetes, please keep it under control. Take care of yourself!! It's so important!!
Now, my MIL kept journals. She started writing in the 70's. Things that made her happy, things that make her sad. She was open to her journal with all her emotions. We have not read them. Only a few people have. I think it's so cool though. She kept a history of her life in her journals. Her thoughts and memories are there, still, not lost now that she is gone. This is where my blog comes in. I've always said my blog was my online journal of my thoughts of current happenings and feelings. I would also post things from the past when I felt like sharing, but now I feel like sharing more of my past for my daughter. So when I'm gone, my feelings, emotions and memories won't be lost also. I also have been wanting to turn my blog into books, by year. I feel it is crucial for my daughter to know me. Not just me, the mommy, but the me before I was a mommy.
Also, next month is my MIL's birthday so I'm going to make all of my November posts in tribute to her and share stories about her.

In Loving Memory
Nov. 16, 1949 - Sept. 13, 2012

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Holiday camping!

Every year before the 4th of July, we always "talk" about plans of what we hope to do and it all sounds great but by the time we actually act on those plan, things are booked, friends already have plans and we end up doing the same 'ol thing. NOTHING!

We may bbq in the back and then head out around the town to try and find the best spot to view the local fireworks. "Okay, that was fun. I'm tired. Lets go home now."


Well, this past 4th of July was different.

With the process of starting our first restaurant, we wanted to make sure we got some quality family time in before the "BIG Hur-Raw" of the restaurant.

Well, we've been trying to camp at this one place in Big Sur but it must be quite popular cause it's booked as far out as I can see. Sheesh. However, we did find some place different. Instead of our usual Calaveras Big Trees, where we head out north-east, this time we headed the Santa Cruz Mountains!

It really is a beautiful place!

Only problem is, we are used to having our own space between campsights and not one that is literally 5 ft from the next camper over.

While we were setting up our tent, we noticed the surrounding campers with their usual sized tents. Well, we have been camping for many years and while started out with these usual sized tents, we have upgraded over the years....hence the next conversation...

Neighbor: Sorry. We're just watching you set up your condo over there.

Us: LOL!! I know, huh?! It's taking up our whole space!

After we set things up, we decided to head down and check out the river.

When we were putting things up, we kept hearing a helicopter right above us, real close. When we were heading to the river, we got a closer look and I noticed that it was a rescue effort going on. Never heard whatever happened though. Just hope that person was okay.

We camped for a few days.

To be honest,

we enjoyed...

every minute...

of it!!

We even got ready to head down to Scotts Valley to enjoy some local fireworks there!

(love my daughters fireworks headband!)

What a great way to refresh ourselves before a long wait for our next vacation.

So unusual for us and honestly, I feel soooooo cooped up here at home!!


All the more reason to blog and keep all of you company but then I have less things to yap about? I guess? Oh boy...maybe I'll just have to start Vlogging!!

Hmmm?? Your thoughts on that? I've done it before and it was fun(ny)! An upcoming Vlog post??

Ayways...I hope you all will come back and visit me again! I know I've been MIA for awhile and I do plan on being better! I hope to update you more with what's been going on, as well as what's to come!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Six Word Saturday!

Officially A Brown Belt In Karate!!

My daughter just earned her Brown belt this past Wednesday! That was my birthday also. I guess you could say that was my birthday?! We're so very proud of her!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

I Have A Confession...

I am a mommy!

I have one child, a daughter.

If you have read my blog before, you would already know that.

But here's my confession...

It pains me to see her grow up!

Yesterday was her first day in 5th grade. 5TH GRADE!!! *sigh*

On the way to walking up to her school, she tells me "You're gonna cry, huh?!". I replied with a "No! I'm fine. I've never cried before." She replied with a simple "Oh."

Well, later as I was carpooling with my husband, driving him to work, I broke down. My husband being a man just simply said "It's OK Hun, it's part of life." No kidding.

In the next few minutes, I mustard up the courage and dried up my tears and carried on the rest of the day.

My mistake?

Later as I was tucking my daughter into bed, I told her I broke down earlier. Almost like I was confirming to her that she was right. Instead, I think I just stirred up mixed emotions in her. AHHHHH!!! (I need to learn to keep my mouth shut sometimes).

She then says to me, "I knew it!" so I confirmed with her that I was really fine when she said it and that it was when I was driving "daddy" to work. She then gets quiet a little and says "I wanted to cry too" and then she puts her face in her pillow and breaks down. *sigh* She then goes on to say in the midst of crying, "I don't want to grow up. I love you so much. I don't want you to leave." Oh boy! What did I just start??

I never knew how hard it was gonna be to be a "mommy". One thing I can assure you is this, it is a daily learning lesson. Now, to avoid causing my baby girl anymore stress that "mommy is so sad that I'm growing up", I need to encourage her to be excited! Yikes! Again....not an easy thing to do but I am the mommy and I need to do this for my baby girl.

In the meantime, any wisdom someone may lend me would surely be appreciated!!