Friday, August 29, 2008

Negativity breeds Negativity

Isn't it true? When something bad or negative happens in our lives, we feel bummed and crappy about it? Then we start playing it through our minds as what we could have done differently and think "If only.....". I know I'm kind of feeling like this except, I'm trying to look towards family for support and reassurance. I'm trying to look for the positive in this negative.

My issue is all after yesterdays weigh-in at my weekly Weight Watcher meeting. I arrive feeling good, feeling like I did good for the week. I walked, did the Wii Fit and thought I did good eating-wise. WRONG! I gained a fricken pound! WTF??!! The lady asked what I did differently. I started thinking to myself. "Well, I didn't have my computer for 3 days." My tracking could have been off I thought. Then I went to sit down and tell my mom and our friend. They both ask the "not so comfortable" question, "Did you start?" LOL Like anyone cares to know. Then comes the wave of negativity. I start to look at my membership book with all my weigh-ins. What I found was, this whole month has been a roller coaster ride. Lose, gain, lost what I gained, gained what I lost. Did I reach a plateau??? DAMN! I start to stress and ask my mom and as my wonderful mom says "Honey, you're doing great! You'll start losing it." I sure love her so much! Even though my mom is giving me all this positive re-enforcement, I still can't help but to think "How much longer before I will get over this hump? What do I need to do differently??"

So, on the drive home I was feeling bummed. I was going to set my weight goal with Weight Watchers, 3 lbs less than I originally decided but now that I may have hit a plateau, I just may leave it at the original goal. I know it's only 3 lbs but look at the rate of this month. I can't seem to get past 2 lbs.

My husband doesn't help the matter one I-oda. "I'm disappointed", he says. There's that fricken joking crap that I hate!!! I told him that I need to hear "Babe, you'll get past this and lose it. I know you will." He has been so good and giving me all the love and support but he just decided to joke with me at the wrong time.

I decided to get on my web tools for WW and was trying to see if I could see anything else that maybe I missed and could learn from. I had also noticed that I didn't eat all my points for 3 days which could also be the culprit. The one thing that I do have to look forward to is, the one week that I did my absolute best was the week we went to Disneyland back in May, go figure. Well, we are once again going in 2 weeks so I am so excited! Not only for the fact that it's Disneyland, but for the fact that I should have a successful trip with a positive outcome!!

So through all this, I'm just trying to find positives from this negative which is helping me. Remember, negativity breeds negativity. I am just hoping that this isn't a plateau. I know I'll reach it at some point but I'm trying to dodge it for as long as possible. I won't give up and I plan to stay in the game!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I've got a bone to pick!

You know what's aggravating? What's aggravating is when my husband says "I guess I need to do laundry" or "I'm gonna clean out the fridge since it's garbage night". Sure, you may think either one of two things; 1) That's great that he'll help her with the laundry and/or clean the fridge out" or 2) "What? He doesn't think she's doing HER job?" If you're thinking #2, then you know why I am aggravated right now!

OK, my husband likes to seriously joke around but also just joke in general. I HATE it when he does it. I never grew up in a "That 70's Show" type of household. When my dad joked, I could never tell and thought he was serious which resulted in me getting into trouble OR when he wasn't joking and I took him jokingly, I once again got into trouble. So you can see why I don't like joking around about, well....more or less, stupid shit!

So back to my main point of this blog. So, when Paul makes this sort of comment (just joking as he claims), he makes me feel "less than". Like I'm not doing my job. I'm sorry though, I work a regular job (part-time with a 50 min drive in traffic each, to and from work), I clean this house constantly and pick up after everyone, I cook, I take care of our child and I volunteer at her school. I have my hands full. I may slack off on laundry (cause I can't stand doing it) but he should just say "Hey babe, can you wash my clothes" instead of "I guess I need to do laundry", and when it comes to the kitchen stuff, that's my domain. STAY OUT! My kitchen is clean and I don't like it dirty. Don't make a sandwich and leave mayo or bread crumbs on the counter and then turn around and say "I need to clean the fridge out cause it's garbage night". I'm I right ladies or am I right???!!! I even snapped at him and told him to worry about his own stuff before picking on my stuff. RAR!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm back online!!

So today is Sunday, eight days since we dropped off our computer at Best Buy's Geek Squad. Yesterday we were so impatient that we decided to call them to check the status of our computer. They were so busy that I had to leave a message. That was in the morning. We left for the State Fair for the day but when we got home after midnight, to our dismay, no messages. The Geeks didn't call. *sniff sniff*

So instead, this morning we just went straight down there. No messing around here. We're having withdrawls. I want my computer!! Once there, we get up to the counter and talk to the tech guy. He goes to the back and sure enough, it's ready!! YAH!!!

So now I'm sitting here trying (keyword: trying) to write this blog and I have my daughter in the kitchen calling for me cause she wants to be done with her dinner. Leave me alone!!! I know that sounds terrible but damn.....I have spent the last 7 days without the computer (except for at work) and I just want a few minutes of quiet time to write my blog. Is that too much to ask for??!! *sigh*

So yah for my computer and yah to be back online with all my friends!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The things I love

There is so much negativity going on in this world right now from gas prices to people losing their homes to the daily political updates. That's why I felt I needed to take a moment to just reflect on the things I love most. So here is a list in no particular order....
  • My daughter
  • When she laughs
  • When she runs her toes through my hair (ok, it seems wierd, lol but 10 years from now when she wishes I wasn't around is when I'm gonna miss this!!)
  • Sabrina's many milestones!
  • My husband
  • Holding my husband's hand
  • Holding my daughter's hand
  • Family get togethers
  • Hugs and kisses
  • My doggie
  • When my husband makes me laugh
  • Talking with my husband, pure conversation
  • Being alone with him
  • My whole family (parents, brother, etc)
  • Mexican food and pizza
  • Anything spicy!!!!! Life would be boring without a little spiciness!!
  • Getting hugs from my baby girl
  • My friends
  • My wedding day
  • My wedding ring
  • My honeymoon in the Bahamas and Key West
  • The summer time
  • The sunshine
  • Palm trees
  • The ocean
  • Riding bikes as a family
  • Carmel
  • Receiving flowers
  • The sun peeking through trees
  • Sunsets
  • Christmas when I was a kid
  • The feeling I get when it's almost Fall.
  • Fog and the way it looks early in the morning
  • Animals
  • L.A. days. When I was a kid in the summertime, I would always get that feeling of a day in L.A. I don't know how to explain it but I would always tell my mom it felt like an L.A. day. Not sure how I came up with that since I only went there once as a kid. Maybe from movies.
  • The movie A Christmas Story
  • The movie Friday
  • Laughing so hard I have to pee
  • Laughter
  • Waking up early, so early it's still dark out, just to go somewhere
  • Going to lunch with my daughter, just her and I
  • Running my toes through the sand
  • Making snow angels
  • Hiking
  • Disneyland, the excitement never ends!
  • Having my own house
  • Watching movies
  • Cozing up with a blanket in the winter
  • Hot tea
  • Hot chocolate with marshmellows
  • Going to the movies
  • Eating frozen yogurt, no toppings please!
  • Driving fast
  • Falling asleep on the couch
  • Playing the Wii
  • Looking at the stars
  • Nature.....beautiful!
  • Feeling loved
  • Daydreaming
  • Anticipation for that "whatever"
  • Loud music
  • Music: Smooth Jazz, Rock, Alternative
  • Cartoons, Spongebob in particular!
  • Everything Disney!!
  • The color purple, my fav!
  • Plants, they add life to a room.
  • Mint Ice Tea from Uno Chicago Grill
  • Butterflies and ladybugs
  • Thanksgiving
  • Halloween
  • God, Jesus
  • Tropical Islands
  • Birds chirping in the morning
  • Flowers
  • Eating at restaurants
  • Vegas Baby!
  • Hawaii
  • Vacations
  • Love
  • Happiness
  • Food
  • Being healthy
  • Feeling healthy
  • Color
  • Photography
  • Snoopy and the Peanuts gang
  • Sunday drives
  • Shopping
  • TV
  • Sleeping
  • A good hair day
  • Feeling clean
  • Camping
  • Intimate moments with my husband
  • Haunted houses and getting scared
  • My shows, Ghost Whisperer, Desperate Housewives, Kitchen Nightmares and Tori and Dean
  • Reading Tori Spellings book, Stori Telling
  • Being feisty
  • Mini golf
  • Not being competative
  • Wine tasting
  • Watching Sabrina on Christmas morning, priceless!
  • Being called "Mommy", just warms my heart!
  • Being a mom
  • Every good moment in life
  • Jeans
  • Feeling good in my clothes
  • Walking
  • The wind blowing through my hair
  • Earrings
  • My days off
  • Having the convenience of a cell phone
  • My computer, I miss you!
  • Freedom
  • Hollywood gossip
  • Roller coasters
  • Our country, just not the people running it!
  • The sound of trains at home at night when our windows are open
  • Looking at model homes
  • Interior design
  • Classic movies
  • Getting comments
  • Accomplishing goals, goals I didn't think I could accomplish.
  • Lemonade stands
  • Being alive
  • Living life!

What about you?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Funny things that kids say

I just had to share this little funny! Now, my husband and I have been together this year for 15 years. When it comes to sex, it's not all romantic all the time. Being parents (as most of you can relate to), it's not easy to find time and we just need to fit in "our time" when possible. As Sabrina is getting older, it has gotten a lot easier cause now she sleeps through the night and goes to bed at a decent time because of school. No interruptions!

Well, Paul and I will ask each other out of the blue, in front of Sabrina, if we are going to do something tonight *wink wink*! (LOL! Well, we have to word things in such a way that isn't crude or inappropriate). Since Sabrina is there hearing this, she gets excited and shares in the conversation and says "I would like to do something tonight!" Paul and I laugh almost quietly cause she has no idea what we are talking about. She'll even start throwing out ideas of what we can do. It's just so cute and innocent!

I feel so violated

I hate having viruses and I'm not talking about the ones that infect our body making us feel ill, uncomfortable or lethargic. I'm talking about the ones that make our computers ill. Trojan's!!

We have Norton Antivirus and our subscription expired in January of this year. When the big red "X" appeared cause it expired, I told my husband that we needed to update it with the new years version. He kept telling "not now, later". Sure, we were still protected from any viruses from that year or prior but anything new we weren't. I kept thinking to myself "boy, we sure are lucky but it's only a matter of time" as time went on . Well, Friday our luck ran out.

I got on the computer Friday, just after dinner and started browsing layouts for my blogger. I noticed that the computer started to slow down and then noticed at the bottom right by the time, there was an icon that I hadn't seen before. I clicked it and it popped up saying it was Antivirus XP 2008. I thought it was from my computer cause I have XP and thought it was telling me to purchase their antivirus cause my computer was infected. It also made it look like it was scanning my computer so I stopped the scan. That stuff just freaks me out. I had no doubt that my computer could have been infected but I wasn't purchasing something from a pop up. I feel more comfortable going down to Best Buy and purchasing it from there.

At that point I kept trying to get rid of it but it wouldn't go away and had no option to "close" or "exit". I decided to called my husband in to take a look. He started to accuse, it seemed ask me what I was doing before it came up. I explained and then informed him that it could have come from any of the sites either of us have visited and that we don't know how long it has actually been on our computer before it decided to act.

We started to worry that all 10,000 + pictures that we have accumulated on our computer would be lost from this. At that point we decided that it was finally time to purchase the new Norton Antivirus (you think??!!) and while we were there we picked up an external hard drive to save all our pictures cause I would just be devastated if I lost them. They date back to 2004 which is most of Sabrina's life.

We went to Best Buy, got what we needed and saved all the pictures. Now our computer is at Best Buy in the hands of the Geek heroes!! I just feel so violated that this had to happen. We have never had this problem in the 9 years we have owned a computer. The lame thing is, we feel so dependant on the thing. 15 years ago computers weren't in most households and now look how we have become, so dependant on them. It's as if our lives revolve around computers. I must say, for us it's pure convenience, really. If anything we want to do, we look on the computer for where to go, what time things start or even directions. We even book all our vacations that way. We can price check and it's just easier and faster than contacting a travel agency.

So, here I am at work (once again!) blogging cause of course, I can't do it at home. At least I can come here and update or check all the things I need to. It's just a good thing the boss isn't here all this week!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Once again....I blame the heat!

As we all have noticed, this whole week has been quite the hot one here in the Bay Area. As I had discussed my dismay for the heat in my last blog, I now have another reason for hating the excessive heat.

Because it's been so hot lately, I haven't been going for my walks as I should have. Sure, I went bike riding over the weekend but that was it. I've been drinking a lot of water too trying to keep hydrated. However, I have noticed that I have felt bloated for the past few days and I knew that Thursdays weigh-in was coming up and was feeling doubtful about my weekly progress report.

So, yesterday being Thursday I head down to Weight Watchers for my weekly meeting and the oh so anticipated weigh-in. I go up to Maryann, the lady by the scale and she asked "So, how are you doing today?" "We'll see" I replied. I step on the scale and stood still for a few seconds. She starts to jot down my progress so I ask, "Did I lose?" "No, you gained 1.8 lbs." Dang it!! I knew it. Fricken heat!! She asked me if I was surprised and honestly, no I wasn't but was hopeful. I told her that the heat had been getting to me and so I hadn't been as active as prior weeks. She did let me know that because of the heat, a lot of people have been retaining water and that I should be able to notice next week. That's it! Retaining water. No wonder I have been feeling so bloated and crappy lately. I always forget about the whole retaining water thing but at least it's an excuse I'll accept :O)

Now, on Wednesday my husband Paul had gone to Antioch's new grand opening of Costco to see if there was any good specials and noticed they had the Wii Fit there. He grabbed it for us! Woo Hoo! So then once I got home from my weigh-in, Paul and Sabrina were playing it. Now I have something to use in the cool a/c during these hot summer days. I'll just continue to take my walks first thing in the morning on my days off. At least I have yesterdays walk at the park to count for this week!

So this weeks goal: Walk 3 more days and play the Wii Fit!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Holy Crap!!

I just had to title this blog "Holy Crap" cause that's what keeps going through my head right now. It's so fricken hot that I'm just walking around like a zombie. The heat is just getting to me.......BAD!!!

With it not being so bad in the mornings, I usually take my walks after I drop Sabrina off at school but now on Thursdays, I volunteer in her class for 1-1/2 hrs. So that meant getting home around 10:20m. Since today was minimum day for Sabrina, I had to pick her up 2 hours earlier than usual which meant I had to be back at the school another 1-1/2 later. So now it was looking like I didn't have enough time to go for my walk until after I picked Sabrina up. OK, I guess I did have enough time but I chose to chitty chat on the phone with a couple friends instead :O)

After I picked Sabrina up, we headed home so that I could change my shoes and then put Sabrina's bike in the trunk of my car because I decided to go to the park to walk while Sabrina rode her bike. It's just safer than my usual route.

We got to the park and I notice the sprinklers were on. "Oh great!" I thought. After I started walking though, I was a bit grateful cause I was getting lightly sprayed which felt good cause at that point, I could feel the sweat dripping down my back. YUK! I made it though...33 min. in the sun walking!

So then we head to the store, bank and video store. Once I got home, it felt good to be inside but as I started to settle in, it started to feel fricken hot again. What the hell??? I went to check the thermostat and sure enough, my wonderful husband had it set to 81...UGH! "Dude (yes, I said dude), keep the fricken temperature down" as if he is here and can hear me...LOL! (Mind you, he's at work. See what I mean, I'm losing it!). I, of course turned it down...sheesh!

So here I am now, trying not to move too much. I just can't stand the heat like I used to. Before we had Sabrina, we were going to move to Vegas, seriously. We even went looking at houses out there. Back then I was able to handle the 100 degree weather. Can you imagine that though? Now, having Sabrina and my hormones change. I think 80-85 degrees is the absolute hottest that I can handle now. It's a good thing we didn't make that move. I can thank my dad for that one, after missing my wedding and all. I just didn't want him to miss out on Sabrina's life.

Ok, I'm going to go lay down cause I'm feeling tired. Maybe from the heat or just the lack of sleep I've been getting lately. Anyways, hope everyone is staying cool!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A new rider in town

Sunday's are Paul's only day off with us and we always try to spend it doing something fun. I usually will go to the first service at church and then the rest of the day is game.

This Sunday when I got home from church, the three of us were hungry (but what else is new) so we thought we would break from the norm and hit Bagel Street Cafe. On the way back, while trying to think of what to do, Sabrina says "I want you guys to teach me how to ride my bike again". About a few months back we attempted it and Sabrina did really good. Then as the summer approached and the temperatures went up, we avoided going out in the front to continue teaching her to ride her bike. (Note: where my house sits, the sun beats down on it from about noon until close to 7pm and since we live inland, as my dad would say..."It gets hotter than a popcorn fart".) So, needless to say, we don't like going out there during this time.

So anyways, we agreed with Sabrina and thought we would attempt this new milestone in her life. When we got home, Paul pulled out Sabrina's bike while Sabrina put her helmet on. We took her out to the front and away she went......BY HERSELF!!!! Way to go baby girl!! She must have gotten enough from the last time that she didn't need much teaching.

Since Sabrina was doing so well (with a little fall here and there, nothing major), we thought we would pull our bikes out. It had been 8 years since we rode ours so Paul had to pump up the tires and grease the chains. I needed a new seat cause remembering from last time, it hurt my tushie.
While at the store, we also picked up a bike rack for the car. We got home, attached it to my car, put the bikes on and away we went. We headed to my in-laws house cause they have trails close to their home that we were able to ride on. We were excited!!

Once in Antioch (for anyone who knows Antioch should know where I'm talking about), we started off Silverado Dr. and thought, since Sabrina was new at this, that we would only get to the end of the Twin Creek Apt. (on the trail, of course). Well, Sabrina was doing fabulous that we continued on.....all the way to Raley's and back!!!! 4 miles my little noodle went on her first trip! I am so proud of her. We then treated her to some Dibs once we got to Raley's.

We had such a blast!! She wants to go bike riding every day now. Here's a video I took after our 4 mile trip.

Monday, August 11, 2008

People who shouldn't have kids

What is it with some parents these days? There are just some people in this world that should NOT have children. (Now, I'm not going to name any names here).

So "BP #1" (bad parent #1) and "BP #2" (bad parent #2) are a couple. They have a 17 month old child. I personally feel these two people are old enough to have enough common sense as to how to take care of a baby. I mean, they were older than Paul and I were when we had Sabrina. Well, apparently I'm wrong!

Yesterday I overheard "BP #2" ask "BP #1" what was in the bottle (yes, bottle at 17 mths old). Now, looking at the bottle myself, I can tell it sure wasn't healthy, that's for sure. Here is how BP #1 responded, "a little soda and water". WTF???? Soda and water??? Who the hell gives their toddler soda and water AND a day after the child was in the hospital for having a high fever, seizures and dehydration? Morons...that's who!! I looked at Paul with concern as soon as that was said.

Once BP #1 & 2 left for their nightly outings at the local bar of choice, I made the remark as to what I had overheard and took the bottle, washed it out and put milk in it. Mind you, when I was washing it out, you could tell that the nipple area hadn't been cleaned since who the hell knows when. Poor child had been crying and fusing for not only BP #1's attention but also for some normal fluids in a clean bottle.

Which now brings me to the fact that a 17 month old is using a bottle. Come on now! Heard of sippy cups?! As soon as Sabrina made the milestone of turned 1 yrs old, she also made the next milestone of going from bottle to sippy cup. This child is probably going to be 2 yrs old still drinking from a bottle if BP #1 & 2 don't take more of a concern in this child's life and to make sure this child excels in the areas which are passing by quickly.

When I saw BP #1 with the child, it was almost like the child was bugging or annoying BP #1. And I can't say much more for BP #2 cause BP #2 has said some pretty off the wall stuff that I know no loving parent would say. Also, for the fact that when BP #1 wanted to take the child to the hospital for having a 104 temp and seizures from the high temp, and BP #2 said "I'm not taking you guys". UGH!!! Had it been me, I would have either called 911 for an ambulance or walked my child there if I didn't have transportation. It's a good thing the grandparent took the child.

I am just so disgusted and saddened for this child. An innocent little person who didn't ask for this and was brought into such poor conditions. I can say one thing, it's only a matter of time before someone (again, not naming names) takes matters into their own hands and make sure this child is protected 100%. At least there are grandparents involved to give some support and safety.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Don't cook and blog

OK, so I had to share this cause I'm a ding-dong. Paul and Sabrina knows all too well that when I'm making dinner and garlic bread is involved, so is smoke. That's right, I'm notorious for burning the garlic bread....EVERY TIME! I wouldn't say I'm a bad cook, it's just that I can't seem to stay put in the kitchen while the bread is in the oven. I always walk away and forget. Then, when I start to smell it burning and the smoke starts coming out of the oven is when I finally remember.

So, this morning when I was blogging I decided I was hungry and wanted to make me an english muffin. Instead of toasting it, I decided to put it in the toaster oven to get a nice crisp. For some reason, the toaster doesn't toast it good (Not sure if it's the fact that it's the double fiber ones and they need to toast longer or what). As it was cooking, I decided to continue blogging. Well, once again I forgot and this was the result......

Meanwhile, I had Sabrina dramatically saying "Oh man, it stinks really bad". You would think she would be used to it after all the times I burn the garlic bread. Apparently not!

So, the moral of this story is, don't cook and blog!!

The wrath

I'm so glad today is Saturday, for a couple reasons:

One, the last few days were spent with anxiety cause my husband and I were NOT getting along, dealing with the same shit for the last 15 years. I spent Thursday late morning/early afternoon over my friend, Angie's house giving her the details of Wed night and crying about it. I'm so glad she was there to lend support!! Then later I shared the same info to one of the VERY few people that knows the issue with my husband and I and has been there for me through this for the last 15 years, one of my BFF's, Linda. Thank you my friend for ALWAYS being there for me when I need you most!!

Two, because now we have once again reconciled until next time. We are back to the kind words and loving ways. I love my husband and I have fought so damn hard and too long for this relationship to let it dissolve to what most people find these days as "the easy way out". I made a vow, damn it and I plan to keep it.

He even told me earlier Wed. (before the wrath) that I was the "best wife ever". So, then WTF???!!! Why do we have to go through this? I don't want to spend the next 15 + years hearing the same shit and going through the same anxiety and watching other couples and being envious. I'm not an envious person but when all this crap comes down, yeah, I'll admit it...I can be!!

So, here we are.....Saturday! A fresh new day, new week to come and I am optimistic!! I'm even going to wash my husband's car cause I'm "the best wife ever!!!" LOL!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

This weeks "random-ness"

So here it is, another day at work posting a blog. I just feel that I'm spending too much time on the computer when I'm home with the family. Yeah, so do it while I'm at work when I'm supposed to be working??!! LOL Hey, I have a good rapport with my boss and I'm apparently doing my job, otherwise I wouldn't have just gotten another raise and there!!

So let's see, tonight we're supposed to be going to the Motley Crue concert. I have been wanting to see them for years so here's my chance....I can't wait! Only thing is I had to ask to leave work at 3pm today (I normally get off at 4:30p). The boss isn't here yet but I emailed him so I'm just playing the waiting game now.

Then this past Sunday I was washing towels. I tend to shove as much stuff in the washer as possible. What's the point in leaving two towels in the hamper if I can just wash them all at the same time, right?! Well, it started making noises so Paul and I went out to the garage to see what was wrong. Just then it stopped working on us. Paul called a repair service to come look at it. The repair man came out yesterday and said that something in the motor was broken (he actually said what it was but I'm a girl so I forgot what it was, just boring stuff) and said that we can't just replace that piece, we have to replace the whole motor. Might as well purchase a new washer cause how much it cost. So anyways, he got it working temporarily. So temporarily that I didn't even get one wash done. We just wasted $55 for nothing. UGH! So we headed over to Lowes and got a new one. At least I have clean clothes again. We just hate unexpected costs that end up being expensive ones. Whatever, whatcha gonna do......Yah for clean clothes though!!!! LOL

So, this is week two for Sabrina in 1st grade. She was so nervous the first day. She was nervous cause her new teacher thinking she was mean from seeing her last year around school reprimanding other children when they were misbehaving. I just told her to behave herself. Well, apparently the teacher just thinks highly of Sabrina. She said that Sabrina is such a sweet child. Makes me feel good cause then I feel like I'm doing something right! The other reason she was nervous was this girl from last year is in the same class with her. Well, they seem to be getting along but not hanging out this year....thank goodness!! I just don't think Sabrina needs to be around this little girl as she is quit manipulating. Only reason I know this is I volunteered in Sabrina's class last year and saw what went on. I'm volunteering again this year so we'll see how it goes.

Ok, the boss has arrived so it's time for me to go. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!! Happy Hump Day!! :O)

BTW......I get off at 3pm today so Motley Crue, here I come!!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Another year older

This past Thursday was the day....My Day!! Everyone in my family knows that to me, birthdays should be your special day, to do what it is that YOU want to do. Sure, as we get older some of us tend to just play it off as "just another day".....Not Me, and everyone knows that!! In fact, since my birthday is in the summer, I have never had to go to school on my "special day". I've also been fortunate enough to not have had to work either. I've either had the day off or I would just asked for it off.

Since my birthday this year was on a Thursday (my regular day off), there was no need to request it off. On the Monday before, it was Sabrina's first day of school so I knew she would be in school that day as Paul would be at work. So, I made plans with my brother, Bobby to hang out with him in the morning until I had to pick Sabrina up at 2pm. Then a week before my birthday, my mom had mentioned she had the day off and that she would take me out to lunch.

So, when I got up in the morning, I took Sabrina to school and made sure I was ready early enough to head over to my parents house. I tried calling Bobby to see if I should go there first but he was still asleep so I just headed straight to my parent's house. I visited with my mom and dad which was really nice! I love going over my parents house cause it just brings me back to when I was a little kid. I particularly love going over there during the holidays!!

Here are some photos I had taken. I just don't feel I get enough pictures with my parents, especially my dad so these are special to me!

A little while later, my brother, Bobby calls and can't find his car keys so I go and pick him up. Fortunately, he only lives a mile away. We came back to my parent's house and visit a short time and then head to Weight Watchers for my mom & I to get weighed-in. From there, my mom, brother and I head over to Applebee's to have lunch. It was a really nice visit!! I sure love my family!! Here are a few pics from lunch....

After lunch, I headed home to wait for Paul as he was getting off work early for my birthday....Awww! We had decided that we would pick Sabrina up together.

For dinner, I wanted to go to Benihana's. Paul and Sabrina had never been there. Neither had I but I have been to a place called Hana Japan in Dublin, which is the same concept, so I knew what to expect although Paul had an idea. We had a great time though! We ended up sitting with one other couple who we didn't converse with cause the girl seemed reserved.
Our Chef preparing Sabrina's corn.

The onion volcano.

The (upside down) dragon made from egg.

Paul and Sabrina

Sabrina & I

After dinner, the waitress asked if it was any one's birthday and I said "mine" as Paul said "Hers" (LOL!). So, they brought out Buddha with a candle and sang for me..LOL! It was so fun and a wonderful birthday!! I had to top it off with my birthday dessert...Banana Tempura. I'm sure it was bad for my Weight Watcher's but it was oh so yummy!
Buddha!!! :O)

My yummy dessert that I shared.

When we left Benihana's.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Weight loss journey

It's Friday and I couldn't be happier!! Paul and I were talking about possibly heading to San Francisco or somewhere around the Bay Area that may have some nice trails to go hiking on to get some exercise this weekend. It's just that you get some exercise with the added bonus of the beautiful views! What more could you ask for?! It's just something I'm always looking forward to more and more.

As some of you know, I've been going to Weight Watchers since the end of March this year to get rid of these extra "lbs" I've been hanging on to (or shall I say, they've been hanging on to ME!!). Thursdays are my weigh-in days and since yesterday was my weigh-in day (& birthday!), I got a bonus birthday gift when they told me I "broke" (which means, each time you lose 10 lbs and end up in a new category such as 170 lbs, 160 lbs, 150 lbs, etc.), I couldn't be happier!!! I have now lost a total of 19 lbs!!!! I still want to get down an additional 14 lbs (or more, depending on how it looks on me) which is my "healthy weight" and the rate I'm going, I should be there by the holidays!!! My husband, Paul, my daughter, Sabrina and my mom (who also is going with me) have all been such wonderful support for me. I love them dearly for giving me the motivation and continued love through this weight loss journey! I love you guys!!!

I also want to thank my friend, (you know who you are!) for telling me that this is how you did it which gave me the hope and motivation to achieve MY goal. Before I started going to Weight Watchers, I got to a point that I just kept telling myself that this is just how I was gonna be and that I needed to just get used to my weight and just deal with how miserable I felt in my own skin. I actually see the light at the end of tunnel now and how good it feels!!!!

There's this quote that I just love and thought it was perfect for how things are going for me. I just wanted to share it....

"To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe."

If you have a goal or dream - Act, Dream, Plan & Believe!!