Saturday, August 2, 2008

Another year older

This past Thursday was the day....My Day!! Everyone in my family knows that to me, birthdays should be your special day, to do what it is that YOU want to do. Sure, as we get older some of us tend to just play it off as "just another day".....Not Me, and everyone knows that!! In fact, since my birthday is in the summer, I have never had to go to school on my "special day". I've also been fortunate enough to not have had to work either. I've either had the day off or I would just asked for it off.

Since my birthday this year was on a Thursday (my regular day off), there was no need to request it off. On the Monday before, it was Sabrina's first day of school so I knew she would be in school that day as Paul would be at work. So, I made plans with my brother, Bobby to hang out with him in the morning until I had to pick Sabrina up at 2pm. Then a week before my birthday, my mom had mentioned she had the day off and that she would take me out to lunch.

So, when I got up in the morning, I took Sabrina to school and made sure I was ready early enough to head over to my parents house. I tried calling Bobby to see if I should go there first but he was still asleep so I just headed straight to my parent's house. I visited with my mom and dad which was really nice! I love going over my parents house cause it just brings me back to when I was a little kid. I particularly love going over there during the holidays!!

Here are some photos I had taken. I just don't feel I get enough pictures with my parents, especially my dad so these are special to me!

A little while later, my brother, Bobby calls and can't find his car keys so I go and pick him up. Fortunately, he only lives a mile away. We came back to my parent's house and visit a short time and then head to Weight Watchers for my mom & I to get weighed-in. From there, my mom, brother and I head over to Applebee's to have lunch. It was a really nice visit!! I sure love my family!! Here are a few pics from lunch....

After lunch, I headed home to wait for Paul as he was getting off work early for my birthday....Awww! We had decided that we would pick Sabrina up together.

For dinner, I wanted to go to Benihana's. Paul and Sabrina had never been there. Neither had I but I have been to a place called Hana Japan in Dublin, which is the same concept, so I knew what to expect although Paul had an idea. We had a great time though! We ended up sitting with one other couple who we didn't converse with cause the girl seemed reserved.
Our Chef preparing Sabrina's corn.

The onion volcano.

The (upside down) dragon made from egg.

Paul and Sabrina

Sabrina & I

After dinner, the waitress asked if it was any one's birthday and I said "mine" as Paul said "Hers" (LOL!). So, they brought out Buddha with a candle and sang for me..LOL! It was so fun and a wonderful birthday!! I had to top it off with my birthday dessert...Banana Tempura. I'm sure it was bad for my Weight Watcher's but it was oh so yummy!
Buddha!!! :O)

My yummy dessert that I shared.

When we left Benihana's.


The Adventures of France & Deirdre said...

Hey Kim!!! That was cool......glad you had a great day! I was thinking of you that day as well. Hope you got my email! Happy ya!

Denise said...

YAY for a nice day! YAY for your buddah! And yay for having the strength to SHARE dessert! I don't think I would have! :)

Happy birthday again! :)

Blogalicious Designs said...

your daughter is adorable....congrats on your weight loss....ill be back for sure!!

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