Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A new rider in town

Sunday's are Paul's only day off with us and we always try to spend it doing something fun. I usually will go to the first service at church and then the rest of the day is game.

This Sunday when I got home from church, the three of us were hungry (but what else is new) so we thought we would break from the norm and hit Bagel Street Cafe. On the way back, while trying to think of what to do, Sabrina says "I want you guys to teach me how to ride my bike again". About a few months back we attempted it and Sabrina did really good. Then as the summer approached and the temperatures went up, we avoided going out in the front to continue teaching her to ride her bike. (Note: where my house sits, the sun beats down on it from about noon until close to 7pm and since we live inland, as my dad would say..."It gets hotter than a popcorn fart".) So, needless to say, we don't like going out there during this time.

So anyways, we agreed with Sabrina and thought we would attempt this new milestone in her life. When we got home, Paul pulled out Sabrina's bike while Sabrina put her helmet on. We took her out to the front and away she went......BY HERSELF!!!! Way to go baby girl!! She must have gotten enough from the last time that she didn't need much teaching.

Since Sabrina was doing so well (with a little fall here and there, nothing major), we thought we would pull our bikes out. It had been 8 years since we rode ours so Paul had to pump up the tires and grease the chains. I needed a new seat cause remembering from last time, it hurt my tushie.
While at the store, we also picked up a bike rack for the car. We got home, attached it to my car, put the bikes on and away we went. We headed to my in-laws house cause they have trails close to their home that we were able to ride on. We were excited!!

Once in Antioch (for anyone who knows Antioch should know where I'm talking about), we started off Silverado Dr. and thought, since Sabrina was new at this, that we would only get to the end of the Twin Creek Apt. (on the trail, of course). Well, Sabrina was doing fabulous that we continued on.....all the way to Raley's and back!!!! 4 miles my little noodle went on her first trip! I am so proud of her. We then treated her to some Dibs once we got to Raley's.

We had such a blast!! She wants to go bike riding every day now. Here's a video I took after our 4 mile trip.

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Denise said...

OMG! She is a PRO!! :) YAY for this wonderful milestone! Maybe one day Sabrina can teach Emily! :)

Congrats mama on this exciting new phase! :)