Monday, August 11, 2008

People who shouldn't have kids

What is it with some parents these days? There are just some people in this world that should NOT have children. (Now, I'm not going to name any names here).

So "BP #1" (bad parent #1) and "BP #2" (bad parent #2) are a couple. They have a 17 month old child. I personally feel these two people are old enough to have enough common sense as to how to take care of a baby. I mean, they were older than Paul and I were when we had Sabrina. Well, apparently I'm wrong!

Yesterday I overheard "BP #2" ask "BP #1" what was in the bottle (yes, bottle at 17 mths old). Now, looking at the bottle myself, I can tell it sure wasn't healthy, that's for sure. Here is how BP #1 responded, "a little soda and water". WTF???? Soda and water??? Who the hell gives their toddler soda and water AND a day after the child was in the hospital for having a high fever, seizures and dehydration? Morons...that's who!! I looked at Paul with concern as soon as that was said.

Once BP #1 & 2 left for their nightly outings at the local bar of choice, I made the remark as to what I had overheard and took the bottle, washed it out and put milk in it. Mind you, when I was washing it out, you could tell that the nipple area hadn't been cleaned since who the hell knows when. Poor child had been crying and fusing for not only BP #1's attention but also for some normal fluids in a clean bottle.

Which now brings me to the fact that a 17 month old is using a bottle. Come on now! Heard of sippy cups?! As soon as Sabrina made the milestone of turned 1 yrs old, she also made the next milestone of going from bottle to sippy cup. This child is probably going to be 2 yrs old still drinking from a bottle if BP #1 & 2 don't take more of a concern in this child's life and to make sure this child excels in the areas which are passing by quickly.

When I saw BP #1 with the child, it was almost like the child was bugging or annoying BP #1. And I can't say much more for BP #2 cause BP #2 has said some pretty off the wall stuff that I know no loving parent would say. Also, for the fact that when BP #1 wanted to take the child to the hospital for having a 104 temp and seizures from the high temp, and BP #2 said "I'm not taking you guys". UGH!!! Had it been me, I would have either called 911 for an ambulance or walked my child there if I didn't have transportation. It's a good thing the grandparent took the child.

I am just so disgusted and saddened for this child. An innocent little person who didn't ask for this and was brought into such poor conditions. I can say one thing, it's only a matter of time before someone (again, not naming names) takes matters into their own hands and make sure this child is protected 100%. At least there are grandparents involved to give some support and safety.

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Denise said...

Oh my! That poor poor child!!!! That just broke my heart!

AND SODA???????????????