Thursday, August 14, 2008

Holy Crap!!

I just had to title this blog "Holy Crap" cause that's what keeps going through my head right now. It's so fricken hot that I'm just walking around like a zombie. The heat is just getting to me.......BAD!!!

With it not being so bad in the mornings, I usually take my walks after I drop Sabrina off at school but now on Thursdays, I volunteer in her class for 1-1/2 hrs. So that meant getting home around 10:20m. Since today was minimum day for Sabrina, I had to pick her up 2 hours earlier than usual which meant I had to be back at the school another 1-1/2 later. So now it was looking like I didn't have enough time to go for my walk until after I picked Sabrina up. OK, I guess I did have enough time but I chose to chitty chat on the phone with a couple friends instead :O)

After I picked Sabrina up, we headed home so that I could change my shoes and then put Sabrina's bike in the trunk of my car because I decided to go to the park to walk while Sabrina rode her bike. It's just safer than my usual route.

We got to the park and I notice the sprinklers were on. "Oh great!" I thought. After I started walking though, I was a bit grateful cause I was getting lightly sprayed which felt good cause at that point, I could feel the sweat dripping down my back. YUK! I made it though...33 min. in the sun walking!

So then we head to the store, bank and video store. Once I got home, it felt good to be inside but as I started to settle in, it started to feel fricken hot again. What the hell??? I went to check the thermostat and sure enough, my wonderful husband had it set to 81...UGH! "Dude (yes, I said dude), keep the fricken temperature down" as if he is here and can hear me...LOL! (Mind you, he's at work. See what I mean, I'm losing it!). I, of course turned it down...sheesh!

So here I am now, trying not to move too much. I just can't stand the heat like I used to. Before we had Sabrina, we were going to move to Vegas, seriously. We even went looking at houses out there. Back then I was able to handle the 100 degree weather. Can you imagine that though? Now, having Sabrina and my hormones change. I think 80-85 degrees is the absolute hottest that I can handle now. It's a good thing we didn't make that move. I can thank my dad for that one, after missing my wedding and all. I just didn't want him to miss out on Sabrina's life.

Ok, I'm going to go lay down cause I'm feeling tired. Maybe from the heat or just the lack of sleep I've been getting lately. Anyways, hope everyone is staying cool!!


Denise said...

I HATE the heat too! You are lucky you have a/c! We don't! We do usually have a nice breeze but some's pure torture!

Trish said...

OMG you sound like my sister. She hates the heat and I hate being around her when she's hot. Talk about bitchy.... yep that's her when she's hot...

Minxy Mimi said...

I know what you mean! I am in the central valley (Sacramento area) and it was 105 here!!! I can barely handle 90! Its supposed to cool down next week quite a bit! YAY for us! LOL