Thursday, July 30, 2009

One Year Ago!

I can hardly believe it!! Last week (July 24th to be exact), one year ago, I started blogging.

224 bloggy posts later and I'm still here......and so are you!!! (Thanks! you guys are the best!)

Before I started blogging, I was following a friend of mine. It was fun to read what was going on in her life. It was also fun thinking about putting together my very own blog. But then I got to thinking....

"What could I possibly write about?",

"Would it be interesting enough?",

"Would I be wasting my time sitting, looking at the monitor pondering what would be the next thing I would say?"

Then I was thinking....

"This would be a great way to have friends and family keep up with my life."

Well there you have it, I had decided to go ahead and do this so all my family and friends who are always wondering how things are going, can just pop in and read instead of me having to send out separate personalized emails. Generic? Maybe. Genius? I think so!

In the end, it wasn't my family and friends reading it so much, it was all of YOU!

I never thought so many people would be interested in hearing what I had to say. Sure, maybe I don't have 50, 100 or even 2,000 follower's, but the ones I do have I am truly grateful for. I've even noticed a couple newbies here today!! Thanks ladies! ;o)

So anyways, I hope you all enjoy what I bring to the blogosphere in the coming year! Thanks again for sticking by me!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Summer Must-Have's!

In participation of Mama Kat's weekly assignment, below is a list of my 7 favorite things to have during the summer.

(In no particular order)

1. Air Conditioning

That's right people! After dealing with a 90 degree house this past weekend, THIS is definitely a must have and a favorite item in the summer time!!

2. My Canon Digital SLR camera

Of course, right?! Gotta have this in order to snap all those memorable moments of vacations and such!!

3. My VS bathing suit

(That almost got forgotten about in Vegas)
This is the first bathing suit since losing the weight that I actually feel decent looking in. I love it!!

4. Hot Pink Nail Polish

Nothing goes better than summer, a tan and HOT PINK nail polish!

Although, I do use this cheap N.Y.C. brand, it does the trick! It's quick and easy to put on, which is why I love it so much.

5. Movies

Gotta have my Netflix account! I love to watch my movies. However, during the summer days when my daughter was on summer break, it was mostly "kid friendly" movies we were watching or none at all. Now that she is back in school, summer is still here, we're back on track!
Netflix Pictures, Images and Photos

6. Shorts

I would seriously not survive the summer if I didn't have my shorts! Being a California girl, this is truly a must have! It just gets way to hot where I live.

7. My Car

Without my car, I wouldn't be able to do anything fun in the summer!


What are you your summer "must-have's"?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday's Musings

Let me first start off by saying, I am so fricken HAPPY to be at work right now! That's right....let me get that out there right now cause this may be the only time you will hear me say that.

Okay, now you may be asking yourself why on earth would I be so HAPPY to be here at work, the place I tend to complain about, right? Two little letters......A/C!! Oh....and because the boss isn't here today and Wednesday (doing the happy dance!!). I just spent my weekend in hell at home, no pun intended. It's been really HOT out here, 100's and what happens? My A/C decides to go out. My husband tried looking up on the internet what could be the problem and even opened it up to see if he could see if he could fix it or even if there was a loose connection cause it would start to work if we hit it really hard but it only worked for a short time before stopping again. Since he had it opened up, he decided to clean off the dirt hoping that maybe it would help from possible over heating. In the end though, it wouldn't work for us.

So today, my hubby has made an appointment to have the A/C guys come out and hopfully, it won't cost us an arm and a leg. Otherwise, we'll be without an A/C for the rest of the summer which will NOT be a good thing.


Also going on, I know I had posted about this a few months ago but I feel I need to get the word out again. I know MckMama already has a lot of followers but for those of you who don't know the story about her little boy, Stellan, he needs prayers right now cause he is a very sick little boy. Please keep them in your prayers as they can use all the prayers they can get right now.

Prayers for Stellan

Since having my baby girl home for the summer, I think I can safely say we had fun doing lots of fun things. I know I had mentioned here that I was feeling a bit of a bad mommy but those days are over. I conquered just about everything I wanted to except cherry picking but there is still time to do that on the weekends.
Well anyways, tomorrow my little cutie pie will be starting 2nd grade. I can't believe where the time has gone. I swore she was just in diapers. I swore I was able to still carry her in my arms. Honestly, I can cry right now cause I am so sad that she is getting older. I'm so sad cause before I know it, she's gonna be in high school. The thought of that just puts a pit in my stomach.
Back on track....sorry....but anyways, with this new school year, she has been put into a combo class again! I am so excited about that cause it's a 2nd/3rd grade class. They did that with her Kindergarten class a couple months into the year and put her into a Kinder./1st grade class cause they thought she could handle it. So she wasn't getting bored. Honestly, it really helped her too! She has been doing so good in school and I am so excited for her this year. She is a little bummed though cause there is only one other girl from her class last year that is in her class this year. The rest of the kids are in a regular 2nd grade class. There's always recess!
Over the weekend we celebrated my husband's birthday. Honestly though, we didn't really do anything except went out to a late lunch which was so late that we didn't even feel like eating dinner. Since the night before, Friday when we went to Red Robin so he could have his free birthday hamburger, my food pretty much messed my stomach up the whole weekend. The service there is terrible and our food the last two times has been luck warm. It's brand new location too. I have my free birthday hamburger this week but I think I just may pass on it. I don't want to deal with that along with my stomach not feeling good for a couple days. No thanks....I pass! Also, we didn't do much cause he didn't want to spend any money. We did go to Hollywood Video though to get a free birthday movie. You know what we picked out for my husband's birthday? Well, since my daughter wanted to be able to join in the movie fun, we got.....

Beethovens Big break Pictures, Images and Photos

Yep, my poor husband rented Beethoven's Big Break for his birthday. LOL! Have we watched it yet? Nope! Should have just rented what he wanted. Okay, I think maybe my husband got jipped this year! I tried to go do something fun but he refused.

Oh, and since I just mentioned and not to toot my own horn but this Friday is my birthday!! Woo Hoo! Yes, I'm big about my birthday! It's my day. My one day to do whatever I like and since it is in the summer, I never had to go to school on that day nor have I had to work on this special!

We're probably not gonna do anything big except dinner like my hubby's. I am however, hoping for the Mommywood book by Tori Spelling.

Or maybe even this super cute tank top from No Fear

We'll see. Maybe I'll get jipped this year too. I doubt it though cause when we went and saw this tank top yesterday, my hubby whispered in my daughter's ear something after he said "we'll see. Your birthday is a few days away." Hmmm? I think maybe it's in the bag!

But hey, I'm gonna be spending the first 6 hrs of mine by myself cause my husband has to work and my noodle is in school.


Well, since I just wrote a book, I better get back to work now. ;O)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Six Word Saturday

My bloggy friend over at The Wife of Riley always participates in a weekend post. I enjoy reading these posts of hers also! Quite cleaver, if not funny at times. Well, I have been toying with the idea of participating and this week I thought, what better time to start this!

Happy Birthday to my handsome hubby!!


If you want to join in the fun, head over to Cate's.

Monday, July 20, 2009

We're Famous!

Well, sort of. Well, not us but our little town here in the S.F. Bay Area. You see, a few weeks ago my husband, the noodle and I were driving into our neighborhood. Well, right at the corner into our neighborhood is a Starbucks and Round Table Pizza. These two businesses are brand new to that location. In fact, we make regular stops to both places, especially considering they are walking distance to our house.

Anyways, a few weeks ago we saw a few big RV looking vehicles and trucks and such there in the parking lot. We were quite curious I'm sure you can imagine. Well, the day after the trucks left, my husband read in the local newspaper that Round Table Pizza was making a new commercial and since our Round Table Pizza is brand new, they used our location. How cool is that?! The newspaper said it would be released in a couple weeks.

At home this weekend, my husband and I were watching TV when we noticed the new commercial and sure enough, it's our Round Table!! :D I'm so excited! I've walked through those doors, I've touched that counter, I've eaten there!! *giddy laugh* Hey, don't make fun of me! Let me just enjoy my moment here! ;O)

Anyways, you can see the new commercials, "Toppingless" & "Quarters" here.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just say F***, would ya!


Most people when they go to work have to watch there language, right? Okay, unless maybe you work out on a construction site or something similiar. For those of us that work in an office environment would think to watch our mouths. It's unprofessional. We have clients to uphold an image to. I have always thought this way as I'm sure most of us have.

However, at my current job, I don't! That's right people, my boss is one that just blurts out what he is feeling. It is quite humerous at times too.

Mind you, I've had quite the potty mouth for many years cause my dad would always curse in front of my brother and I while growing up. He worked on construction sites so every other word out of his mouth was "F" this, "F" that. I actually didn't curse in front of my parents though for the longest time. I would spell the bad word out. lol

Since having a child though, I've been working on that potty mouth of mine. I don't want to teach such bad habits to my child. Also, it's just not feminine coming from a girl's mouth anyways. Sure, there are worse things as my boss says but come on, if I can teach my child to have good manners and respect, I prefer to do so! I'm still a work in progress though.

So anyways, I was here at work this morning and I, without noticing because it's become the norm for me, I said "I'm getting fricken irritated" and my boss says "Just say FUCK, would ya. Go ahead and say G**damn motherfucker." (Alrighty then, Mr. Boss!) However, I at that moment instantly jumped in and said that I REFUSE to say the Lord's name in vain! I feel it's disrepectful and since I'm religious, I cringe everytime someone says that. Aside from that though, geez....I can curse all I want, working in an office and not get into trouble! In fact, he told me that I need to curse cause it relieves pissed off tension and it's better to let it out then hold it in. Well, I have to agree with that but I'm trying it in my own way.

Let's see how this works.....

Instead of: Fucken Asshole......I can say: Fricken A-hole
Instead of: Bitch.....I can say: B-I-T-C-H (spelling it out)
Instead of: Oh Shit.....I can say: Oh Shoot
Instead of: Damn it.....I can say: Doggone it
Instead of: Fuck You!.....I can say: Frick You!
Instead of: You Fucken Shit head.....I can say: You Fricken shooter pooter head!!

What do you think? Does it have the same ring?? ;O)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer recap, etc

I know I've been MIA lately. Sorry everyone! As I mentioned before, my husband's hockey isn't on and well, that leaves him more time to notice me on the computer. We can't have that. Plus, my daughter is home on summer break and I don't want to seem like I'm taking all her time away. Unfortunately, I feel I have been taking time away from her by playing on such games as.....

Yoville Pictures, Images and Photos

YoVille. This game allows you to decorate your apartment, check into work, buy furniture, clothes, etc and then purchase houses. It's fun!

And then Farm Town allows you to build a farm and plant crops and then harvest them or hire other farmers to harvest for you.
farm town Pictures, Images and Photos

There are a couple others that are similar. I do hope this shall pass.....SOON! It's an addiction that I wish I never started! (lol) In fact, I vow to do more with my child before her summer vacation is over (14 more days). Oh boy, the more I type this, the more I feel like crap! Let's see, what have we done already this summer? Hopefully this will make me feel better.

  • Vegas
  • Camping
  • Birthday party
  • Six Flags with friend
  • Play date with friend at their house
  • Play date with another friend at Chuck E. Cheese
  • Bowling
  • Went for a bike ride.

Here's my "to do" list:

  • Play date in the works for Tuesday (tomorrow).
  • Go pick cherries at a local farm. (I figure since I like "harvesting" on my game above, why not do the real thing, right?!)
  • Do another bike ride
  • Maybe see a movie
  • Maybe go to Scandia or Boomers (mini-golf places)
  • Hit Six Flags again.

Perhaps it's just me, you know, thinking I'm on the computer too much. This looks like a lot of stuff, right?


In other news, this month is a special month to me. One, my husband's birthday is this month, July 25th. And then two, my birthday is 6 days after his. That's right ladies (or gents), I will officially be in my mid-30's! The big 3-5! *gasp*

One one hand, I feel okay about it because I was told one day recently that I looked too young to have a 7 yr old. ( sweet!) but then on the other hand, in 5 more years and I'll be 40! Oh. My. Gosh! How the heck did that happen? I sure in the heck don't feel my age. I just hope I continue to look (so they say) and feel younger as I get older!


This past 4th of July, the three of us and my SIL went camping. I had fun.....sort of. Leave one person in particular out of the equation and I had a fabulous time. I'll leave that one alone. I think you can figure it out on your own, right?! I didn't even take my camera so I can't even show you any highlights of the trip. We did take our dog though which was a nice change! I'm sure he was happy too.

Other than that, not much going on here. I haven't even been taking pictures lately. I'm really slacking off here. What the heck, right?! ME not taking pictures? What's wrong with me? lol

Well, that's about it for now. I promise not to be too long next time. I'll go take pictures this week and pay attention to the little silly things that are said. Perhaps that will give me something to write!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Creative Side!

You know it's that time again for Mama Kat's weekly assignments and since I'm trying to get back into the blogging world, I will participate in this weeks assignment.

This week I've decided to go with #5!

5.) Show us something you made!(inspired by Janis)

Something I've made, huh?! Well let me see.....hang on while I go search my house.......................(a day later).

Yep, I got sidetracked and here I am a day later. Funny how things work out, huh?! ;O)

Well, I did search my house and you know what? All I could find was one thing that I was actually pretty proud about making it. Something that I worked reeeaally hard at making. It was even pretty fun making it too! *wink wink*

You know what it is?


That's right! My Noodle!!

Now head over to Mama Kat's and join in!