Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just say F***, would ya!


Most people when they go to work have to watch there language, right? Okay, unless maybe you work out on a construction site or something similiar. For those of us that work in an office environment would think to watch our mouths. It's unprofessional. We have clients to uphold an image to. I have always thought this way as I'm sure most of us have.

However, at my current job, I don't! That's right people, my boss is one that just blurts out what he is feeling. It is quite humerous at times too.

Mind you, I've had quite the potty mouth for many years cause my dad would always curse in front of my brother and I while growing up. He worked on construction sites so every other word out of his mouth was "F" this, "F" that. I actually didn't curse in front of my parents though for the longest time. I would spell the bad word out. lol

Since having a child though, I've been working on that potty mouth of mine. I don't want to teach such bad habits to my child. Also, it's just not feminine coming from a girl's mouth anyways. Sure, there are worse things as my boss says but come on, if I can teach my child to have good manners and respect, I prefer to do so! I'm still a work in progress though.

So anyways, I was here at work this morning and I, without noticing because it's become the norm for me, I said "I'm getting fricken irritated" and my boss says "Just say FUCK, would ya. Go ahead and say G**damn motherfucker." (Alrighty then, Mr. Boss!) However, I at that moment instantly jumped in and said that I REFUSE to say the Lord's name in vain! I feel it's disrepectful and since I'm religious, I cringe everytime someone says that. Aside from that though, geez....I can curse all I want, working in an office and not get into trouble! In fact, he told me that I need to curse cause it relieves pissed off tension and it's better to let it out then hold it in. Well, I have to agree with that but I'm trying it in my own way.

Let's see how this works.....

Instead of: Fucken Asshole......I can say: Fricken A-hole
Instead of: Bitch.....I can say: B-I-T-C-H (spelling it out)
Instead of: Oh Shit.....I can say: Oh Shoot
Instead of: Damn it.....I can say: Doggone it
Instead of: Fuck You!.....I can say: Frick You!
Instead of: You Fucken Shit head.....I can say: You Fricken shooter pooter head!!

What do you think? Does it have the same ring?? ;O)


Nikki B. said...

nope...not at all. of course, you already knew my stance on that!!!

i don't know why i like the F word so much, but i do...i really do!

some say it shows a lack of intelligence and not having the vocabulary to use better words...but, i say F*** that!!!


{Diamond} said...

LOL! If it works for you, I say go for it! :-D

Linda said...

LOL Nicki, I'm right there with you! My hubby says that I talk like a sailor! I too am trying to cool it down a bit!
Kimmy.....Jeff watchs Babalon 5(sp?) and everyother word on that show is FRACK this and FRACK that and FRACK you!! HAHA I mock is all the time. Maybe if your F word isn't strong enough sometimes, you can say frack instead! ;o)