Saturday, June 25, 2011

Six Word Saturday!

In A Bit Of A Funk!


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Six Word Saturday!

A Funeral And Then Vegas Bound

Today is the funeral of our dear friend. Today is also the day I'm leaving for Vegas. I was actually supposed to leave at 9:20am but I had to change my flight so that I could attend the funeral. My husband unfortunately, was not able to change his flight because we paid for his flight through a package deal. He was able to go to the visitation yesterday at least. Needless to say, that was extremely hard too.

I'm dreading today. I miss our friend, Bob. He was such a wonderful man and my parents have put a lot of effort into making his service a nice one. I have also tried to do my part in helping them a long the way.

Service is at 2pm and once 3:15pm rolls around, I have to be ready to cut out to the airport and make my flight at 5:15. It's 10:13am now and I know the next few hours are going to fly by.

All I know is, I'm having my husband meet me at the hotel where the taxi will be dropping me off, with a drink in hand to help me with my nerves of the day.

We Love You, Bob!! You are truly missed already!!


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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What's Going On...

I know I haven't been posting too many photos these days. It's been so hard since we had an extra long Winter that I just didn't really have the motivation to pull out the camera with all that rain and grey skies.

Instead, I've been using my cell phone to capture those random moments....

My baby dressed in her sparring gear at karate.

My friend, Jenny and I at the park yesterday

A heart potato chip....awwww!

I took this pic of my little ladybug friend that literally held on for dear life from my house to my job which is about 26 miles. I was so worried for her that I avoided going my usual speed so she wouldn't get swooped! Which I'm happy to report, she arrived safely!

I took my baby out to breakfast for her birthday

Just before we got the horrible news, my baby and I were sun bathing in the backyard...

...and because I didn't like the sun shining in my eyes while they were closed, I put a shirt over my face so my daughter proceeded to put some glasses on me a took a picture! lol Silly girl....or am I the silly (looking) girl?!

Same day as the above two pics, just earlier in the day at the park

My daughter receiving her orange belt

About a week or two ago, my daughter and I watched Secretariat and so later that day, she jumped on her old horse and started yelling "Go Secretariat, Go!!!"

{Forgive the blur. Clearly my cell doesn't have the action feature on it.}

What's going on with you? Share with photos!

Monday, June 13, 2011


Techonology. We have it to be connected at all times. We have it so we are constantly in the know.

Because of it, we now have social medias, texting, etc. Everyone is using it. We are all staying connected. Right?!

We seem to only text or use social media now in order to keep in touch. We've forgotten how to stay connected by actually calling someone. We're so busy that we just do things the "fast" or "easy" way that we don't bother picking up the phone anymore.


All these outlets are fine to keep in touch, like for those that live far away and it allows those loved ones to know how we are all doing, or for friends we've lost touch with over the years after graduation however, we need to stay connected to those close to us. We need to pick up and call our loved ones. We need to hear each others voices. We need to let them know how much they mean to us and to not take them for granted.

We've become too reliant on technology that we've forgotten the real meaning of "connecting" with people.

So, with that said....

Call Someone!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Missing You...

I am at a loss for words.

This past Tuesday we lost a very close family friend. He is my parent's neighbor, Bob. I've known him for 33 years. It was completely unexpectd too.

He had a friend and her husband out from Arizona visiting him for about 5 days. On Tuesday he took them to Lodi to show him his plane and then they headed on over to Old Sacramento since they are all history buffs. As his friend's went to look at different stores, he left his truck to go around the corner to the restroom and that was it. Right on the cobble street, our dear friend passed away. They believed it was a massive heart attack.

We just saw him Sunday in the grocery store parking lot across the street from my neighborhood. My daughter just saw him Monday over my parent's house. My heart aches tremendously.

I found out after my daughter went to a friend's house for a sleepover that night. I was so afraid to tell her the next day cause I knew she was gonna take it hard. We lost my grandma a couple years ago almost to the day (6-8-09) but hers was a gradual thing. She was 94 and had dementia. We expected it. Not to sound terrible but you know what I mean. We knew it was gonna happen. We were prepared. With Bob, my daughter just saw him the day before, happy and in good spirits. This was a big loss for her. She adored Bob. He was such a wonderful guy!

Now, everytime I pass the grocery store parking lot or go over to my parent's house, as his house is right next door, I fight back tears.

He was like an Uncle to me. He spent holidays with us. He was an active role in my parent's life on a daily basis. He WAS our family! He will truly be missed!!

{Bob in his signature suspenders, Christmas dinner 2010}

{I'm gonna miss that sunshine smile! Always a delight to have around!}

In loving memory
Robert S. Spencer
Sept 24. 1936 - June 7, 2011

Six Word Saturday!

Happy Birthday To My Baby Girl!!

I know, a couple weeks ago we celebrated my daughter's birthday so that her school friends could actually attend, ya know, since most families head out on vacation as soon as school is out. However, today is officially the day! She is now officially 9 yrs old. How the heck did that happen??!! *sigh*

So, per her request we have decided to take her to Calaveras Big Trees State Park for an overnight stay. We bought her presents and she'll get to open them up there in the fresh air surrounded by Sequoias. Can't wait cause it should really help take our mind off of this.....I hope!

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!!!


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Thursday, June 9, 2011

10 Years Ago Today...

{click picture to enlarge}

♥ LOVE ♥

It says it all!

10 years ago today, I married my best friend!!!

{Side note: Sept. 11th marks 18 yrs with him though}

Through all the ups and downs, he truly is the love of my life and I'm so blessed to call him my hubby!!

I look forward to many more adventurous years together with him!!


Now, here's a look back at us through out the years together...

{click picture to enlarge}

1994 - Old time photo

1999 - Hawaii

2001 - Our Wedding

2001 - Our Wedding

2001 - Honeymoon, Cruise to Bahamas

2001 - Bahamas

2003 - Tahoe with our baby girl

2003 - Oakland Zoo

2008 - Vegas

2011 - Family Portrait

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Collecting Stones...

It's funny how things work out. We live our life with people coming and going.

Sometimes there are those that are loyal and make an impression in our lives. We hold onto them.

Then something happens.

I have a very special friend whom I have called my BFF for over 20 years. She has been with me through thick and thin. However, in the last year, things in her life have turned sour. Things happened that I became very disappointed in her however, I have stuck there with her. Listening to her and trying to give the best possible advise I could give, given the circumstances.

Now, in the past couple months I feel she has been lashing out at me with her subtle comments are remarks. As things in my life have taken flight for joyous times, hers have smoldered.

So I wrote her a very long letter.

We shall soon see what becomes of this. It should be interesting.


We need to remember the ones in our lives, who are real, and who matters most. Don't take people, friends, loved ones for granted. They are the ones that make us who we are!

Six Word Saturday!

Where Art Thou, My Beautiful Sunshine??

Here we are, it's June and we are in, the usual, sunny California. However, it's just not so sunny these days! Instead, it's cloudy and raining!

I'm MAD!


Personally, I'm just down right PISSED!!

What's happening here??

Not to sound spoiled but.....

I want my sunshine back and I want it...


Are ya feeling me here?!


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