Monday, June 13, 2011


Techonology. We have it to be connected at all times. We have it so we are constantly in the know.

Because of it, we now have social medias, texting, etc. Everyone is using it. We are all staying connected. Right?!

We seem to only text or use social media now in order to keep in touch. We've forgotten how to stay connected by actually calling someone. We're so busy that we just do things the "fast" or "easy" way that we don't bother picking up the phone anymore.


All these outlets are fine to keep in touch, like for those that live far away and it allows those loved ones to know how we are all doing, or for friends we've lost touch with over the years after graduation however, we need to stay connected to those close to us. We need to pick up and call our loved ones. We need to hear each others voices. We need to let them know how much they mean to us and to not take them for granted.

We've become too reliant on technology that we've forgotten the real meaning of "connecting" with people.

So, with that said....

Call Someone!!


Sweet Tea said...

Guilty as charged.
The only person I call regularly any more is my Mom.

Amarie said...

That is so true! I've learned that lesson every time my phone has conked out on me or my computer's being repaired lol. Haven't seen you by the blog in a bit - come visit soon! (((hugs)))