Monday, June 29, 2009

What's in a number?

When people pick a day to get married, it's usually selected for various reasons. It could be because that was the only day the venue was available or that it was a special day already or working the honeymoon in during that time of year or whatever. When my husband and I picked our wedding day, it was that I wanted it in June and the 9th was available at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Vegas. So, June 9th it was!

So, my husband and I were talking and it completely dawned on us that if you put our anniversary date into a number factor, it looks like this: 06-09 or 6-9 or 69!!! LOL Our anniversary is 69! How coincidental is that?! And funny too!

Okay, just thought I would share that funny little tidbit. Oh, and if you haven't already checked out my Vegas post cause I know everyone was busy this weekend, you can find it here.

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Vegas baby!!

It sure has taken me a long time to finally get this post out. It's just that lately I feel that I don't want to be on the computer too much when the hubby is home (or maybe because I will be scolded if I You see, my husband watches hockey. Well, the season has officially ended so now, that has left him endless time to spend with the rest of the family. Only thing is, when I happen to jump on the computer, he now notices it!

So, here I am at work deciding to get the wording of my post together so that when I'm home and he's at work, I can just upload the photos to go with this post. That way I'm not taking too much time away from my baby girl either. Smart! I know. :o)
So, our Vegas trip! We went June 13-16. We had it all planned and we never told our daughter. It was to be a surprise. We wanted to make up for her birthday that ended up being a strange yet bittersweet day. One she couldn't really enjoy though because of my grandma's funeral ending up on that special day. So, we had decided to keep mum about all the things we had planned. We had told her that we would take her to San Francisco to Build-A-Bear and was going to stay the night out there. We needed some reason as to why we were heading to San Francisco (the airport really) and why we had to pack our bags, so that was the plan. She was excited too!

Well, my husband decided that once we got on the Bay Bridge, he would all of a sudden come up with the "crazy idea" to just drive to the airport and see if we can get a flight to Vegas. We were so excited to see the reaction on her face too! We just knew she was going to be excited cause anytime we bring up going out there, she's all ready to go. Well.........we didn't get the reaction we were hoping for. NOT. AT. ALL! lol To be honest, she was first. She wanted to stay in SF and go to Build-A-Bear doggone it! First off, we explained to her that we already checked and found that there are 3 Build-A-Bear's out in Vegas! She said "no there isn't". "Uh, yes there is honey. We already checked." She was still a little bummed. We couldn't believe it! We kept saying "I can't believe you would rather stay in SF and not go to Vegas! We can stay in SF any ol' time." She says "Well, I don't want you guys to waste your money so, we'll go anyways." We started to explain to her that we had so much planned like not only going to Build-A-Bear but also to see the Blue Man Group and rent a limo for her for her birthday (Side note: She has a fascination with limos for some reason.). At that point she was finally excited! Gooooood! My husband was a bit bummed by her initial reaction though. We were sure she would be excited cause we took her there few years ago and she loved Circus Circus and the rides there.

*I have to interject a footnote: You all may be wondering WHY we would take our child to Vegas, right? First of all, we kept it PG rated for her. It IS possible to do so....but very carefully! Plus, my husband and I love it out there and we got married out there. Shoot, we almost moved there.**

While we were at the airport waiting for boarding, we had decided to grab a sandwich. My daughter took a bite and finally the front tooth that was refusing to come out, came out. Now she looks like the little girl on "UP". She looks so cute too!

Our hotel reservations were for the Excalibur. Not a hotel we would normally stay at but since hotel and airfare for the 3 of us was under, let me say that again, UNDER $400 total, we can suck it up! Anyways, we always like to stay at a different hotel each time we go out there anyways and this was one we hadn't so woo hoo for that. Plus, we had checked the swimming pools out for our daughter and which would be the best for the cheap price and the Excalibur had a water slide. How cool is that?! She had fun on it too! Water wings and all!

We won't be staying there again though cause without notice while I was in the shower all soapy and conditioner in my hair, they decided to turn the water off on us. My husband called and I got on the phone cause they were saying it would be an hour before they turn it back on. The only comp. was for the buffet that my husband didn't like at all, but didn't complain since it was free.

On Sunday, we took Noodle to see the Conservatory at the Bellagio. Then we had lunch at one of my favorite places, Margaritaville. We went to the one in Key West on our honeymoon, so I'm sure you can see why I love the place! Plus the whole beachy, tropical-ness of it all is so fun and relaxing!

Later we went to the Blue Man Group and had a fantastic time! My daughter loved it so much! What a great show which I would highly recommend to anyone. In fact, I would love to see it again. So so funny!!

After the show we took her to Build-A-Bear. She was having so much fun picking out her bear, a Hannah Montana one, no less. The lady said though that she has never seen so many accessories for a bear on one trip though......$91 later (never again!). Happy Birthday baby girl!

On Monday we took her to the top of the Eiffel Tower. It started to get a bit chilly that day too. The clouds were really coming. So once we were done there, we made our way to Circus Circus to go on all the rides. So much fun for her as we were there a good few hours.

Later for dinner we went to the Tropicana for a lobster and steak dinner. De-lish! My hubby and I love lobster and so we shared it with our daughter who also liked it very much.

But since the trip was almost coming to an end, I wanted to make sure we got that limo ride in for our daughter's birthday. It was 11pm and she reminded daddy which he was being wishy washy about but I made sure it happened! Half hour later, Mr. limo man picked us up for an hour, a very quick hour I must say. Thank goodness because once again, she didn't seem as excited. I think she had the vision in her head that people hang out the sunroof of the thing admiring the strip. Well to be honest, correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think they make limos with the sunroofs in them that much anymore. Maybe for safety reasons. The whole time I was there, I never noticed a limo with a sunroof. Anyways, the driver took us to the infamous "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign where we had our picture taken. Nice! It was still fun though.
The 3 of us at the Vegas sign.

Enjoying the ride!

With the limo driver

Tuesday came, the day we had to return to reality. Our flight wasn't until 7:30p though so we still had time to kill but it's the whole waiting game which is no fun really. I wanted to get some shopping in so I made my way to the Guess store at the Forum Shops in Caesar's Palace. $216 later and 4 new tops, I was a happy camper. Let me tell you, they are super cute too!! I know, it was a lot of money and I'm normally not one to spend money like that on clothes but we all have to treat ourselves once in a while. This was my "once in awhile" time! :o)
Also, we stopped in front of the Miracle Mile shops at Planet Hollywood cause in front by the Hawaiian Tropics restaurant outside, there is a webcam and I called my parents so they could see us, which was fun!
So, we headed back home. On our way to the airport while in the shuttle, that's when I realized that I left my bathing suit in the hotel room. UGH! I've been playing phone tag with them but it is FINALLY on it's way here. YIPPY, especially since that was the first time I wore the thing while in Vegas.

Our flight was delayed a couple hours so we got home after midnight. Believe it or not, I'm soooooooo ready to go back too!
I'm sure you can imagine we did do more than what I mentioned but honestly, I think this post is long enough. If you made it through the whole things, I give you kuddos. So with that said......

You know how when you watch fireworks and they have the finale, is my finale of pictures. I wanted to share more than just the few so I thought I would close this post with some of the fun, yet random pictures from our trip. Have a great weekend everyone!!

My hubby & I

Noodle at F.A.O. Schwarz at the Forum Shops

At the Conservatory at the Bellagio My hubby playing a big slot at Paris Playing around at F.A.O. Schwarz Lunch at Margaritaville. Me with my foo foo drink and Noodle with her smoothie.

We ate here. NOT the most appropriate place for kids though. Good thing Noodle had her DS to keep her occupied.

The Mirage with the volcano erupting.

My Parrot head!

My man while at Margaritaville.

Noodle at Mesa Grill, Bobby Flay's restaurant.

Noodle and I being sad cause we didn't want Big Daddy to go out and gamble. It was already 1am. in the morning.

In the limo.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Weekly Assignment: Interview a child

So for the past week I have been enjoying my days at work without Mr. Boss man!! In fact, the whole office is empty. How nice, huh?! Usually it's only me and the boss, sometimes another accountant who subleases from us and needs to get away from his regular office and then there is a guy who works with Lincoln Financial who subleases another office for conferences with clients, which is not an everyday occurrence.

So, Mr. Boss man has been in Hawaii with his family (hang on.....gotta do the happy dance!!) for 2 weeks while I get to enjoy peace and quiet. Awwww!! He will be returning to the area tomorrow though. I will be back into work on Friday and will be on my best behaviour wearing my regular work pants, not the jeans I currently have on. I also figured that since today is the absolute last possible day to have my daughter come to work with me, I thought "why the heck not!" She was all for it too. I've done it in the past. Few years ago though. She was a good girl too.

So, since Mama Kat has her weekly assignment up and I have my child with me, I thought I would do the first prompt, interview a child. So here goes....

Question 1: What do you want to be when you grow up?
S: Hmmm, what do I want to be when I grow up? Oh yeah, a Fashion Designer.

Question 2: If me and Daddy had another child, what would you want it to be and what name would you like us to name it?
S: Girl. Mmmmm, and mmmmm, *giggle*, ummmm, *giggle*, stop! (she see's me typing everything she is saying).....Sam.

Question 3: If you had three wishes for your family, what would they be?
S: 1. To get a Chihuahua and name it Princess
2. and have a sister
3. To get a rabbit and name it Miley (what a surprise!)

Question 4: What is your favorite place to go and why?
S: Oh Disneyland and why? Because I like the rides, I like California Scream'n, I like to get autographs. Mommy that's it.

Question 5: When you think of me and daddy, what word do you think of and why?
S: I think Mommy and Daddy and makes me feel better.

Question 6: What was your absolute favorite birthday party we have had for you so far?
S: The waterslide jumpy

Question 7: What is your favorite food?
S: Hmmm, it's hard. *giggle* Corn Dog, no hot dog, hot dog!

Question 8: What is your favorite music group?
S: Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers, Miranda Cosgrove and Ozzy Osbourne (I guess one wasn't enough!)

Question 9: If you could go back in time, when would you like to go and what would you hope to see?
S: I don't get it. (I explain) Oh, I would like to go see the 50's, so I can go see Granma and Grandpa and the 80's to see you and Daddy.

Question 10: What would be the best breakfast?
S: French Toast with the powder with the syrup with the everything and orange juice and that's it.

So there you have it! The insights of a child! Now I shall get back to work. :o)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Fired up over Opinions!

I've been in the process of trying to get my Vegas post ready for all of you but in this slow and tedious process, I've found myself all fired up about something.

You know that point where you are in the shower or driving along and you find yourself talking to yourself or maybe playing out a conversation in your head. You may be yelling inside really. Rehearsing over and over what conversation you will soon be having with someone? That's where I'm at right now.

I can be an aggressive person at times depending on the situation. For instance, you stand too close to me in line, you'll get the flick of the hair. You say something about it, I'll let you know how I feel. Or, while driving and you cut me off or something, expect the same in return. I have mellowed out about this one some but if I'm in a crappy mood, I may not be so mellow at the time. Or, if you act like a snob to me for no apparent reason, I somehow become a snob right back at ya. Kind of giving you a taste of your own medicine.

But when it comes to opinions, I have very strong opinions about things in life, in this world. I share them with some of my family and friends....ONLY! I never want to offend anyone. If I do start to have a discussion with someone about one of my strong points of what is going on in this world and if I notice the person is not liking my opinion and is feeling uncomfortable, I'll stop. WHATEVER! Change the subject.

On the other hand, I also don't care what others think either. I just have compassion for their feelings, I guess. With that said, I try to be respectful to others at the same time (until someone doesn't respect me, then they have a problem). I'm a mom and I have to set a positive example. Sometimes I feel I fail at this but I'm still learning from my mistakes.

With this all being said, I am currently dealing with a situation with someone whom I will not name but happens to be someone close to me. "Someone" and I were talking about a "person" smoking while pregnant (not confirmed pregnant though) and when "someone" automatically got all nasty and pushed out of shape about it, I got irritated. Now, normally that is where I would have dropped it. But because I am always "dropping it" and I felt strongly about this subject cause it was taken to the next level where it means health and safety for another, I pursued the issue on. I got an attitude too! First "someone" got the attitude and then so did I. I felt passionate about it cause I'm a mom and I felt like "someone" had I was thrown. Disappointed really! Then I told "someone" that we needed to "drop it" now cause I was getting upset, mad basically. "Someone" wasn't getting it. Not. At. All.

I later find out that "someone" wasn't so upset about the conversation but the fact that I got an attitude. Um...riiiiight! I got an attitude because "someone" got seriously nasty at the get go and I was dead set on my opinion on this subject. I feel I never share my true opinions on things and when I do, I'm having an attitude?? You're damn straight I do!

Okay, now that I let off some steam, I promise to get my Vegas post up soon......real soon!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Bitter-Sweet Day

Hey everyone! I thought that I would share briefly what's been going on around my little part of the world.

First, today is a joyous day! Seven years ago today I was having my beautiful daughter! A day I would definitely never forget. Welcoming her into our lives was like no other day! I still can't believe where the time has gone. Watching all the changes and accomplishments she has made throughout the years. Just the other day I was looking at her from a little distance and just seeing the change in her face and not seeing that "little girl" I'm so used to seeing. Sure, she's still a little girl but she isn't a baby anymore. She's still MY baby though and that will never change!

So, here's to you baby girl...

Happy Birthday Sweetie!


As for other things, I know I mentioned in my last post that my grandma was hanging onto life. Well, as of 12:01am Monday morning, she passed away. I was able to stay with her until 10pm Sunday night but I had to leave cause I had to work the next morning. My dad and aunt were there with her when she passed. My dad said it was very peaceful which eases my heart. My dad is taking it pretty good. She was 94 yrs old so she lived a nice long life. It's just sad and weird to not see her again in this lifetime.

One of the hard things is, I haven't been able to let my emotions out about it. I've been dealing with a minor migraine. Migraines and crying just don't mix well. I'm feeling okay today which is good because not only is it my daughter's birthday, it's my grandma's funeral. My heart feels sad for my noodle cause this is supposed to be a happy day for her. Not one filled with sad people crying and in mourning.

So, my hubby and I hope to be able to make it up to her. Later when we get back from the funeral, we're gonna let her open her gifts. One of her gifts is tickets to see Miley Cyrus in concert in Sept. I'm so excited for her! I hope this will brighten her day up!!

Then on Tuesday, my hubby and I celebrated our 8 year wedding anniversary! We had a nice day together. Went to dinner and just enjoyed each other company. It was nice. And....he gave me a sentimental card this year which was unexpected. He normally gets me funny cards, which I still enjoy cause it's funny how accurate they are, but this year with all that has gone on, I really needed this card from him. (Love ya babe!)

Then we're gonna be heading to Vegas this weekend and we are renting a limo to take our baby girl down the Vegas strip at night to see all the lights. We've already taken her to Vegas before, about four years ago but she's a little older now and she'll enjoy it more (on a rated PG level, of course!). We already have tickets to see the Blue Man Group. We'll be in the poncho section so that will be so much fun for her too!! Can't wait!!

It will be nice to get our minds on other things, you know?! Things that are fun and uplifting. Needless to say, we are so ready for this trip!


I love you so much, Grandma! You will truly be missed!


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Life's Interruptions

Isn't it true? There are so many things that go on in our every day lives that just aren't what we want to face. It can be from minor to major.

For instance, I was at work yesterday, meeting with my boss and every time I tried saying something he would interrupt me. I got frustrated with him too. I told him that I just wish I could talk without being interrupted. It was said in a joking matter so he laughed. No harm done.

Or when I'm talking with my friend on the phone and we have or children on either end trying to talk to us or doing things they shouldn't so we have to stop in mid sentence to tell them "no" or whatever the situation may be.

But then there are the more major things in life. Like, my mom right now has two blood clots in her leg. So she's been out of work for a few days and will continue for another few more days. This has had me stressing because I always tend to think the worse. I just hear of stories where they pop and go to the person's heart, brain or even liver. My mom is only 55 yrs old. I am very close with my mom and I really need her in my life. She's the glue to our family. I love her dearly and I couldn't imagine losing her. She's there when I need to talk about personal things or just because. I feel I need her when my baby girl gets older in case she needs to talk to someone and she doesn't want to talk to me or her daddy. My mom has always been easy to talk to and gives wonderful advise. She doesn't take sides in any situation. She looks at the big picture. I've been praying daily. I just need to have trust and faith in God.

And then there is my 94 year old grandma. She is hanging onto life right now. It's basically the waiting game now. I'm not sure what's worse really, waiting for your loved one to pass and seeing them the way they are, hurting and not able to communicate or they pass unexpectedly without saying goodbye. I guess they're both terrible ways really. I'm not good with death either. I know my grandma has lived a nice long life. I also know she's in pain right now. I just don't want my loved ones to pass on. It really hasn't hit me yet. I guess because I expect it. It's just so sad seeing her so fragile and not eating. She has lost so much weight. She has to be around 90 lbs or less. I was over there visiting yesterday, looking at the pictures of happier times. It's just heartbreaking to see her in the pictures and then seeing her laying in her bed so frail, sleeping or unresponsive.

Also, we had been worried about my grandma and her being right with God. She had said in the past that she expected Jesus into her heart years ago though. Then, in the past few days we've had our Pastor out to see her as we said a prayer together with her. Then yesterday when my parents were over there visiting, my grandma froze and stared straight up as if she saw something. First they thought my grandma had passed away but fortunately she hadn't. Then my mom started thinking that my grandma had seen an angel. My mom and dad later went to the doctors cause my mom had an appointment for her legs and the blood clots. The doctor asked my dad how his mom was and he told her what happened. The doctor said "Oh yeah, she saw a vision." Our family now feels good and feel she'll be going to Heaven. Something we all worried about.

We were told she will probably pass in the next few days. We think she is waiting to see my aunt, her daughter. They never really had a good relationship. I think she's waiting so they can make amends before she goes. My aunt is coming up from So. California today to do just that. I just want them both to have peace in their hearts. Closure.

Then today, with all this happening, we are having my daughter's birthday party. A mixture of good times and bad, huh?!

So, sorry I haven't been on here lately. I guess you can say I've been dealing with some of life's interruptions. I've been trying to pop on to every one's blog to see how you all are doing. I do think about you all. You are on my minds. I promise I'll be back soon. Also, with Vegas next weekend, I'll have pictures to share. I just am having a hard time with that also. It being so close to knowing my grandma is passing and then the funeral. Perhaps we had to book our flight at 6:30pm for a reason, even though we didn't want it that late. Maybe it was meant to be.