Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Bitter-Sweet Day

Hey everyone! I thought that I would share briefly what's been going on around my little part of the world.

First, today is a joyous day! Seven years ago today I was having my beautiful daughter! A day I would definitely never forget. Welcoming her into our lives was like no other day! I still can't believe where the time has gone. Watching all the changes and accomplishments she has made throughout the years. Just the other day I was looking at her from a little distance and just seeing the change in her face and not seeing that "little girl" I'm so used to seeing. Sure, she's still a little girl but she isn't a baby anymore. She's still MY baby though and that will never change!

So, here's to you baby girl...

Happy Birthday Sweetie!


As for other things, I know I mentioned in my last post that my grandma was hanging onto life. Well, as of 12:01am Monday morning, she passed away. I was able to stay with her until 10pm Sunday night but I had to leave cause I had to work the next morning. My dad and aunt were there with her when she passed. My dad said it was very peaceful which eases my heart. My dad is taking it pretty good. She was 94 yrs old so she lived a nice long life. It's just sad and weird to not see her again in this lifetime.

One of the hard things is, I haven't been able to let my emotions out about it. I've been dealing with a minor migraine. Migraines and crying just don't mix well. I'm feeling okay today which is good because not only is it my daughter's birthday, it's my grandma's funeral. My heart feels sad for my noodle cause this is supposed to be a happy day for her. Not one filled with sad people crying and in mourning.

So, my hubby and I hope to be able to make it up to her. Later when we get back from the funeral, we're gonna let her open her gifts. One of her gifts is tickets to see Miley Cyrus in concert in Sept. I'm so excited for her! I hope this will brighten her day up!!

Then on Tuesday, my hubby and I celebrated our 8 year wedding anniversary! We had a nice day together. Went to dinner and just enjoyed each other company. It was nice. And....he gave me a sentimental card this year which was unexpected. He normally gets me funny cards, which I still enjoy cause it's funny how accurate they are, but this year with all that has gone on, I really needed this card from him. (Love ya babe!)

Then we're gonna be heading to Vegas this weekend and we are renting a limo to take our baby girl down the Vegas strip at night to see all the lights. We've already taken her to Vegas before, about four years ago but she's a little older now and she'll enjoy it more (on a rated PG level, of course!). We already have tickets to see the Blue Man Group. We'll be in the poncho section so that will be so much fun for her too!! Can't wait!!

It will be nice to get our minds on other things, you know?! Things that are fun and uplifting. Needless to say, we are so ready for this trip!


I love you so much, Grandma! You will truly be missed!



Nikki B. said...

wow...that's a lot going on.

sorry about your loss...but, like you said, she had a FULL life.

ya'll have fun in vegas...and happy birthday to the girl!!

The Wife O Riley said...

I am sorry about your grandmother. But, Happy Birthday to your noodle!! She's going to love the tickets and Vegas!

Have a wonderful trip!

{Diamond} said...

You guys have a GREAT time! You deserve it! :-)

Stesha said...

So very sorry to hear the news about your grandmother.

Hugs and Mocha,

UB said...

Yes, when your parents die you journey through a life review, emotions run wild. You are grieving. It can be a very emotional time. Great age RIP.