Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's All The Craze!!

So, you all should know by now that I, along with my husband, like to watch TMZ. For the past couple weeks they have been showing the newest thing that people have been doing with their dogs. People will take their dogs and put sunglasses on their rear, just above their tails and then take a picture of it.

This is what we saw...

The first time I saw it, my husband and I cracked up! It was the funniest thing!

Not to mention, that's when I said to my husband, "I'm gonna do that with Ozzy and blog about it!"

Well my friends, I did! So here you go...

So, if you have a pooch at home, get to it!! It's all the craze!!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Six Word Saturday!

Party, Kids & Chuck E. Cheese's!

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Unbelievable Discovery

I'm in complete shock right now!!

I'm sure you all have heard about Jaycee Dugard who was kidnapped 18 years ago from South Lake Tahoe, that she has been found alive. What wonderful news that must have been for her family. It is absolutely shocking that after all these years she's been alive this whole time. I'm sure this has to be such a bittersweet moment for her family though. On one hand, happy she is alive and well but on the other hand, sad that they have missed out on 18 years of her life.

I'm disgusted by the whole situation. To even think that he was married and his wife being in on this and allowing this to go on as he fathered two children with this young girl. I'm appalled!!

Also, the fact that she has been living in the very town I grew up in (however, do not live in now but still too close for comfort!) is so very disturbing in itself. And, to think that just a few weeks ago I drove by the house that backs up to the house she was living in, or rather....the backyard she was living in, is so very upsetting.

I even ate breakfast a few times recently at the cafe which is on the corner right down the street from where she was this whole time. That poor girl! It is so sad to think that all this was going on and no one was able to help her all this time. Well, justice is now being served!! Too bad it took this long though. I bet she is so happy this nightmare is finally over!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

He's driving me nuts!

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This week I've chosen to do #1, My animals are making me nuts.

I've chosen this one because my dog, Ozzy has been driving me up the wall lately. You see, he sleeps in our bed with us. He loves to be under the covers too. My husband has the fan on at night and it seems to make Ozzy cold so he gets under the covers. Normally he sleeps at the foot of the bed, under the covers but lately I have been waking up to him right next to me. I don't know what it is but when he does that, I wake up with my back hurting cause he puts his weight into my back. Grant it, he's not a big dog. He's an 11 lb Miniature Pinscher but having that 11 lbs leaning into my back for a period of time before I realize it doesn't feel good.

When I wake up, I try and get him to go to the foot of the bed but he'll just move a foot and I have to keep pushing him down. Then he ends up in my leg space. ANNOYING! I know your all "don't have him sleep in your bed then" but that's just mean, I think. Remember, I'm an animal lover and he doesn't have a full coat so he needs his blankies. lol! :D

Another thing is, when he does get on the bed, we'll be watching tv and he'll just stand there in our way and my husband and I start yelling at him to lay down and he'll just stare at us like "HUH?" or he walk around in circles just to find that right spot, meanwhile we just missed a crucial part of TMZ. (LOL!) Good thing for the DVR, so we can rewind it.

Also, when we are eating something, he'll come right up to our face and sniff our mouths. I'm all "Dude, get out of my face!"

It's funny just thinking about it now but at the time it's annoying.

He is a great dog though! I can't just leave this post with all negative. He does provide us with some funny moments. For instance, you know those big balls that you can get at the grocery stores. The ones that are almost the size of the workout balls. I think they're about 1.5 ft to 2 ft in diameter. Anyways, we have two of those and he simply LOVES the things. He start jumping on it, the side of it that is. It looks like he is trying to jump over it but he can't cause it's bigger than him. We'll tell him "Get the ball" and he'll go attack it and it's the funniest thing ever. We've tried video taping it but it always comes out dark but one day we'll get it and send it into America's Funniest Videos.

Um, comment! (LOL!!)

It's also fun to dress him up in old ripped up socks.

In the end, he's our cool dog!

Yes, I said he!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm Back

Well, I'm back. I have to say, when I leave out of town, I feel like I have lots of catching up to do.
Disneyland was a blast, as usual and overall, I had fun! However, there were some exceptions such as:
  • The constant bickering of the kids. Three's a crowd or the fact that the three kids (one being mine) were stuck in the small confines of a car for 6-9 hours, I'm sure didn't help. Horrible!
  • Also, the fact that it DID take us 9 hours to get home was UNEXCEPTABLE! There was a fatal accident on I-5 at the bottom of the Grapvine. It was a big rig and a car that was involved. The big rig apparently blocked 3 lanes and it took about 2.5 hrs to go 7 miles. I should have been home around 9pm but instead I got home just before midnight.
  • My friend's poor son was sick but he was a trooper. He took some Motrin and was fine but on the way home, he got sick in the car a couple times. We had plastic bags, so no mess...thank goodness. However, my child is sick now. Honestly, I don't know if she caught it from him because they have different symptoms. Who knows. My friend's son hasn't been doing good the last few days but I guess he's starting to do better now. My child on the other hand has been dealing with a fever since the night we got home. It first started out at 101.2. Each time I've taken her temp., it seems to be getting worse. This morning it was 102.9. She's missed school yesterday and today. Not to mention, she missed Mon & Tues last week due to pink eye. Not a very good start of 2nd grade. Let's hope it gets better.

Anyways, while I was gone, my husband shared how much he was bored. Awww...I feel missed! :o) We talked frequently on the phone. On Saturday he shared how he posted his own blog post on here. LOL....too funny! I actually was thrilled that he jumped on and participated. Funny thing was, when I would talk to him on the phone, he would be checking to see if he got any comments on his post. I was all "See, you're addicted now!! LOL" He denied it, of course. I told him that you guys probably got a kick out of him posting that blog post and that he should do it more often. He said depending on how many comments he got, he would maybe. It was like he kind of had fun doing it!! lol Cute!!

I'll be posting pictures of my trip soon. I already miss it! Hopefully we'll be able to go next month, just the three of us this time. Less drama! ;O)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hi Kimmy's bloggie friends. This is her husband Paul. Could you all please comment her and tell her to let me go to Disneyland. I'm sooooo sad I didnt get to go. :( I promise I'll be good there next time. LOL

Have a great weekend,


Six Word Saturday

disneyland castle Pictures, Images and Photos

Having Fun At My Favorite Place!

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Thursday, August 20, 2009


"Cracka Lackin"

zebra Pictures, Images and Photos

When you have kids, you just can't control the things that get stuck in your head. :o)

Kids say the darndest things

You know when you go to a wedding, it's always to see the beautiful bride. Her hair is done perfectly. Her makeup is done perfectly. All the accessories are in it's place so elegantly. It's a special day for the bride. It's not often a woman get's put together so elegantly.

Well, today when I went to my baby girl's school to work in her class, I was playing a word Bingo with the kids. I had 4 different groups. My daughter's was the last group. When she came up and sat down, her little friend, Joseph sat next to her along with 3 other children at the table. At that moment, she shares with me, in front of the other children, "Mommy, Joseph thinks that you're pretty like a bride in a wedding." Meanwhile, Joseph was getting all shy and bashful. LOL....Awwwwww! What a sweet child! Isn't that the sweetest thing ever??!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Weekend Recap

This past weekend I have to say was none other than......UNPRODUCTIVE!!! I know I said here that I was "not sitting around this beautiful Saturday" but guess what? I DID....and I wasn't happy about it either. We spent the whole day asking each other "What do you want to do today?" It wasn't supposed to end up like that. We WERE supposed to go to Old Towne Sacramento for the day so I could get some nice pictures and just enjoy the day being with family. At least I got to spend it with family but again, it was spent asking each other "What do you want to do today?" Oh, and doing this too...

Playing air hockey.

Oh yeah, and posing in the!

Other than that, on Sunday we went to a few dealerships to look at new and used cars. We own three vehicles, one of which is non-op. The other two we drive on a daily basis. They are in great condition however, my husband's car has over 106k miles whereas I have a newer vehicle than his and I have almost 120k miles on my car. Needless to say, my husband is "deathly afraid" that one of our cars is going to break down on us and then we'll be racking up the miles even more so on the other car. So, we have decided it was time to browse our options and see what we can find, just as a "get around car", you know, so we can take drives and do all the fun stuff we are used to. Makes sense to us. We want it with a warranty still, of course. I won't have it any other way. I am afraid to buy used. Our two cars we currently drive we brought brand new. I feel better about it too. I know what the history of the car is. I had had used vehicles in the past and, well, let's just say.....I'm scared to buy used!!
So anyways, we browsed and didn't find anything. If I could have it my way, I would go down to the Chevy dealership and put my name on the waiting list for the new 2010 Camaro but, right now it's just not economical or a 4-door.

Which brings me to this.....

The other night, I had a dream that Jessica Simpson came to our house and she had just bought the brand new Camaro! I was excited!! Not because it was Jessica Simpson (which in reality, I would be all star struck!) but because she had just bought the Camaro and it was, get this....a 4 door!!!!! LOL I was all "OMG, you have the new Camaro and it's a 4-door!!!" I was so excited! I was telling my husband (in the dream, of course) that Camaro had a 4-door and I wanted it. It made perfect sense to buy it now.

Okay, sorry. Enough about the Camaro. Maybe I'll shut up once I actually get the darn :o)

Other than that, nothing exciting has happened but this coming weekend will be quit exciting as my husband has given the "ok" for my daughter and I to head down to Disneyland for the weekend. With my BFF and her kids. We're so excited! You can bet I'll have pics to share when I get back.

Anyways, the highlight of this week was stumbling upon this picture. I seriously CAN NOT get enough of it!!! LMAO! Not only does it make me laugh every time I see it, but it warms my heart cause animals are simply adorable and so innocent in their actions. Look at his little face....AWWWWWW!!! LOL!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Six Word Saturday!

pin ups Pictures, Images and Photos

Not Sitting Around This Beautiful Saturday!

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Missing Link

I never had the chance to know you
You were too young to have a clue
It has been so many years
Never knew, nor shed any tears

We knew one day we would find you
But never thought what to do
The time was sure to come one day
But were unsure if we should ever say

We have so many questions
That has cause so much tension
And you still have no clue
As it's the best interest for you

After all, she had not approved
Was asked to have the "friendship" removed
Which now has caused so many emotions
But I don't want to cause a commotion

In the end I will just let it be
I still have the pictures if I want to see
But the thought will always remain
Had you known, would it have caused any pain

I was hoping that it would have worked out
Although my feelings had doubt
But we were told to let it go
So I guess we'll never know

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Change is good!

You know those hillbilly teeth that you can get at the novelty store, Spencers? You know, these....

Well, my precious cutie pie had been dealing with losing her two top front teeth. She lost the one on our way to Vegas a couple months ago but the other one was a feisty little bugger. It just refused to come out. Meanwhile, cutie pie kept playing with it with her tongue over the days, weeks and it starting to shift and turn a little sideways and I kept telling her "It needs to come out sweety!" My husband even tried a couple times with no luck. I'm telling you, that thing was not budging. Even with how lose it was, it refused to budge.

Every time I would look at my beautiful daughter, I kept thinking of those hillbilly teeth too. See for yourself...

Well, a week ago the time had come and we were determined. This time we were successful! Much better too!! :o) No matter what, she will always be beautiful to me but I just have to say......

Change is good!! ;o)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Uncomfortable Moments

I've mentioned before that I work in an office building. In order for me to get to the office, I have to take the elevator. As much of a phobia I have with being in elevators, I deal with it. Okay, so maybe it's not that bad of a phobia, I only dream about being stuck in one while it goes out of control, all the time. Or when it makes a clank, I get nervous and grab onto the handle that's attached to the walls and even dart out so the elevator doesn't fall down the shaft while I'm in the midst of getting out of the thing. I'm really not too bad!

My biggest thing is when I'm waiting for the elevator just after work. Take last week for an example. The doors open and as they are opening, I'm hoping no one is in there. Oh, yep...not this time. A man is there staring at me as I enter the elevator and I turn around to press the button, 2nd floor. After I press the button, I take a step back. Standing there, I'm watching from the corner of my right eye because I feel eyes glaring at me.

I turned and looked at the guy, who by the way looked old enough to be my dad (gross!), and gave him the wide-eyed look that says "Ummm, okaaaaay. Please quit staring at me, buddy!". He had that cheesy grin on his face like he thought he was expecting me to say "Hi Big Boy!" Ewww! I don't think so! First of all, I'M MARRIED!!!!! Second of all, Ewwww!!!!

Why do men, and older ones at that, have to be so creepy??

Monday, August 10, 2009

Back to School?!

Back to know, that time of year when you have to get the kids supplies purchased, clothes bought and bed times back to their usual time. That's what I had to do for my kiddo a couple weeks ago. However, I'm not talking about her. I'm talking about myself!

I was talking with one of my girlfriends the other day about photography and she suggested that her and I take a class together at the local community college. She has a Nikon (not digital but it'll do the same thing) and I have my Canon. I said "Really??!! You would go with me?" She was all "Heck yeah!"

First of all, once I graduated from high school I wanted to take a break of school cause I had worked my tushy off while I was there. I needed a break. Then a few years later I took a couple classes with one of my BFF's cause I'm the type of person that basically, I need ya to hold my hand or I won't go. Yes...Me! That's another reason I haven't taken a course at a local college cause I didn't have anyone that would go with me......Until NOW!!! Right on! I'm totally excited too! I even shared with my husband and he was all for it. He knows how much I love photography and all I can do is better myself at it.

So after my husband and I talked about it, he went to the computer and looked online at the local colleges and guess what???!!! NO CLASSES! WTH?? Are you kidding me? So then he looked at the Academy of Arts in S.F. I told him, I don't think so. I'm not driving out to San Francisco to take a leisure class like this. Deal with traffic....No thank you! He told me to take Bart (if your not from the Bay Area, it's a train rapid transit system like NYC Subway). I'm not taking Bart either. It has to be local or I'm not taking the classes.

Here, I get a friend to want to take a photography class, SUGGEST it, no less and Nothing! How lame is that? Really! I told my brother and he suggested that I go down to the college and maybe they have more information or classes that they just didn't list online. I guess that's my next best option. So guess what I'll be doing tomorrow?

UPDATE: Okay, I just called the college and they do have a photography course that starts in a week but it's on the days I work. Go figure, right? Oh, and then I checked the other college and they have a perfect class however, a Digital SLR is required. Okay, that works for me but not for my friend. *sigh*

I guess I'll just have to check back for the Winter schedules. :o(

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Clock is Ticking

hour glass Pictures, Images and Photos

Ever since my birthday last week, I feel like the clock is ticking. I'm not getting any younger and if I want to have another child, I sure in the heck don't want to be 40 yrs old having it. I keep thinking, "When my child is 20, I'll be 60". YIKES! That just sounds terrible. All I think about and remind my mom is, when my husband and I got together when I was 18, my mom was 39 yrs old. I love that! I don't want my child to be embarrassed cause her parents are old enough to be his/her grandparents. lol

I know I already have one child and I am so grateful for her. I love her to pieces! However, I always wanted to have 2 children. Now that I have my one, I have mixed emotions about having another child. I'm afraid I'm gonna miss out on something with Noodle. I don't want that to happen. Also, we love to travel and that additional expense may put a damper on future trips. Not to mention, if this next child is anything like Noodle, the tantrums I can do without. I have heard though that the second child is usually the complete opposite. Yeah, I'm sure that's not always accurate too. My luck, I'll have two of the same.

Another thing I'm worried about is, I already stress about Noodle's future and who she meets and all the scary stories of murder and, get my point. Do I REALLY want this stress times two?? Do I? I mean, I literally think about it everyday, I pray about it everyday. It scares me and all I keep thinking is......Scott Peterson.

Then my husband and I got to talking the other night. I told him that we need to do something. The one thing that is really keeping us from having another one right now is the economy. The future for us is unknown right now and I don't want to bring another child into the mix. Then I have my birthday and now that I am 5 yrs away from the big 4-0, it kind of puts things in a different perspective.

Then that same night when I went to bed, I had a dream that I was pregnant. Are these signs? Am I looking into this way too much? I just keep hearing it.......tick, tock, tick, tock.

The clock is definitely ticking on me.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Go Ahead, Make My Day!

dirty harry Pictures, Images and Photos

I am really having issues with people today. I almost feel like I have a sign posted on my car that reads "Go ahead, make my day!" You know, the saying that good ol' Clint Eastwood would always say in his Dirty Harry movies?! Honestly, I'm feeling like Dirty Harry right now too.

Here's why.....

First, I was headed to my girlfriend's house for a visit. As I was driving, I was behind this old woman (with her handicap license plate) and her lady friend who looked like she could be her daughter. Maybe she was but that's irrelevant. Sorry, I'm irritated right now. Bare with me here. Anyways, we are sitting at a light and it turns green. She starts to go and she's going 30 mph. We're in a 40 mph zone. I go to pass her and what does she do?? Floors it! So what do I do? I floor it too just to pass this broad! As I'm passing them, the passenger lady has her arm rested on the window sill, which is fine but she was flipping me off!!! Are you kidding me???? Because I wanted to pass this woman because she was going too slow, slower than the speed limit, she has to floor it to avoid me passing her and not even that, I get the finger???

Once she caught up to me at the next red light, I rolled my window down to have a word with her but by the time she was coming to a stop, the light turned green so she gunned it. Probably afraid of what I might say to her. That's right lady, RUN!

Second, I was pulling into a parking lot to go to the bank and this old couple (what is it with the older folks today??!!) pulls right out in front of me WITHOUT looking and nearly hit me. I had to honk but they apparently didn't hear me or choose not to.

Okay, I tend to have a heart for older folks. I was taught to have respect for my elders but I have to draw the line somewhere. When I don't get the respect I fairly deserve, my temper flares. But I just feel that because I'm part of the younger generation, they (meaning the older folks) assume I'm like these ungrateful, snotty-nosed brats out there. Well, I'm not. I may be younger but I'm NOT part of this new younger generation and I DO NOT want to me mistaken for it either. *sigh*

Third (and lastly), while at the bank, the customer service there is normally good but I noticed there are new people there and they surely are lacking!! No "hello", no smiles, not even a "kiss my rear". (Okay, they're lucky they didn't say that, otherwise there would be a number four to this list! Nothing! I used to be in customer service when I was younger and I expect the same level of service from these kids today but they just don't care and all they care about is their stupid cell phones and texting and when their next break is. It's horrible and I'm sick of it!

I guess I should look on the bright side. Tomorrow is Friday!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

UPDATE: Tweeting?

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I just wanted to update you guys. I know I just posted this post not long ago but I have officially joined Twitter. I thought I would give it a chance and hopefully it won't take up the remaining time I have left in a!

Anyways....if you are on Twitter, come follow me if you like.


I'm wondering if I'm the only one that has not actually joined the world of Twitter.


OMG.....I know....I don't twitter!

What? You ask why?

I'm being rebellious against all you twittering tweeters, that's why!

Hooooooweeeeeveer......I am finding myself a little intrigued. A bit curious. Almost feeling a since of confusion at the same time though.

I want to rebel but I know I can design or rather, pick my own template or background which is something I LOVE to do.

What to do. What to do. What shall I do???

I can even put updates on my blog here for all to see.

But I want to rebel against you twittering tweeters!!!


Any suggestions?