Thursday, August 6, 2009

Go Ahead, Make My Day!

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I am really having issues with people today. I almost feel like I have a sign posted on my car that reads "Go ahead, make my day!" You know, the saying that good ol' Clint Eastwood would always say in his Dirty Harry movies?! Honestly, I'm feeling like Dirty Harry right now too.

Here's why.....

First, I was headed to my girlfriend's house for a visit. As I was driving, I was behind this old woman (with her handicap license plate) and her lady friend who looked like she could be her daughter. Maybe she was but that's irrelevant. Sorry, I'm irritated right now. Bare with me here. Anyways, we are sitting at a light and it turns green. She starts to go and she's going 30 mph. We're in a 40 mph zone. I go to pass her and what does she do?? Floors it! So what do I do? I floor it too just to pass this broad! As I'm passing them, the passenger lady has her arm rested on the window sill, which is fine but she was flipping me off!!! Are you kidding me???? Because I wanted to pass this woman because she was going too slow, slower than the speed limit, she has to floor it to avoid me passing her and not even that, I get the finger???

Once she caught up to me at the next red light, I rolled my window down to have a word with her but by the time she was coming to a stop, the light turned green so she gunned it. Probably afraid of what I might say to her. That's right lady, RUN!

Second, I was pulling into a parking lot to go to the bank and this old couple (what is it with the older folks today??!!) pulls right out in front of me WITHOUT looking and nearly hit me. I had to honk but they apparently didn't hear me or choose not to.

Okay, I tend to have a heart for older folks. I was taught to have respect for my elders but I have to draw the line somewhere. When I don't get the respect I fairly deserve, my temper flares. But I just feel that because I'm part of the younger generation, they (meaning the older folks) assume I'm like these ungrateful, snotty-nosed brats out there. Well, I'm not. I may be younger but I'm NOT part of this new younger generation and I DO NOT want to me mistaken for it either. *sigh*

Third (and lastly), while at the bank, the customer service there is normally good but I noticed there are new people there and they surely are lacking!! No "hello", no smiles, not even a "kiss my rear". (Okay, they're lucky they didn't say that, otherwise there would be a number four to this list! Nothing! I used to be in customer service when I was younger and I expect the same level of service from these kids today but they just don't care and all they care about is their stupid cell phones and texting and when their next break is. It's horrible and I'm sick of it!

I guess I should look on the bright side. Tomorrow is Friday!!

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Stacey said...

Hopefully your day gets better!