Saturday, May 28, 2011

Six Word Saturday!

Birthday Party For Baby Girl Today!

Today we are celebrating our sweet baby girl's 9th birthday! Even though her birthday isn't for another two weeks, we always have it early so that her friends will attend. Thing is, with her birthday being right after school is out, families already plan to start taking vacations. We have learned to celebrate it before school is out so there is a bigger turn out. Guess what? It works!

Last year we celbrated it at home with a jumpy, air hockey, photo prop and a BBQ. It was fun! This year we are having it at Pump It Up. Best think about that is, no clean up!!

However, I signed up for something bigger. Honestly, I'm not sure I'm prepared for it either.


That's right. Six girls, including my daughter. I have never had that many girls over here like for a sleep over. I just hope and pray I get my sleep tonight cause I need to be up early to make them breakfast (pancakes) and then get to church between 10-10:30am.

I'll report back to share the details. Pics and all!


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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

One Of My Favorite Things...

When I was a young girl, my mom worked in construction. She cleaned model homes in a rich part of the Bay Area, California. She also cleaned brand new houses after they were built. She got them ready to move in once all the carpet, flooring, cabinets, etc. were put in.

She worked with her best friend, Diane. Sometimes my mom would bring me and Diane would bring her step daughter, my best friend, along to help and just have "mother/daughter" times. It was fun!

As I got older, I had decided I wanted to be an Interior Decorator (aka Interior Designer). I think when we would always go to the model homes, I became very facinated in them. I loved the idea of decorating a home!

Then I graduated and I never became an Interior Decorator. I got too involved with my "man" to go to college. It's okay though. I make a decent living working at an accounting firm.

Anyways....getting off track here.....

So every now and then, I will have this urge to go look at model homes. It's so much fun!! It takes me back to when I was a young girl and I would "play house" although, I don't have to "play" anymore. Now, I can actually place my things in these houses, in my mind, that is.

Just this past weekend, we went looking at model homes. We had so much fun! We were rushing though cause they close at 5pm and we only had an hour. We went to this one place that my daughter and I want to move to SO. BAD!

There is one house inparticular too. Even though I'm not a fan of 2-stories, this one has absolutely stole my heart!

Not so much because of the outside, even though I really like the outside, but for obvious reasons....the floorplan (click link and then the green box for the floorplan).

I've been browsing other home builders also, found a couple I like too. It's not like we can buy right now anyways. We have to wait at least another year and a half to two years. Things went sour this past year, like with most of America. We've been saving our money though. We bought at the peak 7 years ago. Back then, we had to jump on what we could get. Hopefully when we buy again, we can take our time.

In the meantime, we'll be checking out all the new goodies out there!!

Do you like to model home shop?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Little Somethin' Somethin'

I love these little "Get to know you" treats!

Something for you to learn about me, a little more.

Over at My Little Life, every Friday she has a list of 5 questions for us to answer.

As I know today isn't Friday, it does however give me something to post about!

So, hope you enjoy this and have a wonderful Sunday!

1. Do you and your spouse go to bed at the same time?

Yep, sure do. We usually head to bed about 10:30pm and then snuggle while watching TMZ.

2. A question for the ladies...What kind of facial hair do you like on your man?

I love my husband with a goatee!!

3. What's the worst vacation you've ever taken?

Really?? All my vacations are wonderful!

4. What's the first-ever blog you followed?

The first ever blog I followed is the same person that got me blogging in the first place...a friend of mine. We went to High School together also. In fact, you should go visit her. She's really a sweet and down to earth lady.

Her name is Denise at Laughing With Spoons

5. Do you enjoy amusement parks?

I LOVE amusement parks!!! My favorites are Disney's though.....both Disneyland and Disney World. We have season passes for Disneyland and actually went to Disney World for the very first time just this past September and had the best time ever!


Alrighty.....that's it for now. Just a little "somethin' somethin'" for the weekend.

Hope ya'll are having a FABulous rest of your weekend and have an even better week ahead!

Oh, any Memorial Day plans??

We don't.....yet. Maybe we can conjure up something that I can report back with you all! We'll see.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Six Word Saturday!

In My Opinion......I Don't Believe!

Nope, not me! Even though I do believe in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, I don't believe that we will know when Jesus will return. It clearly states in the Bible that we will NOT know. It will be like a knock at the door.....Unexpected! So what this dude, Harold Camping thinks and where he thinks he read in the Bible that it will be today, May 21, 2011 at 6pm is beyond me. Sorry dude! That part is NOT in the Bible.

So, I will be carrying on with my day just like any other.


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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Movie Review!

It's movie review time!!!

And even though I super love, love, love to go to the movies all. the. time! I don't usually do a review about them. However, this one I just could NOT pass up!

Seriously?! This movie has GOT to be the #1 movie of 2011, as of yet!

Super funny.....okay, HILARIOUS!

A must see, for sure!! case you haven't already seen it.....


I definitely recommend that you do!!!

Honestly, I have not laughed so much or so hard, for that matter, during a movie in so long!

I could go on and on about my favorite scenes but then that would ruin it all for you. You must experience it for yourself!

Oh yeah, and if you haven't seen the trailer yet, look no further....

Courtesy of

Okay, now do you believe me?! Go treat deserve it!

And don't tell me I didn't already tell you so ;O)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Bad Combination!

Take this...

Plus this....

THEN......Add this....

Yeah, not a pretty sight!

Plus, we have my husband's friend who can't drive home cause he drank so he's sleeping on our couch. However, he keeps getting up to use the restroom and it's making me nervous cause he's had a bit too much to drink.

All I can say is, I told my husband that if his friend gets sick, I'm not cleaning it up AND I'm gonna be pissed!

Sometimes I wish sports and beer didn't exist!!!!!!! UGH!!!!!

I just want tomorrow to be here so this will all go away!!!


My Least Favorite Foods...

There are two foods I can list that I can NOT stand. However, these two foods I do like if they are prepared with something, just not by themselves.

First up....

And not to be dramatic or anything but seriously, as this picture sits here on my screen, it's grossing me out. YUK! Here's why....

One, I've never liked mayonnaise anyways, just because it tastes gross. I do like it in potato salad or deviled eggs but by itself on a sandwich or on artichokes.....NO WAY! Nasty!!

Reason # 2, once my daughter had lice and for the life of me, we could not get rid of it. We tried everything (so we thought) but then we were told that mayonnaise works cause it's supposed to smoother the lice and since we were coming up on 3 months of this lice problem, I was willing to try everything! So, I put the mayonnaise in my daughters hair and since I have lots of hair and wanted to take precaustionary measures, I had my husband put it in my hair. Put the shower caps on our heads (I'm getting nauscious talking about, and went to bed. Next morning we took the caps off and OH. MY. GOSH!!! The stench it created was beYOND repulsive! I kept gagging as I was washing it out with shampoo. (GAG!) Yeah, not a fan of Mayo!

Side note: The mayonnaise didn't help.

Next up...which is just as bad.....

That's right, Tomatoes!

Funny thing is, I used to like them when I was a child. My mom would make tacos and burritos and I would always put some refried beans as the side, add some cheese and put one chunk of a tomato right on top...just like a cherry. Loved it!

Another time, my family went out to dinner while visiting my grandma and at the restaurant, I had bitten into a cherry tomato and it splattered all over. It was a funny moment. I loved them.

Then just one day, out of the blue...

I stopped liking them. Never have I liked them since. However, I do like salsa (non-chucky, of course!) or ketchup, and tomato sauce. Again, just not by itself.

In fact...

Once at a local pizza place, my husband and I got a pizza and the salad bar. As I was choosing my toppings for my salad, I noticed they had some extra sides like potato salad, pasta salad and then some cherry parfait. I had decided to add a little cherry parfait to my plate. When I sat down and started eating the parfait, I thought I was going to get sick. I started gagging and my husband was laughing at the look on my face. That's when I had realized that a tomato had gotten mixed in with the parfait. I literally thought I was going to throw up!

Needless to say, I never get that with my salad anymore.


This has been apart of Mama Kat's Writing Assignment. Head on over there to see what everyone else is writing about.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Name That Tune...


While we were driving down to Disneyland on Friday, we were flippin' through the channels and as most of them were Spanish speaking, we did find a few that weren't. When we came upon a song that sounded good, we listened.

Then, in the midst of conversations and such, I started to listen to this one song playing and I really liked it. Then I thought to myself that I better record it on my phone cause I was sure I would forget the name or details of the song by the time we got home.

So I grabbed my phone as the song was getting close to the end and this is what I got....

And of course, when the song was over, they didn't say who it was. Don't you just hate that?!?!

So now I ask you guys.....Does this song at all sound familiar??? It's driving me up the wall. It was such a good song and this is all I'm left with. I have tried searching the internet for the lyrics "and IIIIIIIIII don't wanna let go" and nothing.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Six Word Saturday!

Nuggy's Grand Surprise Today Is.....DISNEYLAND!!!


That's right! It's literally been a good year since we've been here (Disney World doesn't count)which is totally out of the norm for this Disney family! I must confess....I have truly missed this place just like a little kid would. So good to be back!


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Friday, May 13, 2011

The Anticipation Is Brewing...

It's been planned for a couple weeks now. We are the "spur of the moment" kind of family around here and we have learned that not always sharing our adventures with our daughter until the time it happens, is most rewarding.

We also decided to do as such because we have had to let her down on a few occassions which breaks our hearts, so instead...SURPRISE!

So today we will be going on another adventure after work, one of which we have told our daughter we will be doing this

and that we have a surprise sometime during the weekend.

However, we have something far better planned. We are hoping that we can arrive at the hotel while our little princess sleeps through the whole ride there. We are hoping that when we jump on the shuttle tomorrow morning, she will still have no idea what is in store until we arrive.

I am so excited myself! I hope to get all this and her excitement on video! We shall see.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

My First Car(s)

When I was 17 yrs old, I got my license. I didn't by any means have the money to buy my own car, so my parents let me drive one of theirs.

It was a 1963 Mercury Monterey.

It was fast also! However, I didn't drive it fast. I was a good girl. :o)


As I would drive it, I had older folks give me a thumbs up as I wanted to shrink down into my seat. I mean come on....the thing was a boat!

Okay, was cool cause the very back window rolled down......but it was a boat!

But then it was deamed unsafe to drive, so that stopped and I was back on foot again.


Then I moved out with my fiance (husband now) and he would always drive. When he could, he would even drive me to work.

Then my brother told me about a co-worker who was selling a 1970 Chevy Nova.

It was white and had rust spots around the window. Really not in that great of shape but I thought it was good enought to get around in.


Then I took it to the mall that was a couple towns over, probably about 25 miles away and the thing overheated on me. It happened twice!

Then one day while our apartments were repaving the parking lot, we had to park our vehicles in the designated areas or out on the street. There was no parking and I saw people parking in the red zones, so I did too. Big Mistake! It got towed. It was actually a blessing in disguise though, cause the thing hadn't really ran good for 4 months by that time so it was an easy way to get rid of the thing.

I was back on foot again.


Then my parent's neighbor said he would sell me his 1979 Datsun 280ZX. Right on...a little sporty looking car!!! I was so excited!!

It was in pretty good shape too. Only thing was, the engine had been rebuilt and whoever did it, didn't do a good job. It was a 6 cylinder but drove like a 4 cylinder.

Who cares! I loved my little 280ZX


It was a burnt red and had the luvers on the back window.


I loved my little car!

Then one day while my fiance took a trip to Michigan, my friend and I decided to hit the road to Big Sur for a camping trip. We were taking my car so I took it down for new tires.

Side note: The hood on the Datsun 280ZX opens from the window side out. Not from the front of the car and up.

So, the hindges to the hood of my car were broken so you had to align it just right, the front tucked under and then slam it down to shut it by the window. I told the guys at this Firestone this, incase they needed to lift the hood as I've seen before. Still doesn't make sense to me but whatever.

When I picked up my car, all looked good. I went on over to my friend's house to pick her up, finished loading up the car and we were all set.

We hit the freeway and not more than a quarter mile up the road the hood flew open from the front of the car up and was blocking my windshield. I couldn't see so my friend guided me to the side of the freeway.

Apparently the guys at Firstone neglected to tuck the front of the hood under the metal and then shut it by the window.

Later that day I had to go to the junkyard to pick up a new hood, a black one at least, cause the orginal was nearly folded in half. Talk about a scary moment.

I drove that car for a couple years until I got hit on the side and then everything just started to go at that point.

I bought a 1996 Mitsubishi Mirage and traded the 280ZX as "sight unseen" but as the dealership came to tow it away, I did not have a dry eye available. In fact, my friend thought my dog had died. That's how sad I was to see my "baby" go.


I've bought a few more cars since then and now own 3......a Mustang, a Mits. Diamante and a Pontiac G6. My favorite would be my Diamante and I'm dreading the day she goes "bye-bye" as I know those tears will be shed once again.

This has been apart of Mama Kat's Writing Assignment.

Monday, May 9, 2011

A weekend to never forget...

Okay, how was your Mother's Day, all you mommy's out there?

Mine was wonderful!

In fact, I will report on all the lovely goodies my sweet little baby girl showered me with!

I love her! ♥

It started off on Saturday at my church. We attended the Mother/Daughter luncheon just as we had last year, only thing was, my mom wasn't with us this time.

My daughter and I still had fun! See the smiles?! :o)

Then yesterday, Mother's Day, my daughter and I went to church, then went home and we were preparing to head to San Jose for the Sharks game as we have season tickets and of course, the tickets for this playoff series landed on Mother's Day. My husband put them up for sale but they hadn't sold yet.

Just as we were getting ready to walk out the door, my husband thought to check the tickets to see if they sold yet. One last look. SOLD! WOO HOO

So, instead we went to my mom and dad's to give my mom her Mother's Day gift (flowers from my yard, movie tickts and a card...can never go wrong!). We stayed there for about an hour and then we went to the Outback Steakhouse for dinner. I splurged and had myself a sangria. Then for dinner, a yummy steak and lobster. I was so stuffed by the time I was done, ya know...after appetizer and salad. I thought to myself "Yeah, I'm not being good today".

Had to take a pic of me and my baby, since this is what it's all about!

NOW....let's get down to the nitty gritty!

Saturday my friend and I took our girls to see Selena Gomez in concert. It was at the Dixon County Fair. I was actually kind of surprised Selena was playing at a fair, especially one out in the boonies.


As we were waiting for Selena to hit the stage, we took some pics,

We were so excited too!

Then it began.

Everyone stood up, standing in the isles and I grabbed my camera. I had my zoom lense but I apparently was further back than I originally thought.

I look to my right, I see my friend and the girls. Then back to my camera. Snap, snap, snap. Trying to get the best photos I could, especially considering I'm short (a whole 5'3") and people in front of me were taller and the hands in the air. Yeah, it was quite the challenge.

Then I looked to my right again. My friend and the girls were gone!

Where the heck did they go??!!

I assumed they tried to get a little closer but as I looked ahead, nothing!

Where the heck did they go??!!

I stood there, looking around. Behind me. To the right and left. Nothing.

Seconds go by. Then minutes.

I then text my friend, yeah, as if she'll actually hear her phone. I didn't care. I'm gonna try anyways.

Where the heck did you go??

More minutes go by.

I moved through the crowd to the closest part before going down to the last section of seats. Decided to take more pictures. This time much better. Closer and less obstruction.

Then a sherriff came by and told me to find my seat. Just as everyone else was being told to do. Then an event lady was going through and telling people to sit down so everyone could see.

At this point, I thought for sure my friend and the girls would come back. I mean, where else would they find a seat but at our own seats.


I start to panic. Horrible visions sworm my thoughts.

Will I ever see my daughter again? Had someone taken her? Is she okay?

I started to feel a sudden case of closterphobia. I wanted to cry but I had to stay calm.

I then went to the event people and cops. I had my camera to show a picture of the three of them. It was getting dark at this time and they basically told me "Everyone looks like everyone else at this point". I was given permission to walk up and down the isles to find them. Just before then, I told the people that were sitting in front of us that if they come back, to let them know I was looking for them.

Then I hit the isles. Up and down. Nothing.

It was so hard to focus my eyes with it becoming dark and trying to see each person, scanning....panicking at the same time.


I made a circle back to my seats before I hit the otherside.

They they were!! Maybe a half hour later.

"Oh my gosh! You have no idea how scared you guys had me!!!!" I began to tell them. "I'm about to cry now". Just then my friend gave me a hug and apologized profusely.

Where were they, you ask???


You heard me right. They ditched me and were front row, no cares, waving at Selena just above them, carelessly enjoying the concert. Meanwhile, I couldn't enjoy it cause I had no idea where they were. Panicking, not knowing if my child was okay or if I would ever see her again.

Their defense?

"We thought you saw us going up there?"

uuummmm, really??? I'm the starstrucked person here and you seriously thought I wouldn't FOLLOW??? HELLO???!!!!

After all of this, I am just SOOOO happy that they were okay!! I never want to be scared like that ever AGAIN!!!

However, I'm never letting this one down.

Yeah, you can say I'm a bit "butt-hurt" over this.



I hope all my blogger mom's out there had a FABulous Mother's Day and you didn't get the scare of a lifetime! ;O)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A picture speaks a thousand words...

Today while I was getting ready to take a picture, I had decided to view the picture I had just taken and upon viewing that picture, I came across several I hadn't taken.

It was clear who had.

The funny thing is, what those pictures were of.

Let's all look together, shall we....

First up, we have a door knob.

Oh, the importance of a door knob. We all need one....or two, or three.

Second, a picture of my husband and I years ago. Before this little amateur photographer was ever born.

Next, a self portrait.....of her hand, but of course! Need to see who's hands are taking the photos, right?!

And since we all know what her hand looks like, we just HAVE to see her feet. Can't forget the feet!

Lastly, we all have to know she thinks these photos "Rock On!"

I just find it funny, but also see an innocence in what children see and think are important and must capture.

Love it!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Before and After

Thursday was the day I finally bit the bullet.

I am the type of girl that doesn't seem to pamper herself as much as other girls do. When it comes to going to the salon, I may visit it once a year, if not less than that.

Well, this past Thursday was finally the day I revisited the beloved salon!! Time for some "me" time. Time for a change. A refresher. I time for a new look!



I must say....I am quite pleased with the change!