Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Name That Tune...


While we were driving down to Disneyland on Friday, we were flippin' through the channels and as most of them were Spanish speaking, we did find a few that weren't. When we came upon a song that sounded good, we listened.

Then, in the midst of conversations and such, I started to listen to this one song playing and I really liked it. Then I thought to myself that I better record it on my phone cause I was sure I would forget the name or details of the song by the time we got home.

So I grabbed my phone as the song was getting close to the end and this is what I got....

And of course, when the song was over, they didn't say who it was. Don't you just hate that?!?!

So now I ask you guys.....Does this song at all sound familiar??? It's driving me up the wall. It was such a good song and this is all I'm left with. I have tried searching the internet for the lyrics "and IIIIIIIIII don't wanna let go" and nothing.



Lisa Petrarca said...

Sorry Kimmy I have no idea. I hate when that happens, they should ALWAYS say who it is after every song!

Sweet Tea said...

Wish I could help - I even had Princess listen to it, but neither of us have a clue. . .How was Mickey?