Tuesday, May 24, 2011

One Of My Favorite Things...

When I was a young girl, my mom worked in construction. She cleaned model homes in a rich part of the Bay Area, California. She also cleaned brand new houses after they were built. She got them ready to move in once all the carpet, flooring, cabinets, etc. were put in.

She worked with her best friend, Diane. Sometimes my mom would bring me and Diane would bring her step daughter, my best friend, along to help and just have "mother/daughter" times. It was fun!

As I got older, I had decided I wanted to be an Interior Decorator (aka Interior Designer). I think when we would always go to the model homes, I became very facinated in them. I loved the idea of decorating a home!

Then I graduated and I never became an Interior Decorator. I got too involved with my "man" to go to college. It's okay though. I make a decent living working at an accounting firm.

Anyways....getting off track here.....

So every now and then, I will have this urge to go look at model homes. It's so much fun!! It takes me back to when I was a young girl and I would "play house" although, I don't have to "play" anymore. Now, I can actually place my things in these houses, in my mind, that is.

Just this past weekend, we went looking at model homes. We had so much fun! We were rushing though cause they close at 5pm and we only had an hour. We went to this one place that my daughter and I want to move to SO. BAD!

There is one house inparticular too. Even though I'm not a fan of 2-stories, this one has absolutely stole my heart!

Not so much because of the outside, even though I really like the outside, but for obvious reasons....the floorplan (click link and then the green box for the floorplan).

I've been browsing other home builders also, found a couple I like too. It's not like we can buy right now anyways. We have to wait at least another year and a half to two years. Things went sour this past year, like with most of America. We've been saving our money though. We bought at the peak 7 years ago. Back then, we had to jump on what we could get. Hopefully when we buy again, we can take our time.

In the meantime, we'll be checking out all the new goodies out there!!

Do you like to model home shop?


Jennifer said...

I've never done that before. Could be fun, but then I'd probably come home depressed....LOL

Sweet Tea said...

I LOVE to go through model homes and snag their decorating ideas. I have a friend who husband is a builder and I love to go through the new houses and ask questions and such. FUN!! The down part is my dh absolutely does NOT enjoy this. I guess it's mostly a Girl "thang".