Friday, May 13, 2011

The Anticipation Is Brewing...

It's been planned for a couple weeks now. We are the "spur of the moment" kind of family around here and we have learned that not always sharing our adventures with our daughter until the time it happens, is most rewarding.

We also decided to do as such because we have had to let her down on a few occassions which breaks our hearts, so instead...SURPRISE!

So today we will be going on another adventure after work, one of which we have told our daughter we will be doing this

and that we have a surprise sometime during the weekend.

However, we have something far better planned. We are hoping that we can arrive at the hotel while our little princess sleeps through the whole ride there. We are hoping that when we jump on the shuttle tomorrow morning, she will still have no idea what is in store until we arrive.

I am so excited myself! I hope to get all this and her excitement on video! We shall see.


Morgan said...

So fun! I love surprising my kids ... even with little things. But a trip like that? Awesome! Have fun!

Toni said...

Fun!! I hope it all works out perfectly for the surprise! An excited surprised Kiddo is the best!!