Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Bad Combination!

Take this...

Plus this....

THEN......Add this....

Yeah, not a pretty sight!

Plus, we have my husband's friend who can't drive home cause he drank so he's sleeping on our couch. However, he keeps getting up to use the restroom and it's making me nervous cause he's had a bit too much to drink.

All I can say is, I told my husband that if his friend gets sick, I'm not cleaning it up AND I'm gonna be pissed!

Sometimes I wish sports and beer didn't exist!!!!!!! UGH!!!!!

I just want tomorrow to be here so this will all go away!!!



Jennifer said...

I'm certainly with you on that one!! I become a nervous wreck anytime our team plays and hubby is actually home to watch it! Ugh!

Sweet Tea said...

Come onnnn, Thursday. . .I'll be watching for your next post as it may be a doozy. Best of luck!
BTW, your dh "owes you"!