Saturday, March 28, 2009

Blogversation time!

Okay, so this week at Summer's place, the blogversation topic was our choice. I had decided to do a Q & A. Only thing was, only one person sent me a question. WTF??? I thought I was going to have to throw in the towel. But since I have a super BFF, she sent me like a bunch of questions. I love her! (Thanks Linda!!) She didn't want me to look! So this blogversation turned out no so bad after all.

So, for those of you that had NO idea what to ask me, here are some answers you may (or may not) care to know about me :o)

And now for a little conversation I wanted to share with you all that I had with my little one last night. The fact that I'm getting older each year (although I'm still young and still feel young), this did NOT make me feel young AT ALL.

I was over my in-law's house. My MIL was holding her little dog which happens to be half chihuahua and terrier.

Me: Awwww, his ears make him look like a little Gremlin.

Then I look at my daughter...

Me: I should rent that movie Gremlins for you. I think you'll like it. It's such an 80's movie.

Daughter: Is it in black and white?

Me: WHAT? It's not that long ago. I'm not that old. lol

Friday, March 27, 2009

Questions for this weekend...

Hey guys, just a little reminder, recap, whatever as to what's going on this weekend. I have once again decided to participate in the blogversations going on over at Summer's place. I had decided to do a Q & A session for mine since the topic is our choice. I even posted about it here and as of this very minute, I have only received one little question. How pathetic, huh? I know! I hate to say but I'm feeling a little....hmmm, how should I say this?.....disappointed.

If I don't receive anymore questions, I'm just gonna have to throw in the towel this week. I know....sad. Tell me about it. I just know how much you guys like to see my videos. :o) I know how much I alone like doing them for you, as does my!

So for one last shout out for questions from all my loving bloggy friends, who I know wants to know more about me (lol), send me some questions so I don't look anymore pathetic than this post is proving me to be.

Oh yeah.......a big "WHOOPS" about a no show on the FFF this week. I must say, I have really fallen off track here big time! Sorry guys but from the looks of last week, doesn't look like anyone has taken much interest in it lately. Oh well! Let me know if you guys are interested anymore. I just may stop it and just share my pic on random days and posts.

Okay, carry on now......

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blogversations: Q & A

Hey everyone! Every Saturday Summer at Le Musings of Moi has a blogversation. This weeks topic is up to us. Fair game, I guess you can say, cause in my case I thought it would be fun to have you guys ask me any question. Well, to an extent. I'll let you know if I can or can not answer it but I will do my best to answer all questions.

So, is there anything that you guys have been wanting to ask me but were afraid to? Or there just wasn't a right time? Or you just thought of it now? Well, here's your chance. Ask away people.

Just email me at This will be fun! Don't let me down guys!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm Trading You In

I feel betrayed! I do. Just when I thought we were friends, you go and change things on me. I go in and rent from you like almost every day. You knew me by name.
People would tell me about the "new guy in town" but I wouldn't have it. I stuck by your side. You had everything I wanted. I was happy!

Where did I go wrong?

Stupid Hollywood Video!!
I'm mad at you. The convenience was there. I could just walk or drive across the street from my neighborhood to rent my videos. Something I love to do, especially now with the economy. I'm trying not to spend too much money. I was able to rent at least 5-7 movies a week all for $24.99/month. Now you change it to the "PowerPlay" business??!!

I don't like it!!!!! It stinks!
If I'm lucky, I would get to rent something like 10 movies a month. What the heck kind of crap is that?? Don't you know me by now!! You got greedy is what it is. I love my movies and since you can't keep up with your end of the bargain here.....

I'm trading you in!!!!

For someone shinier and new!

You blew it! I'm hurt.

I mean, if maybe....and just maybe, if you went back to your old ways, I may take you back. Until then, I've found someone else.

They can offer me the same things too.....for cheaper! Okay, so maybe the convenience isn't quite the same but I can have 3 movies for less and you could only offer me 2 for your price.

We can still be friends, right?!

sniff sniff

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Blogversation: Talent Show

It's that time again over at Summer's at Le Musing's of Moi. I'm once again participating in her weekly blogversations. This week's topic is Talent Show. As soon as I learned of this weeks topic, I knew exactly what mine was going to be dog!!!

Please excuse the fact that I look like crap in the video. I didn't even put make up on because I have been dealing with a migraine all day and I still have it. Also, we did this video all in one take cause I had like 7 minutes left on my battery.

So anyways, on with the show.....

Okay, it's your turn now. What talent's do you guys have to share?

Friday, March 20, 2009

My FFF!!

Hosted by

It's that time again for Fabulous Foto Friday! I hope you all will join in. If you like taking pictures, then this is just the thing for you. Check here for the rules.


These pictures I'm sharing with you I took a few weeks ago before I was MIA, I guess you can say. I enjoyed this day with my daughter and really wanted to share these pictures with all of you, so here you go. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

This is an old lumber building from the early 1900's with the Delta in the background.

These were during a couple stops down at the marina.

The marina boats.

Okay, now it's your turn! If you already did yours, enter your name below in Mr. Linky so everyone can stop by and see what you have to share. Thanks for joining!!!!

Fabulous Foto Friday!

Hosted by

Welcome everyone!! It's that time again for Fabulous Foto Friday! If you weren't here last week, that's alright! My philosophy is "the more the merrier"!! So, I would love for you to join in :o)

So, here are the rules:

1. Post a special picture that you took during the week. If you have more than one that you want to post, that would be great also. It can be any kind of picture (i.e. funny, silly, weird, artsy, fun, whatever).

2. Write about what the picture is about and what it means to you.

3. Come back later and sign your name on Mr. Linky to share so we all can make our way to your blog and see your wonderful picture(s).

4. Be sure to comment on the person above you. If you want to comment on more than one person, I'd love that and I'm sure they would too! The more comments, the better :o)

I look forward to seeing what everyone has come up with to share!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thoughts and Facinations??

I haven't been doing these lately. I don't know, maybe because I've just been busy or maybe cause I'm trying not to literally live on the computer as much. Whatever the reason is, I thought I would participate today. Maybe bring my numbers up a bit, comment numbers that is. I feel like the Dow lately. sniff sniff

So anyways, it's Mama Kat's weekly writing assignment and here are the prompts:

1.) I used to think...
2.) List ten things you can do in three minutes.
3.) Describe a time you allowed your child to do something that you normally would not let slide.
4.) I want to become friends with...
5.) What are you currently fascinated with?

I think I'll do #1 and #5.

So for # 1....

I used to think that all Aunt's were named Aunt Linda because coincidentally, both my mom's sister and my dad's sister both share the name Linda. Clearly I was like super young but nonetheless, I still thought that. In fact, one time one of my friend's and I were talking and she referred to her Aunt as Aunt Sue. I was confused so I asked her "Why did you call her Aunt Sue? I thought they were called Aunt Linda." My friend rationed with me and explained that her Aunt's name was Sue. WOW, let there be clarity in my life!!!! LOL!

And now for #5...

What are you currently fascinated with? Well, I wouldn't really say it's a fascination.

First, let me start of by reminding everyone that I am a HUGE Hollywood follower. I love watching all the entertainment shows on TV and even watching TMZ. I love the whole celebrity gossip thing. So, I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this?! Natasha Richardson! I can't help myself in feeling a bit melancholy about this and her death. My heart just goes out to her family and friends. Now those poor boys of her's no longer have their mom.....just heartbreaking!To think one moment she was creating memories and having a wonderful time with her loved ones and a simple bonk on her head ended her life is just depressing and sad. Stuff like this just saddens me. I just get so caught up in with the whole celebrity thing and their lives. Noooo, I'm not some stalker freak either! I just love watching the shows and keeping up on the latest. I love going to Hollywood any chance I get too! But just hearing stuff like this makes me so sad. I know it's life but she was just too young.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Typical Day Off

It's finally here!
I finally got around to doing my part 2 to my "A Typical Day" series.
I know you all must have been wondering when I was going to ever do this, huh?! LOL Yeah right! Well, this one's for my hubby.
To see part 1, click here.

So this is a typical day off for me. This took place this past weekend, Saturday. My day started out at about 7:30am or 8am. No clue for sure. I just know I woke up before my hubby had to go to work. And as always, I headed straight to my computer and logged into blogger.
Surprising, I know!

I later ended up getting ready so that I could leave to run some errands.

This is when I left...

Went to pay my mortgage....

Then to pick up a few items at the store....

And then to get a movie. You know me and my movies!!
Good thing all three of these places are in the same parking lot. Talk about convenience!

Once my husband got home, we left about an hour later to head out to dinner and the Sharks game. We left at about 3pm.

Here's my noodle while we were driving.

And I took a couple pictures of this absolutely RIDICULOUSLY HUGE house that we see everytime we head out in this direction. We even saw it being built which was a couple years ago. Thought I would share it with you guys.....

I mean really....who needs a house THIS big???!!!

Almost to The Cheesecake Factory.

Yummy!! We're here!

Here's my babe while we were waiting for our dinner. Freezing in the process. We thought the patio heaters would keep us warm enough. WRONG!!

And now the noodle and I.

Here's the time once we got to the parking garage in San Jose. At this point we walked about a half mile to HP Pavilion.

We're here!

My hubby and the cutie at the game.

Me being my usual ding-dong self! I love making faces. Disturbing ones at that! LOL! I look like I'm about to eat my kiddo...LOL! She kept saying "Stooopp!"

The Zamboni.

Both the teams....

And the best part of the whole thing......THE FIGHTS!!!! I got 20 shots of this fight too! I was snap happy. My hubby thought I was a!

And finally the day comes to an end when we finally arrive home!
We ended up going to bed an hour later.

So, what are your typical days like? Why not share with us!

Thankful Tuesday!

It's another week and another Thankful Tuesday! Head on over to Denise's at Laughing with Spoons to participate. It's always good to remember the important things in our busy lives!

This week it is our choice in what we want to list, so this is my list (besides the normal family, friends, roof over head, jobs, health, etc):

1. I am thankful that my personal life has gotten so much better over the past week or so. God has been working in our lives and all my prayers are being answered!! (Thank you to those of you that were praying for us!!)

2. I am thankful to have this Thursday off and to spend the whole day with my daughter. I miss my daughter during the day while she is in school, although I do enjoy my time while she is in school.

3. I am thankful that my boss bought me lunch today (just take-out, nothing weird going on. Ewww, that's just disturbing!) so that I can save my lunch I brought today (a Smart One) for tomorrow! How nice was that! Yah for free lunch!!! (lol!)

4. I am thankful I was able to help a friend yesterday get an awesome deal on a hotel for an upcoming trip! It made me so happy to hear her be so excited that she got this deal. (In case you're wondering, I saved her $89/per night at the Hilton. How cool is that??!! It pays to travel all the time and research!)

5. I am thankful for 4:30p today as that is the time I get off work :D

6. I am thankful that I will be eating at home today. We've been eating out waaaaaayyy too much and I'm sick of it! Blah! Do you ever get like that too?!

7. I am thankful that I get to go straight home after work rather than having to make a stop to pick the noodle up. It's the hub's turn today!! WOO HOO!

8. I am thankful that the Dow is slowing starting to go back up! Yes, I watch this all the time. Even here at work.

9. I am thankful gas isn't an arm and a leg anymore. It doesn't cost $50 + to fill my tank anymore. YIPPY!!!!!

10. I am thankful for having a wonderful weekend. We spent it together as a family having dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and at the Sharks game. We had a wonderful time too!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful, safe St. Patrick's Day!! Have fun!!

Happy Cows.....

....come from California??!!

Okay, honestly, I don't know if these commercials reach other states or if it's just a California thing. You guys out here in bloggyland will have to let me know this. I know there are those of you who know what I'm talking about. For those of you who don't, we have commercials with talking cows, happy cows! (LOL!) And according to these commercials, they all come from California. Personally, I totally LOVE these commercials. They are cute, witty and funny. I don't normally like watching commercials but anytime these are on, I stop to watch. I enjoy seeing the new ones that come out too. Like the anticipated new releases at the theatres. However, being from California and the whole "Happy cows come from California" thing, I beg to differ. This is why....

I live in between the city, suburbs and then farmland. My town is actually kind of farmy. However, I live less than 5 minutes from a regular suburb. If you go farther out east or north, you will really get into the heart of the farmland out here. When I drive through some of this farmland, I come across some pretty stinky areas. Areas in which I have to roll my window up to avoid the total stench of the smell. That "stench" I speak of is none other than manure. Sorry people but I have to be honest here. That manure comes from these so-called "Happy Cows". Only thing is, these poor cows are not living the Californian dream. They're all crammed together in a smelly, muddy, poopy farm place that is not green and lustrious that these commercials portray them to be living in. Poor cows!! I think they're super cute too!! :D (I'm an animal lover, obviously!!)

Anyways, enough of that....onto the commercial. I know those of you who haven't seen them are just wondering what it's all about now. HUH?! LOL! Hold your britches.

So without further adu, here is one segment of the "Happy Cows come from California" commercial. There's more where that came from too. Oh yeah, and don't forget to go vote at here.

Did you see her ears go back??!!! LOL!!!! The first time I saw this one I had to keep playing it back to watch her ears. My husband and daughter were even laughing!! Too cute!!! LOVE IT!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Blogversation: Show & Tell.....and more!

It's Blogversation time!!! Head on over to Summer's at Le Musings of Moi and join in the fun!

This week's blogversation topic is Show & Tell.

So here you go....

And since I participated last weekend but because I never uploaded the video, I never got around to posting it. Since I was interviewing my daughter, she reeeeaaaallly wanted me to post this so I promised her that I would today. So here you go....

Well that was fun! Now it's your turn :o)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Me likey!!

So, it's been like ages since I've bought myself a bathing suit that I actually liked and looked good on me. That was to be expected though with the extra weight I was carrying and I wasn't too thrilled about making any sunbathing plans. In fact, I avoided them all together. Made up excuses as to why I didn't want to go over "so-n-so's" house to swim. I even wore shorts or a long t-shirt to hide my undesirable assets.

So, now that the weight is gone, I thought how fun would it be to look for a bathing suit, right?! I used to be brave and wear bikini's when I was younger but I've had a baby since then so I have the zebra stripes that most of us mommy's share in common ("Psst, what-ever" to those of you who were fortunate enough not to earn your stripes). So now I prefer and love the look of the tankinis....Super cute!

Anyway, I LOVE Victoria Secret's!! Who doesn't, right?! I buy all my bras there cause they are super cute, comfy and I just love to spend an arm and a leg to protect my "girls". So, when browsing online for a new tankini, I came across this super cute one! Love the print! Love the purple accents! I would just choose the bottom with the rings on the sides.

Best's ON SALE!!! It was $73. Now it's $55.50. Not too bad! At least it isn't the $150 that I spent on my very last bikini I bought like 12 years ago that my hubby doesn't let me down about to this day. Hee hee!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday rambling....

I don't know but this week sure has drug on like you wouldn't believe. It probably has something to do with that fact that my little "part-time" self has worked everyday thus far. I admit it...... I'M SPOILED!

Since becoming a mommy, I have enjoyed every single day off that I get. To be able to enjoy the sunshine doing whatever is so nice. Sure, my hubby gives me "chores" to do but I would rather do those chores than to be here at work.

Since we are in tax season, the past two weeks I have worked Tuesdays. Yesterday my boss had asked me if I could work today (Thursday) and as much as I wanted to say "NO!", I knew my hubby wanted me to work so I said "Yes". With the extra money I would make just this one extra day would be nice. Especially since we just dropped my car off at the shop to get the brakes done and possible rotors because we let it go so long. I know, that's bad! Then, my hubby's car needs to go in for major maintenance since it just hit 100k miles. OUCH!

Speaking of cars, the other day the hubs and I were talking. Since both our cars are over the 100k mile mark...sniff sniff...he was like "We're gonna have to get a new car soon." Light bulb clicked 2010 Camero!!!!! I WANT that car!! It's even cheaper than the people at the auto show said it would be. $35k down to $23k. BUT.........yep, there's a big BUT with that. The hubs doesn't want a big car payment like our last two were so he wants to stay under 20k. sigh....No Camero. :o( I don't want some small car either though. I don't feel safe in small cars. Okay, so we have a Mustang but my car is a bit bigger. I don't feel too bad in the Mustang, maybe because it feels sturdy. I don't want some Honda Civic or Ford Focus. We rent cars all the time when we drive to Disneyland and these cars are "flimsy", if that makes sense. Scary! This may sound spoiled also but I'm just thinking of my child's safety and when I see car accidents on the news or on the road, it's scary. I just want my noodle to be safe!! So, hopefully we'll find something nice. I just hope my car will last me another year or two.

Last night my hubby and I watched a scary movie. It was The Midnight Meat Train. I was scared through out the whole movie, covering my eyes and getting stressed out really bad! I even asked him "How the heck can you watch this and it not bother you?". He laughed. However, the ending completely ruined it for my husband. If you like scary movies, I recommend this one.

Onto other news. This weekend I thought I would do my 2nd part to my Typical Day series. Stay tuned for that.

Also, I thought I would start Fabulous Foto Friday up next weekend. I figured, since I will be taking the next 2 Thursdays off (cause the noodle will be on Spring Break and I have to have at least one extra day off with her), I can prepare for it better. Stay tuned for that as well.

Also, Summer at Le Musings of Moi has her weekly blogversations. I love doing them and I even participated with last Saturday's but I never uploaded the video so I never posted it. I will more and likely do this Saturday's and I'll post both of them together on the same post cause the noodle wanted me to post it since she was the main focus on this one. :o)

I hope everyone has a wonderful day! I'm glad to be back and with all of you!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Thankful Tuesday!

Hello everyone!!!!!!
It's been a little while since I've been on because of this but things are starting to turn around. With all that has gone on in the past week and a half, there really is so much to be thankful for. That's why when I came on here today and saw Denise's Thankful Tuesday, I knew that I needed to join in today.

So, without further adu, this is what I'm Thankful for Right Now!
(This is never in any particular order)


1. I am thankful for all the warm and thoughtful comments everyone left me during this past week and a half. It really means everything to me that so many people care. Thank you!!

2. I am thankful that my Follower count hasn't decreased since I've been MIA! LOL I know that sounds silly but that's the first thing I notice when I log in.

3. I am thankful for my husband! He is such a wonderful person and with all that went on, I am so thankful that he is in my life!

4. I am thankful for my daughter! Again, with all that went on, she was there by my side every step of the way. What a trooper she is and to be my little sunshine! I am so thankful she too is in my life.

5. I am thankful for my friends and family who were there for me during my rough time here. Just being able to get words of encouragement, wisdom and prayers made all the difference.

6.I am thankful for the opportunity to work extra days during this rough economy. As much as I hate to admit it, I have gotten spoiled working part time since becoming a mommy. I love my days off but, I get paid good for what I do and it's always so nice to get my paycheck with those additional days on it!

7. I am thankful that I finally made goal with my weight! It took just shy a year but I did it and I am so happy!! Now, when I go back Thursday, I will probably have gained cause I ate like crap-ola but what's a pound or two now?! I'm now in control!

8. I am thankful for all the rain we got these past few weeks. I'm not a fan of rain but I am a fan of taking nice long showers and without the rain means water rationing and we can't have that now! LOL Plus, our earth needs to be watered :o)

9. I am thankful that we get to enjoy some beautiful sunshine now! I LOVE the sun and with the sun comes the singing birds in the morning. I sure love hearing the birds chirp!!!

10. I am thankful that God is in my life! He is the one that got me through this week. He has answered so many prayers and is continuing to!


So, now it's your turn! What are you thankful for right now?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dear Bloggy Friends,

I know I haven't been on here in a few days. Normally I try to post once a day but I just wanted to let everyone know that it's going to be awhile until I'm back on here. Please be patient with me as I will return.

Without going into great detail, last week I had decided to work on being a better person. Which includes me working on letting things not get to me. Also, I am someone who believes in God. I know nothing else. He has always been a part of my life. Only thing is, I've lived my life as I saw fit, not the way God would have. I made a decision last week that I would work at being a better Christian. That meant I was putting my all into this. I knew it wasn't going to be easy and I knew there were going to be extremely difficult times, only thing was, I didn't know when the difficult times would start and how they were going to affect me. Well, not more than 2 days later did my life turn completely upside down. I feel like I've been hit by a semi and these past few days have been the most emotional few days I have ever had in my life. I never imagined I was going to go through what I have dealt with. I'm not sleeping well, I'm crying constantly and I feel like I'm going through a state of depression but I refuse to give up. That's why I need to take the next few weeks to focus on my personal life and try to get it back. I hope you all can hang tight with me.

Also, Fabulous Foto Friday will be on hiatus until further notice.

I thank all of you for being here for me and I hope you will be here when I return.