Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm Trading You In

I feel betrayed! I do. Just when I thought we were friends, you go and change things on me. I go in and rent from you like almost every day. You knew me by name.
People would tell me about the "new guy in town" but I wouldn't have it. I stuck by your side. You had everything I wanted. I was happy!

Where did I go wrong?

Stupid Hollywood Video!!
I'm mad at you. The convenience was there. I could just walk or drive across the street from my neighborhood to rent my videos. Something I love to do, especially now with the economy. I'm trying not to spend too much money. I was able to rent at least 5-7 movies a week all for $24.99/month. Now you change it to the "PowerPlay" business??!!

I don't like it!!!!! It stinks!
If I'm lucky, I would get to rent something like 10 movies a month. What the heck kind of crap is that?? Don't you know me by now!! You got greedy is what it is. I love my movies and since you can't keep up with your end of the bargain here.....

I'm trading you in!!!!

For someone shinier and new!

You blew it! I'm hurt.

I mean, if maybe....and just maybe, if you went back to your old ways, I may take you back. Until then, I've found someone else.

They can offer me the same things too.....for cheaper! Okay, so maybe the convenience isn't quite the same but I can have 3 movies for less and you could only offer me 2 for your price.

We can still be friends, right?!

sniff sniff


Nikki B. said...

you'll be happy with the new guy...and when he isn't enough...there's always the redbox rentals!!

Linda said...

My friend, you crack me up!!

lagirl said...

Good riddance!
We got "took" by Hollywood so we closed our account and now we do business with Blockbuster. Truth is, we don't rent movies very often...You'll make friends with a new place and forget that Hollywood every existed. I promise!

Amanda said...

If you have x box live you can stream neflix on your tv whenever you want no waiting.. no extra cost its great! I ditched the cable tv ;0)

The Acting Mom said...

Netflix is awesome! I enjoy their instant watch while I am waiting for a movie in the mail.

And your post is hilarious!

{Diamond} said...

Just started Netflix this week - so far, so good! Hope it works out better for you :-).