Friday, March 27, 2009

Questions for this weekend...

Hey guys, just a little reminder, recap, whatever as to what's going on this weekend. I have once again decided to participate in the blogversations going on over at Summer's place. I had decided to do a Q & A session for mine since the topic is our choice. I even posted about it here and as of this very minute, I have only received one little question. How pathetic, huh? I know! I hate to say but I'm feeling a little....hmmm, how should I say this?.....disappointed.

If I don't receive anymore questions, I'm just gonna have to throw in the towel this week. I know....sad. Tell me about it. I just know how much you guys like to see my videos. :o) I know how much I alone like doing them for you, as does my!

So for one last shout out for questions from all my loving bloggy friends, who I know wants to know more about me (lol), send me some questions so I don't look anymore pathetic than this post is proving me to be.

Oh yeah.......a big "WHOOPS" about a no show on the FFF this week. I must say, I have really fallen off track here big time! Sorry guys but from the looks of last week, doesn't look like anyone has taken much interest in it lately. Oh well! Let me know if you guys are interested anymore. I just may stop it and just share my pic on random days and posts.

Okay, carry on now......

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{Diamond} said...

Gee, Kimmy, I didn't think my question was that "sorry"! lol