Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thoughts and Facinations??

I haven't been doing these lately. I don't know, maybe because I've just been busy or maybe cause I'm trying not to literally live on the computer as much. Whatever the reason is, I thought I would participate today. Maybe bring my numbers up a bit, comment numbers that is. I feel like the Dow lately. sniff sniff

So anyways, it's Mama Kat's weekly writing assignment and here are the prompts:

1.) I used to think...
2.) List ten things you can do in three minutes.
3.) Describe a time you allowed your child to do something that you normally would not let slide.
4.) I want to become friends with...
5.) What are you currently fascinated with?

I think I'll do #1 and #5.

So for # 1....

I used to think that all Aunt's were named Aunt Linda because coincidentally, both my mom's sister and my dad's sister both share the name Linda. Clearly I was like super young but nonetheless, I still thought that. In fact, one time one of my friend's and I were talking and she referred to her Aunt as Aunt Sue. I was confused so I asked her "Why did you call her Aunt Sue? I thought they were called Aunt Linda." My friend rationed with me and explained that her Aunt's name was Sue. WOW, let there be clarity in my life!!!! LOL!

And now for #5...

What are you currently fascinated with? Well, I wouldn't really say it's a fascination.

First, let me start of by reminding everyone that I am a HUGE Hollywood follower. I love watching all the entertainment shows on TV and even watching TMZ. I love the whole celebrity gossip thing. So, I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this?! Natasha Richardson! I can't help myself in feeling a bit melancholy about this and her death. My heart just goes out to her family and friends. Now those poor boys of her's no longer have their mom.....just heartbreaking!To think one moment she was creating memories and having a wonderful time with her loved ones and a simple bonk on her head ended her life is just depressing and sad. Stuff like this just saddens me. I just get so caught up in with the whole celebrity thing and their lives. Noooo, I'm not some stalker freak either! I just love watching the shows and keeping up on the latest. I love going to Hollywood any chance I get too! But just hearing stuff like this makes me so sad. I know it's life but she was just too young.


{Diamond} said...

I'm still rolling on the floor over the "Aunt Linda" thing! LOL!

The Wife O Riley said...

I get so caught up in those shows that I find myself thinking that I know these stars.

The other day, Matt said to me "I read somewhere that Jennifer Aniston is pregnant"

My response was "No she not, she would have called me!"

I live in my own little world sometimes.

Linda said...

Hey....I'm an Aunt Linda!! :o) lol

The Wife O crack me up! Jennifer would have called you! LOL!!!!!

Confession: Back in the day when we all used to watch the original 90210, I had a few dreams that I was "one of the gang", hanging out with them all! So, I guess I can kinda relate a little bit with The Wife O Riley!

Simply AnonyMom said...

Her death is so sad.

I think the aunt linda thing is so funny. I thought all dogs were girls (since we had a girl dog) and since boys and girls are different than all cats are boys (we did not have a cat). I was probably 8 when I realized that both dogs and cats have boys and girls.