Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Typical Day Off

It's finally here!
I finally got around to doing my part 2 to my "A Typical Day" series.
I know you all must have been wondering when I was going to ever do this, huh?! LOL Yeah right! Well, this one's for my hubby.
To see part 1, click here.

So this is a typical day off for me. This took place this past weekend, Saturday. My day started out at about 7:30am or 8am. No clue for sure. I just know I woke up before my hubby had to go to work. And as always, I headed straight to my computer and logged into blogger.
Surprising, I know!

I later ended up getting ready so that I could leave to run some errands.

This is when I left...

Went to pay my mortgage....

Then to pick up a few items at the store....

And then to get a movie. You know me and my movies!!
Good thing all three of these places are in the same parking lot. Talk about convenience!

Once my husband got home, we left about an hour later to head out to dinner and the Sharks game. We left at about 3pm.

Here's my noodle while we were driving.

And I took a couple pictures of this absolutely RIDICULOUSLY HUGE house that we see everytime we head out in this direction. We even saw it being built which was a couple years ago. Thought I would share it with you guys.....

I mean really....who needs a house THIS big???!!!

Almost to The Cheesecake Factory.

Yummy!! We're here!

Here's my babe while we were waiting for our dinner. Freezing in the process. We thought the patio heaters would keep us warm enough. WRONG!!

And now the noodle and I.

Here's the time once we got to the parking garage in San Jose. At this point we walked about a half mile to HP Pavilion.

We're here!

My hubby and the cutie at the game.

Me being my usual ding-dong self! I love making faces. Disturbing ones at that! LOL! I look like I'm about to eat my kiddo...LOL! She kept saying "Stooopp!"

The Zamboni.

Both the teams....

And the best part of the whole thing......THE FIGHTS!!!! I got 20 shots of this fight too! I was snap happy. My hubby thought I was a dork..lol!

And finally the day comes to an end when we finally arrive home!
We ended up going to bed an hour later.

So, what are your typical days like? Why not share with us!


Lynette said...

That's great seeing the a typical day for you. I love the Cheesecake Factory...yummy!

We walked the strip at Vegas 2 years ago (nday and night) and this time we drove it. Man has it changed in just 2 years. We were going to walk but there were so many people and construction.
NV is definately a fun place to visit.

Brenda said...

Thanks for stopping by. I was excited to check out your bogs today and they are wonderful. It makes me miss California. I loved the idea of the "typical day". I might try that in a future post.

I definitely will be reading your blogs often.

{Diamond} said...

Wow! That house was something else! I haven't been to Cali in almost 20 years - gotta go back :-).