Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blogversations: Q & A

Hey everyone! Every Saturday Summer at Le Musings of Moi has a blogversation. This weeks topic is up to us. Fair game, I guess you can say, cause in my case I thought it would be fun to have you guys ask me any question. Well, to an extent. I'll let you know if I can or can not answer it but I will do my best to answer all questions.

So, is there anything that you guys have been wanting to ask me but were afraid to? Or there just wasn't a right time? Or you just thought of it now? Well, here's your chance. Ask away people.

Just email me at This will be fun! Don't let me down guys!


{Diamond} said...

Ok! Are you planning on having any more children? Why or why not?

The Wife O Riley said...

I'll try to think up a good one and email you.