Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday rambling....

I don't know but this week sure has drug on like you wouldn't believe. It probably has something to do with that fact that my little "part-time" self has worked everyday thus far. I admit it...... I'M SPOILED!

Since becoming a mommy, I have enjoyed every single day off that I get. To be able to enjoy the sunshine doing whatever is so nice. Sure, my hubby gives me "chores" to do but I would rather do those chores than to be here at work.

Since we are in tax season, the past two weeks I have worked Tuesdays. Yesterday my boss had asked me if I could work today (Thursday) and as much as I wanted to say "NO!", I knew my hubby wanted me to work so I said "Yes". With the extra money I would make just this one extra day would be nice. Especially since we just dropped my car off at the shop to get the brakes done and possible rotors because we let it go so long. I know, that's bad! Then, my hubby's car needs to go in for major maintenance since it just hit 100k miles. OUCH!

Speaking of cars, the other day the hubs and I were talking. Since both our cars are over the 100k mile mark...sniff sniff...he was like "We're gonna have to get a new car soon." Light bulb clicked 2010 Camero!!!!! I WANT that car!! It's even cheaper than the people at the auto show said it would be. $35k down to $23k. BUT.........yep, there's a big BUT with that. The hubs doesn't want a big car payment like our last two were so he wants to stay under 20k. sigh....No Camero. :o( I don't want some small car either though. I don't feel safe in small cars. Okay, so we have a Mustang but my car is a bit bigger. I don't feel too bad in the Mustang, maybe because it feels sturdy. I don't want some Honda Civic or Ford Focus. We rent cars all the time when we drive to Disneyland and these cars are "flimsy", if that makes sense. Scary! This may sound spoiled also but I'm just thinking of my child's safety and when I see car accidents on the news or on the road, it's scary. I just want my noodle to be safe!! So, hopefully we'll find something nice. I just hope my car will last me another year or two.

Last night my hubby and I watched a scary movie. It was The Midnight Meat Train. I was scared through out the whole movie, covering my eyes and getting stressed out really bad! I even asked him "How the heck can you watch this and it not bother you?". He laughed. However, the ending completely ruined it for my husband. If you like scary movies, I recommend this one.

Onto other news. This weekend I thought I would do my 2nd part to my Typical Day series. Stay tuned for that.

Also, I thought I would start Fabulous Foto Friday up next weekend. I figured, since I will be taking the next 2 Thursdays off (cause the noodle will be on Spring Break and I have to have at least one extra day off with her), I can prepare for it better. Stay tuned for that as well.

Also, Summer at Le Musings of Moi has her weekly blogversations. I love doing them and I even participated with last Saturday's but I never uploaded the video so I never posted it. I will more and likely do this Saturday's and I'll post both of them together on the same post cause the noodle wanted me to post it since she was the main focus on this one. :o)

I hope everyone has a wonderful day! I'm glad to be back and with all of you!


Linda said...

Hi my friend!! In regards to your car issue....could you do a bit of a compromise? Instead of a 2010 Camero, could you do a 2009 Camero? Next year it will be more affordable than a BRAND new one. Maybe you could find one that has very few miles on it...????
As for the scary movies...I wish I wasn't as swermy as I have become...I really miss my scary movies!!!
Oh, will the boys and I be able to come over and play with you and Sabrina during the Spring Break?
I"ll chat with you soon.
Love your friend,

{Diamond} said...

My hubby loves those movies, too lol. Yuck! And it's definitely not spoiled to want a safe car or to get in as many hours at work as you can. Although it may not have affected you, personally, we ARE in a recession! lol So make that money, girlfriend!

Glad to have you back :-).