Friday, February 11, 2011

Good Grief!

Tuesday's are my day off and I try and go to my usual spot for my 3 mile walk.

Well, Monday night the wind really picked up and was going nuts all night long.

The next morning it continued and I found myself rationalizing reasons in my head about why not to go for my walk cause how windy it was. I really wanted to go cause I enjoy it but with how bad the wind was, I didn't want to deal with being tossed around.

My daughter and I even joked that I would look like a balloon out there.

A friend of mine even Facebooked me that "Maybe you'll meet the Wizard of Oz!"

Yes, windy indeed it was.

However, I bit the bullet and drove to my location.

It was windy alright but I was okay. "I could handle this!" I thought to myself.

As I was walking along, I even noticed a fox.

{See him out there in the middle of the pic?!}

See, this will be a nice little walk still. Enjoying nature's finest, beautiful sunshine. What's not to enjoy?!

As I carried along, yapping on the phone with my friend, the wind started to whistle in the phone making it difficult to hear my friend that I decided to end the conversation until I got home.


Instead, I decided to take a picture of myself and send it to her!


I couldn't walk and see with the obstruction of my hair in my face. So, I brushed my hair behind me but then my left ear started to hurt so back came my hair so at the very least, protect me ear.

"Good gracious" I thought, "I hope I don't get an ear infection after that!"

Took 20 minutes or so, but my ear felt better.


once I got home.....relieved,

I noticed this....

The wind was so bad that it snapped the umbrella top off the pole.

Fortunately, it was already broken however, not THAT broken.

Good Grief!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Unforgetable Lectures

I honestly can't remember the last time I participated in a writing assignment from Mama Kat. Although, since I AM trying to get back in the swing of blogging again, what better way then do one of these.

I have chosen to do the very first one on her list too!

1. A lecture you still remember.

lectures suck!! Pictures, Images and Photos

Instantly came to of my dad's many lectures. Trust me, I have had my far share of them also, not because I was a bad kid (cause I wasn't) but because it was hard to please my dad. My brother I I got leactured for some of the many reasons like poor report cards (anything below a B), failing to complete all my chores, misbehaving, sibling quarrels, and politics. Yes, you heard me right....politics.

When my friend's would come over, my dad would always be watching politics. He would start talking about whatever the topic was at the time and then either my friend or my brother's friend would want to ask a question. We warned them but they asked anyway. So, my brother and I would do what we do best......say "You're on your own" and take off. Our friend's would be stuck there, if they were lucky, 15 min. I now tend to avoid the topic, unless of course, I'm interested in knowing the answer. I just prepare myself.

Anyways, when my dad would get mad at me for misbehaving, he would carry on about respect, being ungrateful, yada yada. Oh, and if I yawned? "What? Am I boring you??" My reply, "No!", all timid and scared with the look of horror on my face, worried he was gonna smack me or something. Meanwhile, I'm thinking to myself, "Yes dad, as a matter of fact, you ARE! You have spent the last hour and a half saying the same thing over and over, asking me questions that I can't possibly answer and if I DO, they're not good enough for you. So yes dad, you are boring me!"

But of course, I kept those secret thoughts to myself only to protect myself from the fury it would create from being a smart-alick! That's right! I had respect and never mouthed off to my parents. Trust me too, it probably saved me from years of child abuse! lol

I love my dad and I'm thankful that I no longer have to deal with the dreaded lectures now that I am grown up. Now I actually welcome them....I pick and choose them now though!

Now head on over to Mama Kat's.

I never thought THIS would EVER happen....

Yesterday as I was leaving the store and opened the passenger door to my car to place my groceries into the front seat, I happened to get a glimpse of something.

There, in between the passenger seat and the door, in that crevice of the car?

Yeah, that area that things sometimes fall without our knowing.

In the past I have lost many things in THAT crevice, things such as change, my lipstick, pens, etc.

However, NEVER in my lifetime did I ever think I would come across THIS.....

That's right, my dear readers....a piece of pizza!

What. The. Heck?!

First of all, many things went through my mind when I stumbled upon this, this, this....oh heck, EWWW!

Some of the things that went through my head....and out loud to my daughter was:

1. "What the heck is a piece if pizza doing in my car?"
2. "How long has that been in here?"
3. "Who's pizza is this?"
4. "It sure in the heck isn't mine cause I'm always driving....and I don't eat pepperoni pizza!"
5. " I really touching this thing?"
6. "Where's the mold?"

Yes, those thoughts really went through my head.

I never thought in my lifetime would I EVER find food like this lying around in MY car!!!!

There's a first for everything.

Ewww...I feel violated!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Goodbye...

Last week I had to say goodbye to an old friend.

It was my very first "financed" vehicle. I had her for 13 years.

Then she stopped running less than a year after my daughter was born. The rear main seal (in female terms, "the thing-a-ma-bob") needed to be replaced. However, we couldn't wait to have it fixed then cause I was working further than before so I needed a vehicle right away so we went off and bought a new car (my new baby!) so my other car just sat there.

We ended up having it fixed just for economic reasons. My husband decided to drive it to work since he worked closer but it only lasted a couple weeks. So we just parked it.....

Until this passed Friday. :O(

We ended up donating it to the Polly Klaas Foundation. What a great charity! I'm so glad that I was able to contribute to it also.

I tried to get home soon enough to see her go.

{If you haven't noticed, I get sentimental with material things. Can't help myself!}

I didn't make it however, I did see the tow truck getting on the freeway as I was getting off. At least I got a last glimpse {as I got teary-eyed}.

When I got home, I found that my daughter had taken shot-after-shot (85 pictures, to be exact!) of the tow truck guy hooking her up and driving off with her.

She even got it as it turned left at the end of the street. See her way down there?!

My daughter is silly.....but even as silly it is, I'm grateful she did this.

Have you had to say goodbye to an old vehicle? Were you as sad as me?