Friday, February 11, 2011

Good Grief!

Tuesday's are my day off and I try and go to my usual spot for my 3 mile walk.

Well, Monday night the wind really picked up and was going nuts all night long.

The next morning it continued and I found myself rationalizing reasons in my head about why not to go for my walk cause how windy it was. I really wanted to go cause I enjoy it but with how bad the wind was, I didn't want to deal with being tossed around.

My daughter and I even joked that I would look like a balloon out there.

A friend of mine even Facebooked me that "Maybe you'll meet the Wizard of Oz!"

Yes, windy indeed it was.

However, I bit the bullet and drove to my location.

It was windy alright but I was okay. "I could handle this!" I thought to myself.

As I was walking along, I even noticed a fox.

{See him out there in the middle of the pic?!}

See, this will be a nice little walk still. Enjoying nature's finest, beautiful sunshine. What's not to enjoy?!

As I carried along, yapping on the phone with my friend, the wind started to whistle in the phone making it difficult to hear my friend that I decided to end the conversation until I got home.


Instead, I decided to take a picture of myself and send it to her!


I couldn't walk and see with the obstruction of my hair in my face. So, I brushed my hair behind me but then my left ear started to hurt so back came my hair so at the very least, protect me ear.

"Good gracious" I thought, "I hope I don't get an ear infection after that!"

Took 20 minutes or so, but my ear felt better.


once I got home.....relieved,

I noticed this....

The wind was so bad that it snapped the umbrella top off the pole.

Fortunately, it was already broken however, not THAT broken.

Good Grief!

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