Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Goodbye...

Last week I had to say goodbye to an old friend.

It was my very first "financed" vehicle. I had her for 13 years.

Then she stopped running less than a year after my daughter was born. The rear main seal (in female terms, "the thing-a-ma-bob") needed to be replaced. However, we couldn't wait to have it fixed then cause I was working further than before so I needed a vehicle right away so we went off and bought a new car (my new baby!) so my other car just sat there.

We ended up having it fixed just for economic reasons. My husband decided to drive it to work since he worked closer but it only lasted a couple weeks. So we just parked it.....

Until this passed Friday. :O(

We ended up donating it to the Polly Klaas Foundation. What a great charity! I'm so glad that I was able to contribute to it also.

I tried to get home soon enough to see her go.

{If you haven't noticed, I get sentimental with material things. Can't help myself!}

I didn't make it however, I did see the tow truck getting on the freeway as I was getting off. At least I got a last glimpse {as I got teary-eyed}.

When I got home, I found that my daughter had taken shot-after-shot (85 pictures, to be exact!) of the tow truck guy hooking her up and driving off with her.

She even got it as it turned left at the end of the street. See her way down there?!

My daughter is silly.....but even as silly it is, I'm grateful she did this.

Have you had to say goodbye to an old vehicle? Were you as sad as me?


Anonymous said...

My mom never got to say goodbye to her old mustang before Dad traded it in for a '96 mustang. I remember him coming home with the new one and my mom was kind of shocked that he'd gone ahead and traded it in. I remember he saying, "But I didn't even get to say goodbye. I was gonna sleep in it the last night." Then, I got the '96 'stang in high school, but ended up getting an '08 mustang in college. I never really said goodbye to the old mustang because my dad has her now, and I see her almost every other weekend if not more than that, so she's still more or less around.

Amarie said...

Aww, I get sentimental with certain material things like that, too. They become part of the family in a strange way lol. By the way, I know this off topic, but you guys have some awesome trees in California! Wish we has trees like that in New York!

Jules said...

Not so much with cars but I was very emotional when we sold our Harley. So many good times riding on it. I should have been fine because we got a new one to replace it but I loved that old girl...

Rebecca Jo said...

LOVe she took all the pictures. I'm the same way.

I saw my old Explorer in a parking lot (knew it was mine because of a scratch & dent) & I made my husband take a picture of me with it!! No joke! haha!!!