Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A picture speaks a thousand words...

Today while I was getting ready to take a picture, I had decided to view the picture I had just taken and upon viewing that picture, I came across several I hadn't taken.

It was clear who had.

The funny thing is, what those pictures were of.

Let's all look together, shall we....

First up, we have a door knob.

Oh, the importance of a door knob. We all need one....or two, or three.

Second, a picture of my husband and I years ago. Before this little amateur photographer was ever born.

Next, a self portrait.....of her hand, but of course! Need to see who's hands are taking the photos, right?!

And since we all know what her hand looks like, we just HAVE to see her feet. Can't forget the feet!

Lastly, we all have to know she thinks these photos "Rock On!"

I just find it funny, but also see an innocence in what children see and think are important and must capture.

Love it!

1 comment:

Sweet Tea said...

VERY cute.
I see the barefoot photographer was wearing cute pink pj's!