Saturday, May 8, 2010

Six Word Saturday!

Mother/Daughter Tea Today At Church!

Today at my church, we are having a Mother/Daughter Tea Party to celebrate Mother's Day. I will be spending this time with my mom and my daughter. We're to bring special items that reminds us of our Mom's and of our Daughter's. We're also able to share some special memories if we want but as it sounded all good and all a couple weeks ago, I've become quite nervous about speaking in front of all these women that I think I'm gonna chicken out. I'll probably have flashbacks of High School when in Spanish class while reading an assignment out Spanish, might I add.....everyone would be saying "We can't hear you. Speak up!". Yeah, I don't want to relive that moment all over again ;O)

I also wanted to write up a poem but I never got the time for that. This has been quite the busy month for me which I'll share for another post.

So anyways, it should be a nice time!


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Dragons Muse said...

I had the mother/daughter tea at my daughter's school yesterday. It was so sweet. The teacher put together a video of the kids talking and answering three questions, What they loved about their moms, what was their favorite food that mom cooked and and why the loved their moms? There were lots of aww's and how cute's flying around in the room. I think there may have even been a few tears.

Marisa @ Getting Back To Basics said...

Hope you enjoyed your mommy/daughter get together. Have a great Mother's Day.

Linda said...

I remember having those tea parties at church with my girls and their girls...I miss them alot!

Hope it was a lot of fun for you!

I am late reading SWS have a Happy Wednesday!