Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Living On The Edge

I would like to consider myself a thrill seeker. Not so much so as some people though. I love roller coasters and the sky coaster at Six Flags. Some people go to the extremes. Like climbing walls of rock, like El Capitan at Yosemite or sky diving.

In fact, my husband and I have been on a couple of the rides in Vegas at the top of the Stratosphere. One of those rides is no longer there. It was the roller coaster. {I youtubed.com it and found it here, if you wanted to see it from a riders view.} The other one that we went on is Big Shot. When I went on that ride, what I expected was the exact opposite of what happened.

Expected: From seeing this ride at other parks, just not so high up in the sky....I expected it to slowly take you up to the top and then drop you.

What happened: It creeped up a few inches and then SHOT us up in the air, hence the name Big SHOT!

Let's just say, I screamed bloody murder! It's bad enough we were already 921 feet up in the air, but to be shot up an additional 160 more feet at 45 mph, and not expect it? Honestly, you would have thought I would have seen the people go in front of us. No! They had it in a way that you don't get to see prior.

Well, when they came up with the two new rides, I confirmed that there was no way anyone would ever get me on those two rides.

First, you have Insanity. It looks like a claw and at the end of each tip of the claw would be you, in a seat, looking down at everyone 909 feet below. Then it starts to spin you. Yeah, I don't think so.

We went on this ride - Insanity, Las Vegas. Pictures, Images and Photos

Then, you have X-Scream. This one Rachael ray went on. That one takes you over the edge of the tower and looks as if it will keep going. Another one that I say "I don't think so!"

xscream Pictures, Images and Photos

But have you seen the latest one? SkyJump! People just keep pushing the limits with these rides and I feel like I'm just becoming more and more of a woose! This is just nuts....or as the one ride's name is "Insanity!"

So, are you a thrill seeker? Are you like me or would you try any of these rides?


Cheryl D. said...

Hi! Visiting from SITS!

Jennifer @ The Toy Box Years said...

Nope. No thank you. I'll pass thanks! I'll just watch other insane people push themselves to the brink of suicide! LOL!

Writing Without Periods! said...

I get scared just looking at your photos. Those rides are so scary to me. I love brave people, though. Next lifetime, bravery is on my list. Happy thrill seeking.

Jenny said...

Looking at those pictures makes me dizzy. I don't mind heights, but only when I feel really secure in the seat of the ride. Not sure I can handle the ones you posted...

Stopping in from SITS!


Kerry Neville Bakken said...

Yes, I am--at least, when the threat of actual death seems distant. Great post!

Stopping by from SITS

Linda said...

I..don't..think..so.. I don't like getting on a stepladder!
A SITS friend