Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Say What??

My MIL shared with me a conversation she had with my daughter. It went something like this:

My daughter: I want to be a fashion designer.

MIL: That's wonderful! That's a talent. Everyone has talents, things they are really good at. Some people can sing, others can do fashion design like you want to do. All these things are talents. I don't have a talent though.

My daughter: Yes you do, Grandma! You're really good at sitting on the couch watching TV!

Ahhh, yes....the things children say! lol


At the craft fair I just attended that was being held at the local hospital by the hospital staff, the booth was reserved under my SIL name. My SIL just volunteers there.

While there at the booth, it was me, my husband, my SIL and my MIL.

Well, a lady came up looking at my photos. She was actually someone with a booth of her own and this was the conversation:

Lady: Wow! Your pictures are beautiful! (while looking at my SIL).

My SIL: Oh...Thank you!

Me: Yes, thank you! Those are actually mine!!

Oh...and this happened a couple times. Can I just say.....the nerve! And, her response when I actually said something about it, "I was afraid of getting in trouble." In trouble for what?? What are they going to you from volunteering???? You just don't do that, take credit for someone else's work, especially when they're trying to make a name for themselves and get their name out there. Just not ethical!!


Sweet Tea said...

Taking credit for something that's not yours is never the way to go. Shame on her.

Were you pleased with the Fair?

Ms. Understood said...

LOL at your daughter and MIL's conversation. You have to be careful when talk to children, you just might hear the truth, LOL. Thumbs down to your SIL. How difficult is it to say, "They're beautiful aren't they, here's the photographer." Lame.

Natalie said...

Awesome! I think kids' are hilarious. I should start keeping track of the things my almost three year old says!

SIL needs to learn to be more diplomatic!

Swining by from SITS to say hello :)