Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Must Have's...

Every now and then I get a list of things I want. That list of course isn't written down but instead, kept in a safe head!

If my husband saw my list, he would probably say "All I hear is 'I need this' between you and S." Yes, my daughter and I are girls and with that, we love to shop however, I'm not one to spend money without talking it over with my husband.

So, that list remains safely in my head...until I start to check the items off.

Here are my "must have" items right now:

1. I have Tori's 2 other books, so naturally I need this one!

2. And since my daughter is also a Tori fan, I need to get Tori's first children's book!

3. Yes, it's that time VS bra!

4. I'm not complicated. A simple N.Y.C. lipstick will work for me but in the color "Cafe", please!

5. Christian artist, Chasen's newest CD.....

Chasen Pictures, Images and Photos

mainly because I love this song....

6. This super cute and sexy summer dress from VS


So, what's on your list of "Must Have's"?


Amarie said...

Hmmm...a caramel frappuccino,my blackberry, my ;aptop, a little MAC lipglass in clear, some hair gel, and a spritz of "Sweet Pea" body spray from Bath & Body Works, and Pandora mobile for my listening pleasure!

Sweet Tea said...

Owwwwww, love your list!

My husbands truck is in the shop so he has to drive my car to work each day. GRRRRRRR! Right now I'll settle for him getting his truck back so I can have MY car!
Yes. I'm a.little.cranky.

Lisa Petrarca said...

Oh love that CD...I think I'll add that to my list!!

I've put a huge black bar over my mind even has a name...THE BUDGET!!LOL!