Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm Going For It

With my photography, I love taking landscape pictures. I really enjoy it. It's fun! It's relaxing! It's just calming to me. To go out and take pictures for a living, I want to enjoy what I'm doing. I don't want to be stressed and I sure don't want to start to hate what I'm doing.

With landscapes, I feel nature cooperates. I find the shot and just take it. I don't have to tell it to pose this way or fix any one's hair or wait. Take the shot and move on.

However, my husband said that if I want to make money doing this, I will need to at least take children's portraits. That my friends, is seriously stepping out of my comfort zone. For two reasons:
  1. I'm shy. Okay, not shy with children but those children do have parent's. I have a hard time talking to people. I clam up and my heart races. I'm not comfortable being around people I don't know. I'm afraid I'll say something stupid or there will be that awkward silence. Yeah, totally hate that!
  2. I don't know if I will have the patience with other people's children. Something about me you don't know, I have a lack of patience. You see, my child is easy to photograph. She's my child. I tell her to pose this way or that way and she will. She's photogenic too. If she don't do what I want, I can say "Get you're butt over here and do as you're told" cause she's my child! :O) With someone else's kid though.....yeah, I don't think that would fly if those same words came out of my mouth. So what do I do?!
Well, I have friends who have kids with a wide variety of personalities. I can practice of them! So, today I was visiting one of my friends. She has a little girl who's a couple years old. Perfect! So I asked her if I could borrow her daughter for a photo session and of course she was all for it.

I also have my BFF's two boys, one that is my daughter's age and the other that is 4 yrs old. They have personalities that will be quite challenging but I am up for it. I'm sure it helps being friend's with the parents though. With this practice time, I will give my friends a CD with copies of the pictures and me with the rights to those pictures for marketing, of course.

I am getting excited about this though. Very nervous though cause I do not want this to become something I dread. If it does, I will have to stop cause my whole thing about taking pictures is the joy I get from it!


Nikki B. said...

i typed out this big long comment...and blogger ate it!!!

GO FOR IT!! GO GO GO!!! i know you can do it, and i know you wont' dread it. there is something so, so satisfying about making money, doing something you absolutely LOVE!!

i still get a little nervous sometimes...still have doubts that i'm not good enough. you just soldier through it!! it's so much fun...and you'll LOVE IT!!!

i'm excited for you, proud for you, and can't wait to see your work!!!!

HunDuddle Hussy said...

you walked in, to the party,
like you were WALKIN onto a yacht.

can u guess the song lyrics?!?!


Amarie said...

I say go for it, if that's what you genuinely want to do! :-)
For me, it's never been about making money, so, yeah, if I do, great - but photography brings me a joy I just can't explain, and if that's all I ever get, I'll be fine. My preference for now, is still-life, for the same reason you love landscapes - no fuss lol! But I just wouldn't be happy photographing children, other than my own, right now. Besides, you've gotta have pretty sharp lenses and really know the inner-workings of your camera to catch kids in the right light, who are sometimes flying all over the place, at the same time lol! Not never, but just not right now, for me. I really want to get into selling my prints. Anyhoo, I have blabbed long enough! This would make a great blog post lol. Good luck, my Kimmy!

Denise said...

I have two kids too ya know! :)

I am sure you will be amazing at all pictures you take!