Thursday, May 6, 2010


First, let me first start this off by saying...I LOVE TREES!!! Yes I do, so please don't take me wrong here. {Just had to interject this taken from a comment I got on FB the other day about this}

So, we have this pine tree in our backyard.

Meet Mr. Pine Tree....

Nice tree. Very big, shady and good for nature.

However, when we bought this house, our neighbor (the one right there on the other side of the fence. You can see their roof.) came knocking on our door the first week we moved in. She was on a mission. She introduced herself and immediately said, with an attitude, "You need to cut that tree down in your backyard. It's ruining our backyard with it's roots." Okay, first of all, if you look in her backyard, all there is is dirt. Second of all, why didn't they talk to the previous owner about this?

So, since the lady was oh so not friendly, we had a different tree removed instead. :o) The one in the front that the roots were destroying the yard.

Six years later, we are finally having Mr. Pine Tree removed. Not for the neighbors sake though. Instead, for the sake of my daughter's playhouse which seems to be getting damaged by the tree.

You see, one of the limbs from the tree is digging into the roof. This has created a lot of damage. Because of this, it has shifted the playhouse.

Shifted it so much that now, we can no longer shut the front door (below, you can see the door is no longer aligned.) And when the wind blows, you can hear the playhouse make creaking noises. Not a good sound to hear.

Also, the other issue is that we seem to struggle with our grass cause the pine needles are always falling on it and apparently grass doesn't grow good with pine trees.

So, this past Tuesday we had the tree people come out and start working on cutting the tree down. I was feeling terrible about it. This poor had no idea that it was facing execution. Geez...that sounds harsh :/

This tree is so big that they couldn't finish it all that day. We had to reschedule, which was for today but they had an emergancy {blah, blah, blah} so they had to reschedule again. This time for next Tuesday. Good thing we haven't paid them yet.

Anyways, this is our tree currently....

And, the funny thing is, we are having this tree removed mainly because that one limb is causing so much damage, you know...this limb...

And that limb is still resting in that same spot as we speak. The whole reason we called the tree people and the limb is still there. I was hoping it was going to be removed so we can see if the playhouse will shift back into it's regular place so we can see if the door will close.

So alas...we'll have to wait until next week cause apparently the guys need that limb to climb the tree to finish it off.

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