Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Missing Link

I never had the chance to know you
You were too young to have a clue
It has been so many years
Never knew, nor shed any tears

We knew one day we would find you
But never thought what to do
The time was sure to come one day
But were unsure if we should ever say

We have so many questions
That has cause so much tension
And you still have no clue
As it's the best interest for you

After all, she had not approved
Was asked to have the "friendship" removed
Which now has caused so many emotions
But I don't want to cause a commotion

In the end I will just let it be
I still have the pictures if I want to see
But the thought will always remain
Had you known, would it have caused any pain

I was hoping that it would have worked out
Although my feelings had doubt
But we were told to let it go
So I guess we'll never know


Nikki B. said...

nice...did you write it?

Patty said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. That is a powerful poem.

Nikki B. said...

more powerful the second time around...beautiful!

Stephanie Faris said...

This is beautiful! Coming over from SITS...I love your blog.

Amethyst Moon said...

Happy Saturday SITS Sharefest! Love your blog

Linda said...

So sorry for your situation.