Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Uncomfortable Moments

I've mentioned before that I work in an office building. In order for me to get to the office, I have to take the elevator. As much of a phobia I have with being in elevators, I deal with it. Okay, so maybe it's not that bad of a phobia, I only dream about being stuck in one while it goes out of control, all the time. Or when it makes a clank, I get nervous and grab onto the handle that's attached to the walls and even dart out so the elevator doesn't fall down the shaft while I'm in the midst of getting out of the thing. I'm really not too bad!

My biggest thing is when I'm waiting for the elevator just after work. Take last week for an example. The doors open and as they are opening, I'm hoping no one is in there. Oh, yep...not this time. A man is there staring at me as I enter the elevator and I turn around to press the button, 2nd floor. After I press the button, I take a step back. Standing there, I'm watching from the corner of my right eye because I feel eyes glaring at me.

I turned and looked at the guy, who by the way looked old enough to be my dad (gross!), and gave him the wide-eyed look that says "Ummm, okaaaaay. Please quit staring at me, buddy!". He had that cheesy grin on his face like he thought he was expecting me to say "Hi Big Boy!" Ewww! I don't think so! First of all, I'M MARRIED!!!!! Second of all, Ewwww!!!!

Why do men, and older ones at that, have to be so creepy??


Stacey said...

I hate elevators! I avoid them as much as possible. It is creepy when there is only one other person on there, but they might be thinking the same thing when I get on it! lol

{Diamond} said...

I guess it's because they already know they're creepy and figure they've got nothing to lose! lol

The Wife O Riley said...

The on;y elevator I have a problem with is the one in my mom's building that goes from the basement to the pool on the third floor. It's old and slow and it freaks me out.

I must be in my own head all the time, I never notice old men staring at me, they must not find me attractive.

Lindy said...

I have recurring dreams about elevators gone haywire. They do things like stop above or below the place they are supposed to and I must jump in or climb out. Or they go too fast and suddenly stop. Really don't like to get on them much but I hate the stairs too!