Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Weekly Assignment: Interview a child

So for the past week I have been enjoying my days at work without Mr. Boss man!! In fact, the whole office is empty. How nice, huh?! Usually it's only me and the boss, sometimes another accountant who subleases from us and needs to get away from his regular office and then there is a guy who works with Lincoln Financial who subleases another office for conferences with clients, which is not an everyday occurrence.

So, Mr. Boss man has been in Hawaii with his family (hang on.....gotta do the happy dance!!) for 2 weeks while I get to enjoy peace and quiet. Awwww!! He will be returning to the area tomorrow though. I will be back into work on Friday and will be on my best behaviour wearing my regular work pants, not the jeans I currently have on. I also figured that since today is the absolute last possible day to have my daughter come to work with me, I thought "why the heck not!" She was all for it too. I've done it in the past. Few years ago though. She was a good girl too.

So, since Mama Kat has her weekly assignment up and I have my child with me, I thought I would do the first prompt, interview a child. So here goes....

Question 1: What do you want to be when you grow up?
S: Hmmm, what do I want to be when I grow up? Oh yeah, a Fashion Designer.

Question 2: If me and Daddy had another child, what would you want it to be and what name would you like us to name it?
S: Girl. Mmmmm, and mmmmm, *giggle*, ummmm, *giggle*, stop! (she see's me typing everything she is saying).....Sam.

Question 3: If you had three wishes for your family, what would they be?
S: 1. To get a Chihuahua and name it Princess
2. and have a sister
3. To get a rabbit and name it Miley (what a surprise!)

Question 4: What is your favorite place to go and why?
S: Oh Disneyland and why? Because I like the rides, I like California Scream'n, I like to get autographs. Mommy that's it.

Question 5: When you think of me and daddy, what word do you think of and why?
S: I think Mommy and Daddy and makes me feel better.

Question 6: What was your absolute favorite birthday party we have had for you so far?
S: The waterslide jumpy

Question 7: What is your favorite food?
S: Hmmm, it's hard. *giggle* Corn Dog, no hot dog, hot dog!

Question 8: What is your favorite music group?
S: Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers, Miranda Cosgrove and Ozzy Osbourne (I guess one wasn't enough!)

Question 9: If you could go back in time, when would you like to go and what would you hope to see?
S: I don't get it. (I explain) Oh, I would like to go see the 50's, so I can go see Granma and Grandpa and the 80's to see you and Daddy.

Question 10: What would be the best breakfast?
S: French Toast with the powder with the syrup with the everything and orange juice and that's it.

So there you have it! The insights of a child! Now I shall get back to work. :o)


The Wife O Riley said...

What a sweet girl!

{Diamond} said...

Aww, what cute answers! To be a child and enjoy the simple pleasures in life :-).

Flying Giggles and Lollipops said...

Great interview, so much different than my interview with a just turned 3 year old! =)

Kitty said...

great answers!! and so sweet!

Isabel Princes said...

What a cutie pie your daughter is. I'm sorta upset when I was younger disney and nickelodeon weren't pimping out little kids. I was stuck with debbie gibson and NKOTB....oh well