Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What's Going On...

I know I haven't been posting too many photos these days. It's been so hard since we had an extra long Winter that I just didn't really have the motivation to pull out the camera with all that rain and grey skies.

Instead, I've been using my cell phone to capture those random moments....

My baby dressed in her sparring gear at karate.

My friend, Jenny and I at the park yesterday

A heart potato chip....awwww!

I took this pic of my little ladybug friend that literally held on for dear life from my house to my job which is about 26 miles. I was so worried for her that I avoided going my usual speed so she wouldn't get swooped! Which I'm happy to report, she arrived safely!

I took my baby out to breakfast for her birthday

Just before we got the horrible news, my baby and I were sun bathing in the backyard...

...and because I didn't like the sun shining in my eyes while they were closed, I put a shirt over my face so my daughter proceeded to put some glasses on me a took a picture! lol Silly girl....or am I the silly (looking) girl?!

Same day as the above two pics, just earlier in the day at the park

My daughter receiving her orange belt

About a week or two ago, my daughter and I watched Secretariat and so later that day, she jumped on her old horse and started yelling "Go Secretariat, Go!!!"

{Forgive the blur. Clearly my cell doesn't have the action feature on it.}

What's going on with you? Share with photos!


Sweet Tea said...

I always enjoy seeing photos of "your girl" - it's fun to watch her grow and see all her activities. I thought the photo of you with your friend had LOADS of personality. Great photos!!

Amarie said...

Loving the mother-daughter moments!

Nug Nug said...

Your daughter is sooooooooooooooooo adoriable, very funny, and tell here happy belate birthday. :oD