Friday, August 15, 2008

Once again....I blame the heat!

As we all have noticed, this whole week has been quite the hot one here in the Bay Area. As I had discussed my dismay for the heat in my last blog, I now have another reason for hating the excessive heat.

Because it's been so hot lately, I haven't been going for my walks as I should have. Sure, I went bike riding over the weekend but that was it. I've been drinking a lot of water too trying to keep hydrated. However, I have noticed that I have felt bloated for the past few days and I knew that Thursdays weigh-in was coming up and was feeling doubtful about my weekly progress report.

So, yesterday being Thursday I head down to Weight Watchers for my weekly meeting and the oh so anticipated weigh-in. I go up to Maryann, the lady by the scale and she asked "So, how are you doing today?" "We'll see" I replied. I step on the scale and stood still for a few seconds. She starts to jot down my progress so I ask, "Did I lose?" "No, you gained 1.8 lbs." Dang it!! I knew it. Fricken heat!! She asked me if I was surprised and honestly, no I wasn't but was hopeful. I told her that the heat had been getting to me and so I hadn't been as active as prior weeks. She did let me know that because of the heat, a lot of people have been retaining water and that I should be able to notice next week. That's it! Retaining water. No wonder I have been feeling so bloated and crappy lately. I always forget about the whole retaining water thing but at least it's an excuse I'll accept :O)

Now, on Wednesday my husband Paul had gone to Antioch's new grand opening of Costco to see if there was any good specials and noticed they had the Wii Fit there. He grabbed it for us! Woo Hoo! So then once I got home from my weigh-in, Paul and Sabrina were playing it. Now I have something to use in the cool a/c during these hot summer days. I'll just continue to take my walks first thing in the morning on my days off. At least I have yesterdays walk at the park to count for this week!

So this weeks goal: Walk 3 more days and play the Wii Fit!!

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