Wednesday, August 6, 2008

This weeks "random-ness"

So here it is, another day at work posting a blog. I just feel that I'm spending too much time on the computer when I'm home with the family. Yeah, so do it while I'm at work when I'm supposed to be working??!! LOL Hey, I have a good rapport with my boss and I'm apparently doing my job, otherwise I wouldn't have just gotten another raise and there!!

So let's see, tonight we're supposed to be going to the Motley Crue concert. I have been wanting to see them for years so here's my chance....I can't wait! Only thing is I had to ask to leave work at 3pm today (I normally get off at 4:30p). The boss isn't here yet but I emailed him so I'm just playing the waiting game now.

Then this past Sunday I was washing towels. I tend to shove as much stuff in the washer as possible. What's the point in leaving two towels in the hamper if I can just wash them all at the same time, right?! Well, it started making noises so Paul and I went out to the garage to see what was wrong. Just then it stopped working on us. Paul called a repair service to come look at it. The repair man came out yesterday and said that something in the motor was broken (he actually said what it was but I'm a girl so I forgot what it was, just boring stuff) and said that we can't just replace that piece, we have to replace the whole motor. Might as well purchase a new washer cause how much it cost. So anyways, he got it working temporarily. So temporarily that I didn't even get one wash done. We just wasted $55 for nothing. UGH! So we headed over to Lowes and got a new one. At least I have clean clothes again. We just hate unexpected costs that end up being expensive ones. Whatever, whatcha gonna do......Yah for clean clothes though!!!! LOL

So, this is week two for Sabrina in 1st grade. She was so nervous the first day. She was nervous cause her new teacher thinking she was mean from seeing her last year around school reprimanding other children when they were misbehaving. I just told her to behave herself. Well, apparently the teacher just thinks highly of Sabrina. She said that Sabrina is such a sweet child. Makes me feel good cause then I feel like I'm doing something right! The other reason she was nervous was this girl from last year is in the same class with her. Well, they seem to be getting along but not hanging out this year....thank goodness!! I just don't think Sabrina needs to be around this little girl as she is quit manipulating. Only reason I know this is I volunteered in Sabrina's class last year and saw what went on. I'm volunteering again this year so we'll see how it goes.

Ok, the boss has arrived so it's time for me to go. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!! Happy Hump Day!! :O)

BTW......I get off at 3pm today so Motley Crue, here I come!!!


Denise said...

How was the concert?

YAY for clean clothes but boo for unexpected expenses! :(

AND glad that Sabrina's class seems like it will be good!


Kimmy said...

The concert was good up until the whole "wrath" happened. That's right, it started there at the concert. Booooooo!!!

I'm here if you need to ever vent too! :O)