Friday, August 29, 2008

Negativity breeds Negativity

Isn't it true? When something bad or negative happens in our lives, we feel bummed and crappy about it? Then we start playing it through our minds as what we could have done differently and think "If only.....". I know I'm kind of feeling like this except, I'm trying to look towards family for support and reassurance. I'm trying to look for the positive in this negative.

My issue is all after yesterdays weigh-in at my weekly Weight Watcher meeting. I arrive feeling good, feeling like I did good for the week. I walked, did the Wii Fit and thought I did good eating-wise. WRONG! I gained a fricken pound! WTF??!! The lady asked what I did differently. I started thinking to myself. "Well, I didn't have my computer for 3 days." My tracking could have been off I thought. Then I went to sit down and tell my mom and our friend. They both ask the "not so comfortable" question, "Did you start?" LOL Like anyone cares to know. Then comes the wave of negativity. I start to look at my membership book with all my weigh-ins. What I found was, this whole month has been a roller coaster ride. Lose, gain, lost what I gained, gained what I lost. Did I reach a plateau??? DAMN! I start to stress and ask my mom and as my wonderful mom says "Honey, you're doing great! You'll start losing it." I sure love her so much! Even though my mom is giving me all this positive re-enforcement, I still can't help but to think "How much longer before I will get over this hump? What do I need to do differently??"

So, on the drive home I was feeling bummed. I was going to set my weight goal with Weight Watchers, 3 lbs less than I originally decided but now that I may have hit a plateau, I just may leave it at the original goal. I know it's only 3 lbs but look at the rate of this month. I can't seem to get past 2 lbs.

My husband doesn't help the matter one I-oda. "I'm disappointed", he says. There's that fricken joking crap that I hate!!! I told him that I need to hear "Babe, you'll get past this and lose it. I know you will." He has been so good and giving me all the love and support but he just decided to joke with me at the wrong time.

I decided to get on my web tools for WW and was trying to see if I could see anything else that maybe I missed and could learn from. I had also noticed that I didn't eat all my points for 3 days which could also be the culprit. The one thing that I do have to look forward to is, the one week that I did my absolute best was the week we went to Disneyland back in May, go figure. Well, we are once again going in 2 weeks so I am so excited! Not only for the fact that it's Disneyland, but for the fact that I should have a successful trip with a positive outcome!!

So through all this, I'm just trying to find positives from this negative which is helping me. Remember, negativity breeds negativity. I am just hoping that this isn't a plateau. I know I'll reach it at some point but I'm trying to dodge it for as long as possible. I won't give up and I plan to stay in the game!!

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The Adventures of France & Deirdre said...

Hey Kimmy.....after all my weight los I hit a plateau for a bit. I got down and out myself. We now have a tredmill and step machine, man I am an exercising fool! Don't give up! You are doing a great job! This weight loss stuff is hard.....I am still doing my best for a size 9!!